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    posted a message on Trial Chambers Suggestions For Hardcore Mode

    Hardcore mode changes:

    I'd love to see some harder mobs such as endermen, illagers, and even creepers spawning in hardcore mode only. In order not to make it super difficult, creepers would only spawn in rooms filled with shallow water. Enderman spawners would offer a new and fun way to get your ender pearls and therefore be a great reason to put trial chambers on your pre dragon to do list.

    Trial by Fire. In this variant exclusive to hardcore mode, lava buckets could spill out of dispensers rather than water and this could come with a chance for splash potions of fire resistance to splash over you as you're fighting the mobs, making you (and them) fire resistant. However this is not guaranteed therefore cannot be relied upon.

    Keys which open chests in other parts of the world. So a 'Nether key' would open loot chests that could be found in bastions, an 'Ender key' would open chests that could be found in end cities, and an 'overworld key' which of course opens chests found in overworld structures, such as desert temples, ocean monuments, abandoned mineshafts and jungle temples.

    A trial boss. A new mini boss exclusive to trial chambers, upon defeating this mini boss, item drops could include potions, armour, weapons and indeed heavy cores. This boss could spawn either in a designated room within the dungeon, or have a small chance of spawning randomly if the player has ominous level II or higher on them.

    Please make it so water cannot naturally generate within the trial chambers. Making that effort to dig down is so annoying if I get there and find most of the chamber is flooded and unplayable.

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    posted a message on keeping track of your locations, treasures, villages and special places and waypoints

    Me, I just write them on a piece of paper or take a screenshot. I have a folder on my PC desktop titled 'minecraft coords'. Once I don't need them anymore, I just empty the folder and start again.

    I seldom use maps, I mainly either explore blind or use chunkbase.

    As for getting out of mines and caves, I sometimes use torches, or I just find a safe spot and dig stairs up. This way if you run into lava, you've got plenty of time to either throw a block up to stop it or just go back down the stairs and find another location (please be aware that lava flows much faster in the nether, so I would not advise this method in the nether). If you're doing this, put a block behind you so mobs from the cave can't follow you up the stairs.

    Slightly OT but one good way to get in and out of strongholds to make your trips back and forth from the end a bit easier is to do a 'water in, water out' system. For going down, simply place a water bucket at the bottom and jump down, and for going up, make a water elevator.

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    posted a message on Sky Update Suggestion

    Floating islands already exist, but they should be able to spawn at higher altitudes and have more 'to do' things on them. Not sure about structures though as the above poster says, they will block the sun and could cause hostile mob spawning in the daytime. Maybe loot chests, 'sky treasure' kind of thing yes, but not large structures. Sky treasure could contain things like phantom membranes, cloud blocks and a new 'cloud' armour trim perhaps. Also being able to silk touch mine cloud blocks would be super cool, or collect cloud in a bucket. I do like this idea because it would give players an even bigger incentive to beat the game early on, meaning these sky islands are much easier to explore with elytra.

    If you want to experience something similar to this, play skyblock or create an amplified Java world. For amplified you will need a pretty powerful PC with a decent processor and GPU in order to run it smoothly. Amplified is one of my favorite worlds to play, however it can affect spawns. The huge sky chunks cast shadows which spawn hostile mobs during the day, and obviously fall damage is your biggest danger.

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    posted a message on Phantom wait time

    Nah, I just count three days. I am in a mushroom biome on this world, so it's safe for me to build at night. This way I am outside when they spawn. Waiting on phantoms for my slow fall potions is usually the last thing I do before I do the dragon fight lol. Slow fall potions are a godsend if you're like me and like getting right in her face with your axe!.

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    posted a message on What is the most useless Block/Item in Minecraft?

    Eggs. Even though they do go into foods, the foods (pumpkin pie and cake) are expensive and only worth making for the 'balanced diet' advancement which is usually done in mid to late game due to the requirement for chorus fruit. Eggs can quickly fill up your chicken cram chest, making chicken farming pretty labour intensive unless you want to try and set up some kind of complex redstone farm which reuses or destroys the eggs.

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    posted a message on Why is my world snowing like this?

    Haha yes, this is perfectly normal. A rain/snowline happens when you are on the edge of each biome too, for example if you stand on the very edge of a desert, you can see rain one one side, and no rain on the other block. I remember riding my e scooter home one day irl and it was raining on one side of the bike path and not on the other, I was like 'this is minecraft rain!' lmao.

