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    Hello! I'm opening a new Server. It is a simple survival gamemode I've made myself. You're invited!

    The server started in Latin America and was well received so I decided to create one in English for people from other countries.

    The idea is to be simple a roleplay server about a modern civilization.
    There are laws, a police force, they can fine you if you break the law. Of course police can also arrest a player, and he can choose between surrending or resisting the arrest and become a fugitive.

    The server has the plugin Protection Stones to protect your house. There is no TP of any class. It is rol and it would not make sense. People have to walk, ride a horse, use elytras, etc. We have Factions and we call it Mafias. Of course we have economy, banks and player shops. Also there are new jobs like Farmer, Police, Transportation Workers, Fisherman.
    This is not the classic Jobs plugin. Nobody is paying you for breaking blocks here. Jobs have different tasks, you can level up so they pay you more. I would like to add more jobs soon.

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