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    So, I was trying it out for the first time; I was on 1.7.5, with the shadersmod, and so I opened options, clicked the SEUS v10.1 Ultra that I had installed (It was a .zip file in the little list of shaders; is that wrong?) Anyway, I hit the button, and, BOOM! A huge lag spike. Ok, I figured, that's to be expected... then I changed all the options you told us to (which took like 20 minutes with the lag) and pressed, DONE. And then, the whole screen went black. Shoot. But in the corner.... there was a miniature, blurry, version of what I should be seeing. Oh no. I could tell the shaderpack was on, cause the trees were moving. But there were more little screens, kind of going up in a little trail, getting smaller and smaller as it went, then sort of diagonal, before fading out. "Wow," I said, "I reeeaally must've screwed up this time....." so I looked at the way you need to set up the folders.... check. right versions....check. Everything seemed to be perfectly set up, so I tried again, and evidently, it wasn't. I'm running Windows 8. I had no mods, or forge, or Optifine, or anything besides the shadersmod, and the shader. If I should have any of those, please tell me. ( I would love to show a picture, but I could not figure out how to put a screenshot on here (or make it a spoiler) to save my life.) Thank you!
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    I can't find this version of Forge anywhere, including the link you posted. Anywhere I should look?
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