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    posted a message on Keep the Enchanting System as it was!
    Ok, so let's be honest here, Minecraft is far too easy. Mojang is continuing to make the game even easier than it already is. The only things that present a challenge in Minecraft are the Nether and the End.

    Now they have begun to screw up the enchanting system by making it far too easy as well.
    It's not like it needs fixing or anything. It's perfect as it is.
    Is enchanting things that hard for people that they had to make it tell you what you are going to get? Half of the fun is not knowing what you will get on your tool, and the satisfaction of getting something good.
    And it doesn't make any sense that it now costs lapis lazuli to enchant. What's the point of it?

    My Suggestion:

    Keep the enchanting system as it was. Get thirty levels, not know what you are going to get, and without the use of lapis lazuli.
    Also keep repairing the way it was. If you are going to fully repair an incredible diamond pickaxe with loads of enchants on it, it should make sense that it costs loads of levels.
    That way, Minecraft will still have some challenge to it.

    Tell me what you think, if you don't like the suggestion tell me why.
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    posted a message on Improvements to Swamps (In detail)
    Yes, another swamp topic. But the swamps more work than any of the other biomes.
    Minecraft swamps look nothing close to swamps. Sure it's got water, lily pads, and trees. But really, it doesn't look much like one.
    Here's my idea on how we can fix it.

    First off, a swamp is a "forested wetland". Problem is, the swamps in Minecraft aren't really wet or heavily forested. I say we need to add more trees. Lots more.
    And also we need to make all these trees much taller.
    This will make the swamps seem full of life.

    Second, Water. The swamps always spawn by water, of course. But it should have much more.
    I'm thinking small rivers going through the swamps, going through all the trees. Also some more ponds.
    Third, wildlife. Rather than having more mobs added, we could have small mobs done using particle effects.
    Which sounds a bit dumb, but hear me out.
    Butterflies. They are tiny and don't do much. Do we really need to create a new mob for it?
    I think it should be done using particle effects.
    That way:
    - It doesn't get in your way.
    - They can be turned off.
    Having butterflies floating around the swamps would be nice, in my opinion.
    Fourth, Marshes.
    For those who don't know, there's a difference between swamps and marshes. swamps are wetlands that are heavily forested. Marshes are wetlands that aren't.
    These would be biomes that spawn by swamps. They would be flat, at around sea level (y: 64) and would have many rivers and ponds. Most of the grass found here would be covered in ferns and tall grass (No flowers). The water would be greenish and have patches of lilypads.


    Fifth: Removing (or at least decreasing the amount of) slimes from swamps.

    I know what you are thinking, slimes are hard to find without swamps. I agree, but that was the entire point of slimes. They were rare mobs. It made the game a bit more interesting and added a nice challenge to the game. And even so, slime farms aren't that hard to make. Just go caving, find a slime. Make a slime farm there.
    It made more sense as an underground creature, do we really need those ugly buggers jumping around what should be a beautiful swamp?
    I think they should be changed back into the cave dwelling creatures that they were.

    - It makes the game more challenging
    - it makes the game better looking

    If you think these should be added, hit the support button! If you have something to add be sure to comment it below!
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    posted a message on Tutorial Game Mode (Multiple Examples)
    For a lot of players, starting off in Minecraft is pretty easy.
    Making a worktable out of planks? Pretty simple.
    Making tools? Also easy.
    A lot of things are really simple to make, and most players just can guess how it's made and what materials to use.
    But Minecraft has lots of complicated stuff, and other than asking someone, you have to go and look at the wiki. I think we need to fix this. There's just certain things you cannot guess on how to make. Especially for new players.
    Like how are supposed to guess that diamonds, obsidian and a book is going to make an enchanting table? Or how to even use an enchanting table for that matter.
    So my idea is having some way to tell the player how to do things in Minecraft. Not a complete guide on how to play, just stuff that they should know. Such as crafting recipes and how to use certain tools. And I have a few ideas on how this could be done. (Tutorial mode would be selected in the gamemode section)

