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    1.Play minecraft for a year
    2.Realize that Creepers were made so that MC had difficulty
    1.Play Minecraft.
    2.Put on peaceful.
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    Quote from shinaw »
    I don't know if you know how to fix this, but everytime I try to drag and drop, I can't. I just can't drag my files in the minecraft.jar (which is opened by winrar). Where my mouse button should be it gives me a "can't drag to here sign", like a circle with a line crossing it. Sorry if this is vague, but can you help me with this? Thanks

    I get a similer thing. "Archive name and parameters".
    WAT DO.
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    Quote from MidnightHobo »
    Make him unable to explode after you throw him several bones, so we can keep him as a pet, and I'm sold. :tongue.gif:

    +Not despawning and following you after bones thrown.
    SO ****ING CUTE.
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    Ahhh, Look at the beautiful blocky sunset. Nothing could ruin this. You and your pet pig, Sir Henry Williams, have worked all day. But this is so relaxing. Wait. What's that? You hear something...
    Before you get a chance to turn around, you are dead in a crater, with raw pork next to you.

    We've always encountered this since Notch made MineCraft. Travel to distant island, relax, get killed, lose all of your items.

    Not to worry!

    With the itemfinder, should it be added, you would respawn with it and it would guide you to where you lost your items, like a compass.
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