    It also happens with snow/rain, if you stand on the edge of a tundra when it's raining, one block will have rain falling on it, and the tundra one will have snow. Staricle is right, height also affects this. This is why you can find snow on the tops of some taller hills and mountains, but not others.

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    posted a message on What Is Minecraft's Scariest Looking Mob?

    For me it's scary vs annoying, lol. Here are mine with some tips on how I deal with them.

    Top 5 scary mobs for me

    1. Warden (can't wait to meet one in VR! lol. They can burrow and AoE through most, if not all blocks and towering up doesn't work against them due to the AoE. Also I totally get you on the bizarre colour scheme and he also has souls for a heart, what can be more creepy than that?!)

    2. Zombified piglin (mainly because of their 'one for all and all for one' attitude and they've recently cost me two hardcore worlds by going inside my blaze farms and being accidentally shot when I am shooting ghasts. They resist fire and lava damage, but can be safely blown up with TNT unless you accidently hit them whilst doing so)

    3. Wither skeleton. (You want to be killing these dudes with looting II or III to maximise your chances of getting wither skulls. To kill them, simply place blocks across the top of the fortress corridors, meaning you have two block height barriers every so many blocks, if you run into a wither, simply stand behind your two block high barrier and kill it)

    4. Drowned (most disgusting mob for me due to the horrible 'ugghglurrrrg' sounds they make)

    5. Piglin brute (these dudes can crit us without jumping and they also disable shields. Best defence against them is tunnels, if you're blocked in, they can't do any of that jazz)

    Top 5 most annoying mobs for me

    1. Baby zombie (due to small hitbox and speed, which can easily be offset by water or arrows of slowness, if you're a good shot that is lol. Smite IV also rips through them pretty quickly too)

    2. Witches (mainly due to them spawning in places they really shouldn't be spawning, like in mineshafts. Mineshafts already have poison damage dealing cave spiders, they do NOT need to be full of witches as well. Witch spawns should be restricted to swamps. Witches can also take you down to your last half heart on hardcore as well. Witches can be killed with lava as they cannot heal through the damage).

    3. Vex (due to flight and small hitbox, not that dangerous, just annoying)

    4. Pillager patrols (due to them ALWAYS showing up when I am building and having to avoid their agro distance if you don't want a raid on your village. If you want your villagers to be safe from pillager patrols, move them to a mushroom islands biome, no hostile mobs can spawn on the mycelium or blow them up with TNT or kill the chief with lava to avoid a raid)

    5. Magma cube (not that dangerous, but the big ones have quite a bit of knockback and can knock you into lava or off a cliff. They also have an insanely high spawn rate in hardcore).

    Sorry I have so much to say on this subject lol, but I hope this helps some players who keep dying on these not so nice mobs :( lol

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    posted a message on HELP: Wither has spawned in created world

    As Chaptmc says above, switch his game to peaceful mode, then back to regular mode as soon as you load in, this will despawn the wither. If it is a creative world, switch to survival, then peaceful, then back to whichever mode he is playing in providing cheats are enabled. If cheats are not enabled, then possibly you will have to deal with the wither or indeed start another world.

    If he spawned it in survival, kudos to him because getting three wither skulls is not an easy task!.

    He's not alone, I remember doing this back in the day lol.

    He can also make a creative world (make sure cheats are enabled) and he can play around with defeating withers and working out the best strats.

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    posted a message on Minecraft update

    Nope, one of the best things about Minecraft is once you've paid the very reasonable price for the base game, it comes as the current version, and all following updates are free.

    There is paid DLC in bedrock edition, but it's not needed in order to play.

    Never pay for anything which says 'Minecraft update' or is not affiliated with Mojang. There's sadly a lot of scams and malware out there constantly trying get us Minecrafters, so be safe, and if in doubt, ask us here or contact Mojang support.

    Best wishes and happy mining,



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    posted a message on Trial chambers questions

    Silly question I should probably already know the answer to, but google wasn't very helpful lol. (TC = trial chamber so I don't have to keep repeating it lol)

    Can wardens spawn in the new trial chambers if the trial chamber is skulked via natural generation in a deep dark biome?. I know they can be skulked because I have seen videos of them, just none that answer my question. I also know regular hostile mobs can't spawn in the trial chambers, only mobs spawning from the trial spawners can spawn there.

    My main question is, due to a warden's ability to burrow and AoE through pretty much all blocks with ease, is it possible that A, a warden could follow you into the TC after spawning outside, or B, burrow inside the TC following the player triggering shriekers that have generated inside the TC?.

