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    • Current Promotions •
    - Free Trials available upon request!

    GoodHosting is preparing to release their services to the general public, but we've decided we'll offer our Minecraft services exclusive to the MinecraftForums Community as an early release. We offer CraftBukkit, Vanilla, Tekkit, and other mods for Minecraft servers; starting at $4.65/month!

    All servers include the following features:
    Click for screenshots
    - TCAdmin Control Panel
    - Free Dedicated IP (no more ports!)
    - Free Voice Server (with equal slots)
    - Free MySQL Database
    - Free cPanel Webhosting

    • Our Prices •
    Our pricing is offered on a sliding scale, you tell us how many slots you want and we'll bill you accordingly. Some examples are listed below for your convenience. All servers include the features listed above, and the smallest server we offer is the 1024MB RAM (32 slots).

    1024MB RAM (32 slots): $9.30 USD
    2048MB RAM (64 slots): $18.60 USD
    4096MB RAM (128 slots): $37.20 USD

    • Our Hardware •
    Server 1 - SOLD OUT
    Server 2

    2x Intel® Xeon® Hexa-Core Processor E5-2620
    64 GB DDR3ECC Registered-DIMM RAM
    Hardware RAID 10 (speed and redundancy)
    2x Dedicated 1GBPS Network Ports
    Windows Server 2008 R2 Datacenter Edition

    Location: Orlando, Florida, USA
    We boast a 990GB network backbone!

    • Why choose us? •
    Click for screenshots
    - Premium Technical Support (24x7x365)
    - Dedicated Server Resources (RAM/NET)
    - Dedicated IP Address (no more ports!)
    - Free Voice Server (with equal slots)
    - FTP Server File Access
    - No Setup Fees
    - Fee Trial! *

    • Have any test servers? •
    - Tekkit: (256 slots)
    - Vanilla: (128 slots)
    - We'll be adding more soon!

    We accept all major Credit Cards through 2Checkout, PayPal, and Electronic Wire Transfers. You can purchase a server by either contacting me on the forum here, or emailing sales directly at [email protected]

    You can also purchase a server through our website at:
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    Quote from abdel112

    Yo nice i made a video for you il make a better one soon


    Thanks, I've gone and put that in the thread. Right now it seems the people only find MineSwitcher via word of mouth, so I need people to spread the word :smile.gif:.
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    MineSwitcher v0.6

    Do you have multiple MineCraft installations/ Perhaps one clean copy, a few with server-specific mods, and one you use for single-player foolery? Want an easy way to test out new mods, without having to go through the hassle of re-downloading a clean copy of MineCraft? This is for you!

    Right, I know this doesn't look very good right now; but I'm doing what I can to get that improved as soon as possible, while keeping the cross-OSness of the project safe. Right now it uses an included Python engine, and Tkinter for the GUI (also included in the Python engine). If you get the ZIP or the Executable, you're fine. If you get the Python Source one, you'll have to have Python 2.7 installed (pre-installed on most Linux and Macs!)

    Main Interface

    Client -> New
    Download Now!

    Planned Features
    • Ability for server administrators to provide auto-updating capabilities for the end-user.
    • Better GUI, whenever I find a better module than Tkinter.
    • Some better licensing arrangement (not really a feature)
    FAQ / Known Errors
    Q: I run MineSwitcher and just get a black screen that flashes.
    A: Try obtaining the newest version of MineSwitcher, I've recently updated it.

    Q: I get a NameError when starting MineSwitcher, or while it's running.
    A: See the above answer.

    Q: Where are my MineCraft clients being stored?
    A: They are now in %appdata%\MineSwitcher\ there you will find folders named after the clients, each with a .minecraft folder inside them.

    Q: Why do you use Adf.ly links in your post? / Why do I have to wait to download?
    A: It's not like I get any money for making this. I give my time to the community in making them this tool, you seeing a short advertisement gives me some small compensation for that time (about 1 US cent per 20 downloads.)
    I need people to report bugs so I can continue development, tell me what you think, tell me if you like it; all that kind of stuff! I check back often. I'll even do feature requests if anyone has some. Want a backup system? I'll make one. Want a better GUI? I'll see what I can do! Just say something.

    MineSwitcher by Charles Broughton is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial 3.0 Unported License.
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    Quote from bigjeep
    can i set to a custom launcher?

    also, easy save and texture pack managing bewtween clients would be cool.
    This is on the TODO for v0.5, being worked on now.

    Anyone? (it would seem that most mod creators and tool creators have to bump their own threads at least four times before they become properly visited (check the guy who made the newest version of Timburr if you don't believe me.))

    Anywho, I've heard reports (or one report, out of the 300+ views to this thread) that this program may not be working on all computers, since the most recent update. I'm debugging that right now, but at least now some people are saying it works. So.. That's one not working, and seven working. Still nowhere near the 300+ views this thread has, but at least enough to know that someone has been helped by me making this :smile.gif:.


    v0.6 has been posted now!

    I've decided to abolish the installer, since it obviously wasn't working well for anyone. And I've finished the options dialog, among other things. Now there shouldn't be any remaining problems, but I won't consider this a "release" version until some more people confirm it working.
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    Regarding the planned features, please check out the MineSwitcher API if you run a server, or know someone who runs a server that could benefit from this!
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    The MineSwitcher API is an API or "Application Programming Interface" inside of MineSwitcher clients that would allow server administrators with client-side content to have their user's clients updated automatically, therefore making ModLoader and ModLoaderMP servers much more appealing for end-users and server administrators alike!

    It's perfectly legal too, you just run the differential patcher on a clean minecraft installation to generate file hashes, then run it again on your modified user client. A binary differential patch will be made and signed with your identification "certificate" and a version number, then (optionally) uploaded to the MineSwitcher database to facilitate the auto-update of end-user clients. No class files or jar files are ever distributed.

    These differential patches act in patching encrypted data, so no whole files are ever even transmitted in the updates. Signing your differential patches allow your end-users to know where they are getting updates from, and who made them. You can optionally include a comment or "description" to the client, and one per version "update" to tell the user what they are updating, and why. This also allows you to create interactive menus to collect user information (if needed) while their clients are being updated and verified.


    Please contact me directly (via PM) if you would like to be an end-user, or a server administrator; and beta test the MineSwitcher API. You can also inquire about specific features in this thread, or just reply to this post in the thread and I will PM you regarding beta testing.


    Differential Patcher: Program that creates or uses differential patches.
    Differential Patch: A set of comparisons between two files or sets of files. It holds a list of "changes" someone would need to make to one, to make it the same as the other.
    File Hashes: The "sum" of a file. This generally is unique per file, and verifies that the file has what is supposed to be in it.
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    Embedded python was making errors for most Windows 7 users (I really need to get some beta testers to avoid this happening in the future...) so I've now (finally) fixed those errors, and moved the storage directory to a user-specific path so the user doesn't need to run MineSwitcher as Administrator for it to save files. Please report bugs so I can fix them, instead of finding them out later from people on TeamSpeak :/
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    Added "Planned Features" section.
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    Quote from Mr_ExCiTe

    picture not found!

    Quote from IEConnection

    No working pics= no clix

    Fixed screenshots URL to http://cbroughton.imgur.com/81D58
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    Wonderfully useful mod, check out my on ModCorner.
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