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    Quote from FireGreeks»

    when I play mini games on pc, I love playing trouble in mineville, splegg, hide and seek and sometimes the walls. The Walls would be a great minigame for console, I also have hope in splegg and hide and seek.... Mojang please add these cool mini games, everyone will love it.


    Don't say everyone will love those mini games, they are fun, but not everyone thinks so. Other people might want spleef or survival games or something.
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    posted a message on What to name your Minecraft wolf!!

    I don't really care what I call them that much anymore because of all the wolves in one of my main worlds are just planeswalkers and a few of my friends. . .

    Is there such thing as too many wolves?

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    posted a message on Say the first word that pops into your head after reading the last person's post

    Pokeymon, Gotta Poke 'Em All!

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    posted a message on Naruto skins!
    Quote from xXAdmir360Xx»

    Are you serious skin creators!? Hinata with blue eyes? Just wow!

    And the 4th Hokage is called Minato wtf and not Yondaime!!....

    You do realize that this was four years ago! And, this is necro-ing a thread.

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    posted a message on I made a pixel art for new Pokemon Sun & Moon Mimikyu

    I like it!

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    posted a message on How did the Stray get the name Stray?
    Quote from spomalley»

    Guys i bet this is the reason. You know how they have a decrepit torn up tatters of apparel? Maybe they are supposed to represent marooned souls (hence "stray") who were neglected and "marooned" in their life with no loved ones or family, and now they roam the earth looking for freedom from their predicament. I would guess that the origins of the name come from Asia where Taoist and Shinto believers in Japan believe that their ancestors guide them through their lives. Or it could be from Vietnam where in the Vietnamese War the U.S. created haunting broadcasts of supposed "Tortured souls" to deter the Vietnamese people from joining the war. In all I think the Stray is to represent wandering souls that had lonely lives.

    Well now I feel bad for killing them. . . :regen: by MissNyanolina
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    posted a message on Take Your Time With 1.11
    Quote from shadowdragon25»

    Please, updates like these are better. Even though the modding community has pretty much been permanently damaged since lots of them are still at 1.7.10, at least it is really easy to update to 1.10 for mods from 1.9. Another big rewrite update will just put even more divide between the modding community's version choices.

    Now THAT would be a modders NIGHTMARE!!!
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    posted a message on Alpacas or Llama

    Wool slippers! Totally different! Jk guys!

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    posted a message on Round world.
    Quote from metalbones1»

    You cannot go below bedrock as under bedrock is the center where gravity changes and if you somehow get through the bedrock it will kill you.

    Like spaaace. . . No, seriously, you can see the moon or sun under the bedrock soo the earth IS FLAT! Dun dun dunnn!!!
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    Quote from PEIN_DEVAPATH»

    Hey guys I have an idea for a dimension in minecraft! So the portal would be made by this new obsidian diamond and it's portal shape would be like the nether. The portal with lead you to a big void with white blocks and traps and in the center are four portals

    This area is called the nexus. The portals branch out yume niki style and can give you chests with new weapons and stuff and the dimension also has new mobs and once returning to the overworked could bring those mobs and more. Cool idea right? Also obsidian diamond could have other uses to!

    ??? Idk what you mean bc it's so vague
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    posted a message on Dragon Cave Thread
    Quote from TacoKing3»

    Can anyone help me with when my eggs are getting too many views and I should hide them? I really don't want them to die but I don't know the limit of views.

    Well, I know that this was four days ago, but I'll answer anyways. There's such thing called "egg sickness" and you can tell that your eggs have it if you check their summary and it says that your egg's soft or something like that, but it will say that your egg is soft. It'll die unless you fog your egg.
    Better help
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    posted a message on More Nether Structures

    Hmm, nether warships and maybe some nether lava snakes bursting out of the lava and trying to eat you before you steal their treasures. Nah. . .

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    posted a message on What have you done recently?
    Quote from Pippi6mc»

    I made a minecraft forum account haha

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    posted a message on Take Your Time With 1.11
    Quote from gurujive»

    I'm cool with updating as long as what I'm updating to isn't a piece of trash.

    A good example of trash is 1.10.2. (It crashes on vanilla, unmodded)

    I honestly hope I do not see 1.11 til about 2 years.

    I hope to not see a single mother friggin update til they get minecraft right.

    If they don't fix minecraft its going to turn into a piece of trash that no one plays... Like it is right now.

    You can't even turn down the volume on the music and the music go down...

    even the mentionings of a 1.11 right now disgusts me because 1.10.2 is so terrible

    Maybe it's you
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    posted a message on How Long Have You Been Playing One World For?

    Been playing on a world since actually about the same time as TMC.

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