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    posted a message on Clockless Sand/ Gravel Generator
    Quote from xRush101

    Someone should make a mini-game with this. Sand falls and you must mine it with a shovel. If you miss, then you lose the game.

    "Shoveler: Can You Dig It?" hehe
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    posted a message on First house.
    dug out a cave in a small hill next to a little pond - now it has evolved into a 4 story cobblestone keep - pond is now inside the keep walls
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    posted a message on Would this be considered legit?
    This is my perspective of legit play in MC

    Legit is playing the game using the resources/tools/physics of that world. so, moving resources from one to the other would make it not so :sad.gif:

    TMI and modding are great tools - I use some on some of my worlds, but for those who feel legit means the above, then these items would not be legit.

    ** Now for moving house/structure/project from one world to the next after 1.9 goes live so you can enjoy the strongholds etc. I am split. I have been working on my current world for some time and have explored a large area, unfortuantely this has eliminated any chance of me getting a stronghold to spawn - so moving my structures to a 1.9x world to get the strongholds would be a great move, but I do not think I would be able to call my world legit after that.
    So start over from scratch, copy my structures, or just enjoy my world without the strongholds - decisions decisions
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    posted a message on Guide to Subsiding Hunger
    Melon growth is random, I planted melon seeds with bonemeal, and before I finished planting the sixth seed, my first stalk had a melon. maybe 30 seconds total time there. Then another maybe minute later, same stalk had another melon. maybe 5 melons in 3 minutes. after that it did not produce for 2 days. Other melon stalks performed in similar way. planted melons in 2 other locations, 1 location was a 2-day run from first other was an additional day's run. both of these farms produced melons at times almost immediately after harvest or within days of harvest.
    Prolly doesnt help at all, but thought I would share my experience
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    posted a message on I found this weird glowing water...
    I've seen this on ocean floors at night. after diving in I found abandoned mineshafts under the ocean floor.

    Has the OP dug around or under the water to see if there is a mineshaft below there?
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    posted a message on opinions on quarry mines?
    i think i will try this - normally I branch mine as it is easier to secure the mine during night work

    any ideas to share for securing a quarry during night mining?
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    posted a message on What is the best thing you have ever built legit?
    A cobblestone keep, nothing fancy, but functional as in it keeps mobs out and gives me room to work on redstone projects, crafting projects, farming, etc. Also, I made a simple elevated monorail system so I can travel between mining camps

    I'll try to post pics after work
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    posted a message on Your opinion on wolves
    only improvement I could use is their ability to not jump off of cliffs, I had a pack of 12 following me as I ran cross country and when they ported to me they would then jump off the cliff I was currently running along, wtf? only 6 made it safely.
    I had similar issues when trying to use them in ravines, steep cliffs and they cant seem to control their urge to race to the bottom.

    Now I just use them as sentries around my sleeping areas, in case of the rare midnight mob raping
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    posted a message on new city in minecraft
    slaughter house

    rail station


    ferris wheel

    cell tower

    draw bridge

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    posted a message on Change the Zombies' "Rotten Flesh" to brains.
    Quote from GearsDisraeli

    This is the best possible point that could have been made. XD
    I think that flesh is fine, and it's fun feedin it' to mah doggies.

    does it have any negative affect on dogs? or do we now have a ready supply of food for dogs that I wont need for later?
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    posted a message on 1.9 turrets
    well placed series of SGturrets could work well in defending your property, add a few lava streams (places for the mobs to be knocked into) win win
    can you fire snow balls through, say, netherack fire? could give the turrets a bit of defense
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    posted a message on How do you start your first House
    start by punching a ton of trees, make tools, find some coal, hide out in coal hole till next day - then I look for a small pond with a slight overhang. swim to back of pond and dig into back of over hang, hollow out, put in door, done - now I have water front property, and future fishing hole
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    posted a message on Care Packages with XP
    I like the starter pack I've had since I first started playing...

    right hand

    left hand

    - not like its terribly difficult to get started, the idea imo is to make progress towards better/stronger tools and gear.
    Where is the exploring if you just pop in and are ready to go?

    Just my 2 cents worth
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    posted a message on Interestong ore find
    interesting grouping - like a one-stop mining shop - :smile.gif:
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    posted a message on Seeing Mobs via "F3" should be back
    I admit I used it to hunt/avoid animals/mobs
    A little sad to see it go, but as someone pointed out above, it made minecrafters cowards. I agree, I used it more to avoid mobs than to confront them. my cave system was dug based on avoiding mob groups. Now the creep factor of hearing things in the walls and creepers sneaking up on me is back, and honestly I find the game enjoyment has increased. This is just me.

    I know I can't trust my self not to click F3 if the feature was returned, so this is good - for me
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