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    Minecraft Medieval is back and now recruiting for a brand new adventure. Join us in creating a huge Medieval world full of everything from large capitol cities to small villages to ancient ruins and everything in between. Inspiration comes from The Witcher, Lord of the Rings, Skyrim, Game of Thrones, and just about any Medieval source out there. The best Medieval world building team is back and we have many jobs available. Everything from Builders, Pathways, Roads, Terraforming, etc. A list of what we've built so far is below:

    Lordaeron Docks: 90 percent

    Lordaeron Cathedral: 95 percent

    Highrock Castle: 85 percent

    Lordaeron City Walls: 65 percent

    Spawn Tavern: 90 percent

    Darkwoods Village: 90 percent

    Fleabottom: Just started

    Road from Lordaeron to Fleabottom: 70 percent

    Road from Lordaeron to The Errie: 50 percent

    Darkwoods Gate: Complete

    If you are interested please leave your GT below along with age, job you are applying for (can be more than one) , and any other relative info. Example:



    Terraforming, Pathways

    Medieval Builder for 6 months

    We ask that you be 18+ and have a mic. There are many jobs for all kinds of minecrafters out there so don't be discouraged for intimidated. We have builiders of all skill levels in our group.

    Our group is made up of everyone from the ages of 18-39 and beyond. We all get along well with new people and are a fun, relaxed, and helpful group of builders. Here is a video of our previous world to show what we're all about. We look forward to hearing from you all.

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