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    In-Game Name: Charple
    Age: 17
    *Would you pay for certain perks? (Such as reserve slots, moderator position): Probably not
    *Would you like Flint and Steel or TNT to be enabled or disabled?: Disabled
    *What would you like to see on a SMP server that doesn't already exist? (If anything): Well established kingdoms with people who actually know what they're doing
    *Are you a roleplayer?: Yes
    *Do you plan to create a kingdom/town or join one that already exists?: I would probably join one that already exists. If allowed, I might eventually make a small town of my own when I get enough resources.
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    Could I join? I love building stuff, I'm not interested in being an admin (I fail at codes etc.) but I'd love to join, as this is the first suitable server I've found. My IGN is Charple. I only have a few posts because I made an account on here only recently, I've had Minecraft for a few months though.
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    If anyone has a server they'd like me to join please send me a PM or reply on here. I am okay at building things (don't expect me to be an expert), I'm also helpful and courteous. I can get on (usually) for an hour and a half to two hours a day (sometimes I might be on for 3-5 hours, it just depends on what I have time for.) I'm not very good with computer codes and stuff, but I'm a fast learner, so if it's essential to know how to install skins etc., I can quickly learn the basics. That's about it, thanks for your time!
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