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    posted a message on MeefCraft Server [Whitelisted] [Survival] [Vanilla] [New Map] [Small] [14+] [20 slots]
    IGN: Chewy2014

    Age: 18

    Time Zone/ Location: Pacific

    Why should we pick YOU: I'm an interesting person. Trust me. Can I borrow five dollars?

    Something interesting about yourself: I enjoy sandwich.


    First Name: Bryan (but seriously I just go by Chewy)



    Skype (We have a group chat): Honestly can't remember. I can make a new one if need be.

    What is love:
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    posted a message on $27?
    There's obviously no changing your mind on this subject, but let me at least leave you with this:

    I'm not sure how much you've followed the development of Minecraft, but this game is their job. They have worked for 3 years on this project, day in and day out. They have worked with the community no matter how stubborn or rude it was. Whatever it was we asked for, they tried their best to give it to us. The folks at Mojang are respectful of all opinions and have always had an open ear for suggestions.

    If you don't think the game is worth the money, at least think about how much Mojang has been dedicated to this project and its community. For the three years I've been following their work I haven't been let down. Consider paying not for the game, but for the amount of respect that Mojang has given us over the years.
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    posted a message on Is this cheating?
    Nothing is cheating in SSP. If I did those things though I would delete the world. I know the first couple of hours are boring, but once you power through them you shouldn't need to cheat to have fun.
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    posted a message on What did you do when you encountered your FIRST creeper?
    I probably said something along the lines of "omigahd wat is dat ting it luks sad" and then promptly died as the result of a hug-induced explosion.
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    posted a message on Can I add mods to an already generated vanilla world?
    You can add mods to it and new chunks will generate the way the mods have programmed them to. Unless, of course, the mod developer has programmed in an exception to worlds that existed before it was installed, but I don't think that's likely.

    In general you can add pretty much any mod and it will work properly with existing worlds.
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    posted a message on StabPunch [1.7.2] 24/7 Vanilla Survival Mature +18 White-List
    In Game Name - Chewy2014
    Age - 17
    Minecraft Specialty - Building villages and redstone
    Why you want to play here - The vanilla experience--Too many modded servers out there lately
    Who's hotter, Jessica Alba or Marisa Miller - I honestly don't know who either of those people are :o
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    posted a message on DELETE PLEASE
    Gonna play with my bro, will edit w/ results :)

    After playing the map it seems there are too many issues. First, you start in creative with no indication of whether you are supposed to be or not. Second, the boat race is far too narrow, you can't make any of the turns. I suggest widening it a bit (maybe just 2 blocks or so).

    Further, you haven't addressed the issue of what happens if you die. We both died at the same time in the lava maze and we weren't sure what to do after that.

    We couldn't be bothered to go any farther because it seems a little too confusing. Perhaps an update to address these issues?
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    posted a message on Good-bye from a veteran player
    I will agree, the image of the current game is a little... off... from what I thought it would turn into back in alpha.

    Honestly, though, I love the game how it is. That's not to say I don't miss alpha or 1.7.3, I just don't feel it's necessary to go back in time to remove a feature that, in my opinion adds some content to the game. I do have grievances with the current game, but with all the updates they've been pushing out they have been getting resolved little by little.

    I respect Mojang as a company. I stand by everything they do because I'm loyal to them and love everything they do. I have no urge to complain­­ about what they do, because they work hard to do it. They ask the community what they want in the game, and when it finally gets added there are still people who complain that they added it. I've never understood the MCF community, but they are a bunch of ungrateful people who don't understand the hard work Mojang does. I'm sick of seeing threads like this and people like you who can't keep their bad opinions to themselves.

    Please, stop playing the game. Get off the forum, and don't come back. The respectable side of this community doesn't want you here.
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    posted a message on Branch mining, how do you do it ?
    There used to be a very popular method called Phoenix Mining, and I used to use that. Essentially it is branch mining, but with the added mobility of a path that goes straight through, cutting travel times in fractions. Here is a link to the thread, it actually has a lot of other information too.
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    posted a message on Silk Touch on Books?
    I find the enchantment books completely useless for getting a certain enchantment. Sure, if you're trying to unload some levels so you don't lose them they're perfect, but if you're trying to get Silk Touch or any specific enchantment you should enchant the tool directly. You're chances of getting the enchant you want are drastically reduced by the fact that books can have any enchant, while tools can only have the ones that are compatible with them.
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