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    iCraftGames Community

    iCraftGames, previously known as iMiniGames, is a Minigames server made to bring back good old fashioned Minigames. iCraftGames has not yet been released to the public but is in the process of getting built and getting plugins. We are currently here to recruit staff members across mcpe to help us get the server released as soon as possible. For those who will like to receive updates be sure to follow the server's twitter (@iCraftGamesiCG).


    Owner: PandaCraftiCG (@PandaCraft_2014)

    IP: Not yet released.

    Port: 19132


    Although we would love to have as much staff as possible, there are limits (requirements) to assure you obtain the ability to work with us.

    - Must not be under 13 years of age.

    - Must be mature.

    - Must be patient.

    - Must have kik messenger.

    - Must have mcpe.


    Meet those requirements?

    Staff Applications -


    Kik Username:

    Why do you want to help?:

    What makes you stand out from others?:

    Previous Experience?:

    *Be sure to follow the twitters for updates, etc...*

    Developer (Builder, Coder, etc...) Applications -


    Kik Username:

    Best Build:

    *Be sure to follow the twitters for updates, etc...*



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    Hi, I'd really like to collab with you, but my laptop is being repaired and I wont get it back for a couple of weeks D:

    By the way, my channel name is CheesyMushroom, and don't be scared about the mcpe content, I will happily upload MCPC gameplay too :D

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    posted a message on NEW LBSG Clan. Apply Today!

    InGameName: CheesyMushroom

    Age: 15 in a week

    PvP Skills (1-10, 1 is bad, 10 is Awesome): 8

    How Often do you play: Pretty often

    Skype?: cheesymushroom_

    Why do you want to join?: Because I love survival games, and I think a clan would be cool to be in :D

    Do you have a youtube channel?: Yup the name is CheesyMushroom

    Thanks for reading! :D

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    posted a message on [WIP]MCPE Single Player Commands Mod![PC Commands + More!]Looking For Command Requests!

    I have updated the list, only one new command finished, but I'm working on others :D

    Thanks for the suggestions so far :D

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    Hey guys, whats up, it's me, CheesyMushroom, here with a WIP mod, the PC Commands + Mod!!

    I am currently working on this mod, and I am looking for some requests for commands as I have run out of ideas, so, if you are reading this thread, and you have a really cool idea for a command, please comment it as I want this mod to have some community input!

    In the spoiler below I will have all of the current commands listed, so there aren't any double requests, so here are the current commands I have in the mod:

    /give <ID> <AMOUNT> - You should know what that does ;)

    /kill - commit suicide.

    /gamemode <1 or 2> - sets your gamemode.

    /fly <on or off> - Lets you fly in survival mode.

    /god <on or off> - Makes you invincible.

    /heal - Heals you to full health.

    /speed <fast, slow, or reset> - Changes the game speed to fast-forward, or slow motion respectively.

    /time set <dawn, midnight, midday, dusk> - Changes in-game time(I am working on setting it to any time).

    /help <PAGE NUMBER> - Shows all commands.

    I'm currently working on /tp <x> <y> <z>, /set spawn, and /spawn, Any more suggestions are appreciated :D

    So, that is the list of commands I currently have implemented, if you know of one that I don't, or think of a completely new one, please reply to this thread so I can add them in.

    I will release version 1.0 soon, I just need a few more commands, and as long as I get more command ideas, I will keep updating it as regularly as possible.

    Thanks for reading and hopefully commenting with a new command :D

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    posted a message on Minecraft Pocket Edition 0.10.5 Mod: Weapons Extreme ! Katanas, Scythes, Battle Axes !

    This mod sounds really cool, I'm gonna use it for my modded survival :D

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    - Age? 15 in less than 2 weeks

    - Skype (to get in contact) cheesymushroom_

    - Job (builder, voice actor etc) just a regular actor?

    - Why you are interested I tried making a machinima for MCPE but a couple of the members were unable to finish it, so I'd like to be part of another one

    - How often will you be on (everyday?) I'm normally on everyday, but my laptop is being repaired, and it will be around 2 weeks before I get it back, is that ok?

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    posted a message on need some few codes

    Hey, I can help with that.

    Here is the code for fire aspect enchantment:

    function attackHook(attacker, victim){

    if(Player.isPlayer(attacker)&&getCarriedItem()==276){ //276 is the ID of Diamond Sword

    Entity.setFireTicks(victim, 5); //You can replace 5 with any number, it is just how many second the fire lasts



    Here is the code for changing the item name:

    ModPE.setItem(276, "diamond_sword", 0, "itemnamehere");

    and here is the recipe code:

    Item.addCraftRecipe(276, 1, 0, [264, 2, 0, 280, 1, 0]); //That is the regular Diamond Sword recipe.

    If you do not quite understand it, or need more help, message me on kik or skype: CheesyMushroom_ (that is my name for both)

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    posted a message on [0.10.5] MCPE Ultimate Farmer Mod!!![UPDATED v1.5!!!][By CheesyMushroom]

    Hey guys v1.5 is out!!! Go on, check it out(I know you want to).

    Sorry I took a while to release the update, but my laptop has stopped working, and I had to sort out sending it off to be repaired. I am currently borrowing a family laptop now so if you want anything added in the next update, let me know and I will get straight to it.

    The Download Link has bee updated, and a changelog added in the description.

    Thanks guys :D

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    posted a message on Minecraft Server - Developer Needed

    IGN: CheesyMushroom

    TimeZone: GMT+ 12:00

    How Active can you be: I'm very active

    Your Experiences: I've been developer on two servers, co owner on two server, as well as alot of lower ranks on other servers

    Do You know how to make plugins: No, but im in the process of learning PHP, the language use to make plugins

    How old are you: 15 in two weeks

    Country: New Zealand

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    posted a message on RedCraft Need Staff

    IGN/MCPE NAME CheesyMushroom

    EXPERIENCE I've been CoOwner twice, admin twice, moderator once, and Developer twice. I've been playing MCPE since 0.7

    HOW ACTIVE I'm very active

    KIK OR LINE I have kik and line, my username is CheesyMushroom_ on both

    BEST BUILD I'm not a very good builder, so I don't screenshot anything I build


    AGE 15 in two weeks

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