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    Piston Everything (Almost) - rip post formatting edition

    This mod adds in a long desired functionality to vanilla pistons and sticky pistons: the ability to move tile entities like chests and dispensers.It tries to be relatively small and non-invasive, as such, pistons behave exactly as they do in vanilla minecraft when pushing ordinary blocks. That means no moving bedrock or more than 12 blocks at a time.It adds no new blocks or items and should be compatible with nearly every Forge mod.

    Important "just in case" Disclaimer
    Some blocks (especially from other mods) or piston device configurations may have a very small chance to behave funky, crash clients, or otherwise damage areas of your world, keep backups and test out things in a creative world if you're worried. This should only really apply to tile entity blocks and happen very rarely.


    The config file generated when you run this mod has a black/whitelist filter option. By default, it is empty and functions as a blacklist.
    You can add blocks to the filter, one per line as described in the config. Using it as a whitelist just requires making the whitelist option true.
    For example, to blacklist vanilla chests, you would just put a line between the brackets with "minecraft:chest" for 1.7 or "54" for 1.6 (no quotes).
    If you wanted to blacklist only chests facing South for some reason, you would put a line "minecraft:chest:3" for 1.7 or "54:3" for 1.6 (no quotes).


    video because a screenshot aint much use

    Miscl. Info

    • In general, any weirdness or ill behaivor with blocks is completely expected and should NOT be reported as a bug to other mod authors or myself. Lots of tile entities just never expect to be picked up and moved like this.
    • Blocks fall back to rendering as obsidian blocks if normal renders fail.
    • This mod is actually a "coremod" and does runtime patching of some minecraft classes. This isn't too important but I figure I should point it out somewhere.

    Known Issues

    • Chests can make goofy quadruple chests if you push them together the right way.

    Downloads and Installation

    Source code, changes, and downloads for all versions of the mod are available here on github

    The mod is also on curseforge (it says 1.7.10 but it works on any 1.7 version):
    Piston Everything 1.0.4 for Minecraft 1.7.X
    Piston Everything 1.0.3 for Minecraft 1.6.X
    Piston Everything 1.0.2 for Minecraft 1.6.X
    Piston Everything 1.0.1 for Minecraft 1.6.X

    To install the mod, first install a decently recent version of Minecraft Forge, then place the mod jar into the mods folder. ez pz


    Piston Everything is copyright © Cheeseum 2014 and licensed under the GNU Lesser General Public License version 3.
    You're free to include it in any modpacks without asking for permission (if you ask I probably won't respond).
    Please see the varying license documents in the source code or the jar file for other details.
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    Updated to v1.0.3, worked things out so blocks will try to actually render properly now instead of as obsidian. Things will still fall back to that if something completely fails but it works for the most part. This is probably the last release for 1.6, next I'll start trying to get it working on 1.7. Hopefully that goes smoothly :Sheep:
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    Gravity Staff
    Current Version: 1.0
    Works With: 1.0.0

    == IMPORTANT ==
    This mod will ONLY work with Minecraft version 1.0.0, using it with any other version will probably not work or crash your game.
    This is also a work in progress and there may be unforseen bugs.
    I'm also not responsible for any destruction of saves or otherwise from failure to backup your files.
    If the mod doesn't work you likely did something wrong.

    Download is at the bottom.

    This mod allows you to pick up any entity derived from EntityLiving (aka all current mobs*, hostile or not)
    (* see bugs)

    The staff is crafted as such:
    :Iron: :Diamond: :Iron:
    :Iron: :RedShroom: :Iron:
    :: :Iron: ::
    With the mushroom being Redstone.
    I might [still] change the recipe though.

    1. install Risugami's ModLoader if you haven't already (found here: viewtopic.php?t=80246)
    2. copy mod_gravityStaff.class, gravityStaff.class and gravityStaff.png into your minecraft.jar using winrar, oracle's jar utility, or one of the various other methods

    After crafting simply right click on a mob to pick it up, hit it or right click again to release it.
    Mobs can be carried through portals and still drown in water and burn in lava.
    Straying too far from the mob (for example if it got stuck on a wall) will automatically drop it.
    Hostile mobs such as creepers will not harm you while held (but that's not to say they won't be really mad when you put them down)

    Bugs and Quirks:
    1. mobs are a little spazzy when being taken for a "walk"
    2. squids and other flying mobs aren't thrown when hit
    3. mobs need to be actually hit to be tossed away, this is a big problem in chickens since their hitbox is so small
    4. Pigs with Saddles and Tamed Wolves don't get picked up (have to change right click handling, why.jpg)
    5. mobs in minecarts won't "leave" the minecart when picked up and end up teleporting back and forth
    6. sometimes mobs wouldn't make it into the nether or back while being carried and ended up getting "lost" somewhere while I was testing for 1.8.1

    To be Implemented:
    1. tossing physics
    2. server side (likely not)

    1.0.0: Mod Source

    Older Versions
    1.8.1: Mod Source
    1.7.3: Mod Source
    1.6.6: Mod Source
    1.5_01: Mod Source
    1.4_01: Mod Source
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