    1. Tutorial Village
    You spawn near an NPC village where the villagers tell you certain things about the game.
    - Priests can tell you about magical things such as ender pearls, enchanting, levels and spawners.
    - Blacksmiths can tell you crafting recipes and about mining.
    - Librarians can tell you about enchanting, mobs, dungeons, and redstone. (idk maybe he has knowledge of this from books)
    - Normal Villagers tell you about things like the basics of Mining, Brewing, Farming, Fishing and how to survive.
    This idea is OK in my opinion, but the only problem is that it can't tell you much about Minecraft. Although I like it because it makes sense. Having a book of recipes appear in your hand (while useful) doesn't make much sense. Asking locals for information does.
    2. Pop-up Tutorial
    this would basically be small messages in the corner as you play.
    It would give little tips along the way depending on what you do or where you are, like this:

    *Is in a desert*
    "A desert. Dry and barren. Not much can live here other than cacti. Not much here, unless you wish to go discover some old desert ruins."

    It would also give crafting recipes along the way.

    *gets some logs*
    "Now that you've collected some wood, you should build a workbench. You will need it if you want to make more useful items."
    "Open up your inventory, and place the log in the crafting area. This will make 4 wooden planks.
    Now, place the four wooden planks in each spot of the crafting area and you will have a crafting bench!"
    This idea is similar to a lot of tutorials in other games, and would be pretty useful. However, some things would be hard to make in to pop-ups. Like the enchanting table recipe. Like what would set it off?
    Also, this may be pretty annoying and may need to be disabled. But if they have it disabled then they can't read the tutorials. And they will have to sit through it. The next idea is better.
    3. Book Guide. (Best in my opinion)
    This would be a book that appears upon spawning in the world. It has a list of crafting recipes and how to use certain items.
    For example:

    (Recipe shown here)

    "A tool used for showing the time of day."

    Only problems I can see with this is losing the book, or it being too much of a spoiler.

    If you have any ideas I can add to this, be sure to tell me it! Thanks for reading!
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    posted a message on Improving Nausea Effect
    I have an idea that would be useful for a lot of adventure maps and custom games. Improving the nausea effect.
    When you are affected by it, it's always the same amount of wavy. Sometimes the waviness of it is just too much. Like you can't make a slight dizziness effect because the nausea is just too powerful.
    So here's how it could go:

    Nausea I: Slight waviness, could be used to create dizziness or a stun effect.
    Nausea II: More powerful, but only a bit.
    Nausea III: Normal, same as it is now.
    Nausea IV: Go home, you're drunk. Heavy waviness, very hard to see anything.

    This could add a lot to adventure maps, and PVP games. If you want to add anything just tell me, I may add it!
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    posted a message on Help with an Adventure map
    Im making a map and i need a bit of help with it.
    I need a name, a cool sounding one. (the map is about stealing, being a thief and stealth.)

    I also don't know much about commands and gamerules, etc.

    - How would one make items appear in the players inventory, using command blocks?
    - What about clearing out the inventory?
    - Any other tricks I should know about?

    If you could help out that would be fantastic.

    I plan on doing a playthrough and a lets build of the map. It will be on the youtube channel called Nightmares Gaming (soon).

    Update: I have a name for the map and have a list of commands. But how would one use the /give command to give someone dyed armour?
    For example, Whats the command for giving the player a red leather cap?
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    posted a message on Gauntlets for Combat.
    So my idea is gauntlets. These would be rather cheap to make. I think 2 of whatever material you are using in the bottom corners of your crafting area.
    Should it be used in the Chestplate slot? Or a new slot for gloves? Or should it be a tool such as swords and bows? Answer in the poll above.

    Personally, I like this idea because there is nothing covering your hands in combat and I think there should be. And it makes the armour set look complete.

    Tell me what you think using the poll or comments. Thanks :D

    May be expanded later.
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    posted a message on Emerald Horse Armor
    No description? Expect this to be shut down if you don't make one.
    Also, There's a reason there aren't emerald tools and armour. Emeralds were made for currency and trading with villagers.