    I might be wrong, I am seeing the new trial chambers, they can be affected by their spawn location, for example like you can get a stronghold which is partially flooded, or spawns in a lava lake. I recently beat a world where a lot of the stronghold was broken up by a cave and a lava lake, which actually made it easier because it isolated the portal room from all the hostile mobs in the rest of the dungeon lol. I did another where I had to use a potion of water breathing to reach the portal room, as most of the stronghold was flooded. I think there should be more of a challenge getting into strongholds if you ask me, so I found this a lot of fun.

    So encountering a warden in the TC would be kinda fun, apart from the fact I only really play hardcore mode these days.

    Gonna have to give the snapshot a better explore, but I have to assume finding a skulked TC is pretty rare. As a hardcore player, I have a healthy fear of skulk, lol.

    I'm also going for all achievements in hardcore, I'm assuming I don't need to be in a TC when I complete this by doing 'how did we get here?', I just need to have done one in order to get breeze rods for the wind charged potion. I had this nightmare about having to get a dolphin, a guardian and a shulker into a TC that had spawned in a deep dark lol. Silly me.

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    posted a message on Zombified Piglin help pls!

    Thanks for those tips!. I usually build farms if I am going to be working near them for any length of time, that way if I accidentally hit one, I can wait them out in the farm and farm gold at the same time. Most of the time I am in the nether it's tunnel warfare for me lol. I never see mobs unless I need to. Piglins are useful for two reasons, obs for trades and they also kill hoglins.

    I had them in two blaze spawners in that fort, and yet again in this one lol. It's why I tend to find forts over basalt because they can't spawn there so less chance of it happening.

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    posted a message on Zombified Piglin help pls!

    Hi there,

    Unfortunately I have lost two hardcore worlds back to back to these horrible mobs this week. I have been playing Minecraft for many years, and I have survived every possible 'death' in the game, including close encounters with wardens, I can usually loot ancient cities without even spawning them. However, these disgusting mobs still remain the absolute bane of my life as a hardcore player. I started playing hardcore because I wanted to challenge myself, and I really enjoy the raw survival feel of the mode as well.

    I am trying to do a semi speedrun of beat game and all achievements in hardcore. I have beaten hardcore mode no problem before, hardcore dragon isn't even 'hardcore' for me lol, hardcore wither, easy. Zombified piglin, NOT so much!. I am getting rather cheesed off at the fact I never do anything to intentionally agro them. They're usually caught in the crossfire if I am shooting ghasts (I kill a lot of ghasts as I am a big fan of regen potions), and they can put your blaze spawner out of action if they spawn in there.

    I usually defend against most other dangerous mobs like piglin brutes by just bricking myself in or towering up, however the speed and ferocity of these things, coupled with the high spawn rate means that is not so easy.

    Is there anything I can do to at least reduce the spawn rate in places where they pose the biggest risk, like in fortresses and near my portal?. Soul torches/campfires should do this I think?.

    One other method I use to some success is building simple farms wherever I will be working near them for any given time, then if I do accidentally agro them, I can just jump in the farm and profit from it.

    However my biggest issue is when they catch me off guard. How can I not die to them when I mine out of a tunnel and accidentally hit one, or accidentally hit one in a fortress?. I have experimented on creative with things like arrows of slowness, which only require farming strays for example. That worked to some degree, but wasn't perfect as the baby ones are really fast and really hard to hit with arrows.

    Oh and they're also a total nuscience when mining for debris as well, as if the area is large enough, hundreds will spawn.

    Any more tips very welcome!


    Chez :)

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    posted a message on Question for those who play amplified worlds re diamonds

    I have played a couple of Java amplified worlds recently, and noticed diamonds were very hard to find. I just started up a regular world and am in diamond gear after just 15 minutes. Does anyone know if amplified alters the ore spawn rates? Iron was next to impossible in amplified too.

    Thanks :)

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    posted a message on What am I doing wrong in the nether?

    Thanks guys, I only live in tunnels in the nether anyway really. The 'base' was only a cobblestone box around the portal, I don't bother with anything else. I normally tower up and kill them either with lava or a bow. In this instance I never had time to do anything, and sorry, it wasn't the brutes, it was just the regular ones with swords.

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    posted a message on LAUCH TRIDENT

    This enchant only works underwater or in rain, you cannot throw a riptide trident. This enchant works by propelling you forwards much faster than swimming, and is incredibly useful for exploring underwater caves. The riptide enchant can also be used in the rain to propel elytra through the air too. Best to enchant with mending as well for this.

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