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    Hello, If this has already been addressed I apologize but looking through 38 pages of comments does not sound like very much fun to me ;) But anyway, Is this mod compatable with making an online forge server? I have a server made, and can run other mods (such as the morph mod) but when I copy the "Too Much TNT" mod into my mods folder for the server, the forge server crashes. Any ideas?
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    I realize that this thread is very old but I was having this problem to. My computer has a bit of an issue when making new folders but make sure that the folder that you have Minecraft in isn't set to "Read Only", Right click on the folder, go to properties and uncheck the Read Only box. My issue was that the file wasn't saving because it was set as read only, which doesn't give you permission to save anything on it. Also when set to read only, the exe has trouble accessing the file. This is how I fixed the problem for me.
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