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    posted a message on 🔴 Barty Realms Towny 1.14.4 🔴 - [TOWNY] [SURVIVAL] [NEW SERVER] [ECONOMY] | 1.14.4 | Brand new 1.14.4 server with a new map!

    I've tried to get in to many Minecraft servers in the past and they all feel so 'pay to win' heavy or just full of a bunch of gimmicky mini-games that really aren't very fun or just try to be another game entirely. This server does away with all of that nonsense, choosing to center the experience around the base game's existing mechanics and enhancing them with a fair economy, fun mods that add to the experience, and most importantly a kick-ass community with helpful folks around every corner. Barty and the mods care about making the server a fun place, not a moneysuck. Just an all around good time :)

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