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    Quote from FireGreeks»

    when I play mini games on pc, I love playing trouble in mineville, splegg, hide and seek and sometimes the walls. The Walls would be a great minigame for console, I also have hope in splegg and hide and seek.... Mojang please add these cool mini games, everyone will love it.


    Don't say everyone will love those mini games, they are fun, but not everyone thinks so. Other people might want spleef or survival games or something.
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    Quote from minceraft2»

    simply put, the mechanical piston is a piston which can push an infinite amount of blocks.

    it is crafted normally, using bedrock instead of stone.

    How would you even get bedrock in survival?!
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    I guess so. . .

    I only say that because after reading other peoples opinions and seeing the pros and cons of this, my opinion changed a little. I was thinking that a tutorial level would be good because some newbies my not want to pause their game to look up how to do something and it would be kinda cool because of the amount of content on the PC versions, there would be something cool to explore and admire the aesthetics. But, there is internet, and you could just be that person that likes discovering things for themselves, but seriously, think about other peoples capabilities! Not everyone has internet!!!

    So, um, SUPPORT! (I guess!)

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    Quote from MuzikBike»

    Actually, Classic had a bunch of interesting wool colours. A while ago, I created a category on the wiki listing all the wool images, and you can see that some of the classic wool blocks have huge differences from their nowadays counterparts.

    I'm probably going to create a suggestion on adding more dyes to have these wool blocks return.

    I looked at and thought; Wow, I love Pink Classic, Aqua Green and Cyan Classic!
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    Quote from Blue_Jerry3»

    It's NETHERwarts thought, that makes a difference.

    And now I wait for Chiseled, Cracked, and Mossy Nether Bricks.

    Mossy Nether Bricks wouldn't make any sense, because wouldn't the moss just burn away?
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    *applauds* This is. . . great amazing!!!!! Here, have some cake you deserve it!!! :cake: by JerenVidsPC :cake: by JerenVidsPC :cake: by JerenVidsPC

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    Dirtdog is back! Also, this is friggin awesome!!!

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    pinhobutter tried to befriend Mobzilla

    pinhobutter tried to ride the ender dragon

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    Oh my god that's awesome!!!

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    Quote from BudderTaco»
    I was on a whitelist server and we had a rule where you had to go on at least twice a week, my uncle died and I didn't play for a week and a half, i got banned. I went to appeal the ban (now I think this is the rudest thing i've ever heard from an admins mouth/chat/post) and i was told "Then blame you uncle for dying, you would've come on if he hadn't I bet"

    "Gasp" Thats mean!!!!!
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