    No support.
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    posted a message on A type of boat
    I believe Notch stated he would work on better boats in the future, but there are more important things to finish first.
    The four player thing seems a bit much. It should be optional, and maybe only hold 2 people.
    Cannons don't really fit Minecraft.
    Not much support for this particular idea, but I support better boats.
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    posted a message on Improved Enchantments + 20 New Enchantment Ideas! (Needs Suggestions from People)
    So I had a couple ideas for enchants and I thought I'd share them! You can post yours as well!

    Footwear enchant
    Tiers I, II, III
    25+ levels

    This would make you run slightly faster. It wouldn't be extremely noticeable, but if you are running from or after and enemy, it will come in handy!

    Footwear enchant
    Tier I
    20-25 levels

    Tier I would allow you to leap 2 blocks rather than one.
    Footwear enchant
    Tier I
    30 levels
    Pretty rare enchant

    Same effects as feather falling, plus you jump further.

    Double jump
    Footwear enchant
    Tier I
    30 levels
    Very rare enchant

    Allows you to jump in midair allowing you to jump higher and get over objects better. (cannot be earned with Gliding or leaping.)

    Heavyness (for lack of a better name)
    Footwear enchant
    Tier I, II, III, IV, V

    Affected less by knockback. (both regular knockback and knockback enchant)

    Tier V of Heavyness means you are unaffected by knockback at all.

    Headwear enchant
    Tier I, II, III, IV
    Level 12+

    When a hostile mob/enemy becomes close you can hear its footsteps better.
    Tier I, you can hear them from 4 blocks away
    Tier II, 8 blocks away
    Tier III, 12 blocks away
    Tier IV, 16 blocks away

    Armour Enchant
    Tier I, II, III, IV, V
    Level 1-25

    Resistance from Spiders, Cave Spiders and Silverfish

    (Idea from IareNinja)

    Armour Enchant
    Tier I, II, III, IV, V
    Level 10+

    Resistance from Skeletons, Wither Skeletons, Zombies, Zombie Pigmen, Zombie Villagers, and all other Undead Monsters.

    (Idea from IareNinja)

    Sword Enchant
    Tier I, II
    Level 20+

    With a well timed block, you do a counter attack that causes twice as much damage and pushes the enemy back a bit.
    Tier II does even more damage.

    Sword enchant
    Tier I, II
    Level 27+

    When hit, the enemy has a 15% chance of warping about 5 blocks ahead of you.

    (Idea from ULiopleurodon.)

    Causes a nice Ender particle affect :D

    Sword enchant
    Tier I,II,III
    Level 28+
    Very Rare enchant

    When killed, you steal some of the enemies health. Tier I = 1 health. Tier II = 2 health Tier III = 3 Health

    (Idea mostly from Uliopleurodon)

    Tool Enchant (not swords. just tools.)
    Tier I, II, III
    Level 30
    Rare Enchant

    Allows you to reach further, depending on the tier.
    Tier I = 0.5 more
    Tier II = 1 block more
    Tier III = 2 blocks more (Rare)

    (Idea from th3cleaner)

    Bow enchant
    Tiers I, II, III, IV, V
    Level 15+

    Allows arrows to be shot further and to drop less.

    Bow Enchant
    Tiers I, II, III
    Level 30

    Shoots 3 arrows at once. Yes it's been suggested before, but allow me to go into detail with this.
    - Can shoot multiple enemies at once
    - More likely to hit target
    -Good for larger enemies

    - Uses lots of arrows
    - Less accuracy
    - Less Power

    Shooting three projectiles with a single shot will be useful for taking out the big enemies and groups, it will have less power and use more arrows, though. If you aren't worried about that, then this enchant will be perfect.

    He's undead, Jim.

    Bow Enchant
    Tiers I, II, III
    Level 25+

    Causes mobs to be stunned (they stop momentarily and look around for you for a second)
    Causes a blur affect on Players.

    Tier I, when shot, the target has a 1/10 chance of being stunned.
    Tier II, Chance of stunning target is increased by to 1/8.
    Tier III, (Rare enchant) Chance of stunning target increased to 1/5!

