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    Quote from Grandcrafter1

    I need some inspiration for a cool base in survival mode. Something different. Castles are over done, tree houses are too much trouble to attempt. I'v done the mountain base thing about 20 times over. I want something different, throw some ideas around for me. :)

    May i offer, if you do persue the idea of doing a chain of sky islands, may i referance either the Floating island from Final Fantasy 12, or the Floating islands from Avatar, both are great, may take time to get the looks but a good idea, i prefer the Final Fantasy 12 floating islands more though c: if only you had the advantage of what was in the game where touching certain vines/rocks made them float and fill in the path ways.
    Quote from koreyisawesome14

    The village with a volcano next to it with a grave yard sounds like pompeii

    *Cough* Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time *Cough* C:
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    The point is theres going to be people who like his content and people who don't if your not one of those people then oh well you'll probably go watch someone else's videos that you do like its really simple, and i personally don't know much about him or his content because well i rather play minecraft then watch it anymore but as for the "butter" stuff its just his way of throwing the content at his audience, all commentators have their own thing, slyfoxhound talks about slimes "hipos" all the time, ParagonNova has his yelling fits, ect, ect.. its just how they express the videos and make people enjoy it, so yeah you may seem put off as haters because you don't understand it or like it, so watch something you like ^^ hope this clarifies some things or people.
    Quote from CyberFlux

    I dunno man, I've seen a lot of "random/weird/funny" kinds of videos with other the top commentators, that's not a bad thing; more power to him, but eventually that sort of thing can grow tiresome; an example is the overused "butter" joke, that's the sort of thing you do in like 8 videos then it gets ridiculous.

    I find most Minecraft commentators have an unusual style about them, but that's a good thing!

    Yeah i think its because most people aren't used to the spaztic, out there personality that most commentators have and thats what catches them, also because not being rude but most fans or viewers are 12-18 year old kids and the younger the more they are into that kind of stuff
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    Id have them add a contract saying they promise to add in the mod api c: because they disappointed me after saying it would be in 1.3 ):
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    Quote from TheChad760

    Alright, well I just pulled Ugo out of my mods folder because I was giving everyone a fair chance at their opinion. Now, I kind of feel like an ass because Minecraft started right up like nothing ever happened. it has to be something with Ugo or it's programing. It's the only Mod I have installed other then the obvious Modloader (which it requires to work) and they're arguing with each other like little children. haha! Well thank you SharpAbyss, it was very helpful.
    No problem bro and im glad you were calm and nice about it, yea ugo having it in you mods folder youd need forge to load it thats why it wont work. *Edit* Im not saying it requires forge just that its my opinion that it would need it since forge has had dramatic change and now has modloader and audiomod implemented in it thats why i was saying.
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    Quote from Dog_HAC

    I can't get mob spawner to work. I have my spawner and I go into the GUI, select my mob, and when I exit the GUI it goes right back to the pig mob.
    -sighs- Next person that says this im buying a plane ticket, coming to there house teaching them how to look at a forum for these ahead of time and then smacking them on the cheek. But no seriously just check ahead of time instead of repeating what nearly 50 people already complained about please.
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    Quote from armyeagle

    does this modloader realy work for 1.3.1 of minecraft??

    does it realy work


    Yes modloader does work for 1.3.1
    If you still dont believe it, delete your jar make a fresh one, remove and mods or configs in your directory, remove and mods or configs from the mods folder, go into you jar remove metainf and place all the modloader contents in there and start it up. To all of you out there Swearing it doesnt work i will screen shot me using it , i have armor stand and spawner gui on, spawner yes has a bug, armor stand the buttons are slightly hard to click.
    Quote from zekon_urlos

    theres something wrong with the modloader.....because i install modloader and it crashes, the other mods install, and minecraft doesnt crash....help please?
    No crash report and no one can help you, all i can say is make sure no mod is outdated
    Quote from micromicboy

    What do you have to use with the self mod to get it to work because i used shelf mod and modloader and it didnt work
    Guys i know alot of people dont know how to be very tech infomative but please, get your crash reports or atleast be more specific on whats going on or no one can help you.
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    posted a message on 24/7 [1.2.5] [Casual RPG] [SMP] [Iprofessions] [Towny] [White-list] [Starter Kit] [Friendly Mods] >>> Colonizing Kapita <<<
    Quote from bman214

    Well it appears the server is down for maintenance, with nobody on.
    So, I just wanna take the time to say...

    I need a builder in Varsteel to make a building with the following specs:

    - 2 floors
    - first floor shop
    - second floor living area
    - - one master bedroom (double bed, fanciness, etc)
    - - one (or two) small apartment-style guest rooms like the ones at the inn
    - (optional) underground storage area. though that would require a miner being hired.

    There seems to be maybe 2 or 3 spots to build in Varsteel and one is reserved till tuesday for Pample (Steph), Hienz, and the other mods will be working on finding plugins to suit the workings of the server, Towny would be great its just the time to set it up fully so this way creepers wont mess anything up and we can associate people and towns better, as well as maybe a specific Chat plugin that alot of servers use would be good, as it has global chat, local chat, and other chat systems you may add, mcmmo would be great but it may make things hard on the economy and or easy as the double drops and ect. would make things unfair in a way, though there are alot of skills matching the already made professions, as well as hienz mention combining certain professions and or deleting certain ones that no one wants to do.As well as to people applying and patiently waiting, a suggestion, As Varsteel the plains town seems a normal choice, it is getting pretty full, Lyndell is the least populated town and its resident(s) seem lonely, and finally the desert town Karento has an average amount of residents, i do not make decision, but i can make suggestions or just put ideas out there, maybe more towns in the future or expansion of towns would be a good idea, as well as choosing wisely what your profession is for it cant be changed easily, the owner makes the decisions on jobs
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    posted a message on 24/7 [1.2.5] [Casual RPG] [SMP] [Iprofessions] [Towny] [White-list] [Starter Kit] [Friendly Mods] >>> Colonizing Kapita <<<
    Alot of progress done today, Go Varsteel, keep expanding and have fun ^^
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    posted a message on You know you've been playing too much minecraft when...
    This one's for the guys because i know atleast one of you out there thought of this, when you think it would be fun to get your down there tattooed to look like a creeper...Nuff' said. Lol and yes i had a friend say he would.
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    Pig-o-matic Test Run
    So i got bored in the process of making yet another mob grinder/xp grinder out of a mob spawner and i thought hmm why do i need measly bones arrows or eww zombie flesh really? So i thought hey what if i changed the spawner with some grass and boom try to make a grinder out of a pig spawner, but wait hold on i dont want to waste tons of time figuring out a complicated way of doing this, hmm so what i did was took a simple redesign of a basic xp grinder shortened the drop height implemented a full water no sign elevator and a nice lava dip and viola a meat machine (:
    Soo first of course id have to test my design and it works well i should say, yes some improvements could be used, but as it is the pig dies everytime by the fire and has a reasonable time to die so it feels like the food is actually being cooked (;
    Yes a seemingly pointless thread but hey im sure some people will enjoy this idea.
    And before someone says, but uhh you cant get pig spawners without cheating, yes you can :3
    though yes i did cheat to make this test build of it because well, its a test ;3
    Enjoy <3
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