    Bow enchant
    Tier I
    Level 30

    Arrows travel through Mobs and Players

    (Idea from IareNinja)

    Compass enchant
    Tier I
    Any level

    Compass' needle points directly at spawnpoint, no matter how much you move it around. Will point towards portal in the nether (No more getting lost!) Can be earned at any level.

    Compass Enchant
    Tiers I , II , III
    Level 20+

    Compass shows the direction to different things (Not very accurate, but useful)
    Tier I - Points at closest chest.
    Tier II - Points at closest spawner.
    Tier III - Points at closest dungeon or stronghold spawner. (very rare)

    Skipping Time (I can't think of a better name)
    Clock Enchant
    Tier I, II
    Around 28-30 levels

    Allows you to skip ahead through the day/night cycle. If it's day, you can skip to night and vice-versa. Requires time to recharge, maybe 3 Minecraft days.

    Enchanting it would be difficult. It requires a certain amount of levels to get it, but if you don't give it enough levels it cannot give you another enchant because clocks don't have any other enchants.
    So basically, if you don't have the levels for it, it will give you nothing.

    Fishing rod Enchant
    Tier I, II, III
    Any level

    More fish go after the line.


    Changes to existing enchants:

    Armour enchant

    - Visible spikes on armour. If possible.
    - Take out armour losing durability from thorns. (idea from gerbilcrab475)

    Change: Possible name change? Thorns sounds odd. Spikes, maybe?

    Tool Enchant

    Allow this to be put on Shears and fishing rods through an enchantment table.

    More will be added if I think of any, or if anyone thinks of a good idea.

    Tell me which ones you support!
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    posted a message on Biome Suggestions
    Yes, another Biome topic. But I have some original ideas.
    First, Tropical Islands.

    A way to make the ocean worth travelling. Could be a way to find new plants and mobs. Maybe a way to get blue and purple flowers? Maybe tiki villagers ( :D )? Also in that image, you will see a crappy palm tree. Yeah it's pretty bad but you get the idea.

    New nether biome.
    When you visit the nether, it's always the same biome: "Hell".
    So what if they added a new biome to the nether that would make going there even more useful?
    Here's a picture of a "Deathlands" biome that I borrowed from LupusX. All credit goes to him.
    It is like a mountainous biome with lava and fire. Maybe there could be huge stalagmites and stalagmites made out of the block used there.


    We have "extreme hills" but those only take a minute to climb. The mountains would be very tall. Maybe 2 or 3 times as tall as a Extreme Hill.
    The bottom of the mountain would have dirt and grass, then it will be mostly stone and a bit of coal and other ores, sorta like these basin things.

    Then at the top, snow. And rarely, it will be volcanic. With lava coming from the top. This could be a location for a new dragon boss that Notch has mentioned previously.
    Ok so now just some Improvements to existing biomes.
    Most people know that deserts can be an orangish color.

    So I was thinking that the deserts in Minecraft can be an orange color as well.

    (Badly shopped pic, I know, but you get the idea.)

    The sand would work like leaves and grass, changing color in different biomes. That way beaches would stay the same. Idea from Doustin.

    On the topic of beaches, they should really bring back gravel beaches and maybe add in a new kind of beach with white sand :D
    Plains. They are suppose to be pretty flat.

    So I think they should fix the plains having so many hills, drops, and holes.


    As for deserts, they have too much damn water.

    While Jungles have almost none.

    Swamp fixes.
    I'm not going to go into huge detail with this, just let me say that Swamps should look lush with plants and "not like a nuclear sewage dump" -Mathy. There's not really a point in even visiting swamps unless you want to collect lily pads and mushrooms. Before anything, they should probably fix Swamps.
    (Suggested by Mathy)

    Now finally. Biomes that should not be together.

    I was thinking, they should have it so biomes don't appear randomly, but where they should actually be.
    For example, if you wish to collect Pine wood from taigas, go north.
    If you want to go to a desert, go south. etc.
    This way, you can find biomes more easily and they will spawn in a way that's more realistic.
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