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    Audra's got the point: She's got a busy life outside her computer, just like all of us. I wouldn't mind if my skin request isn't made after a century :wink.gif:
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    You know the moon you see at night. Its always there. I always wanted to go there. So here's the plan...

    Craft a space shuttle
    :: :stone: ::
    :stone: :RedShroom: :stone:
    :Flint and Steel: :Flint and Steel: :Flint and Steel:

    Iron Block- :stone:
    Redstone- :RedShroom:
    FlintnSteel- :Flint and Steel:

    Then place it on the ground and right click it ONLY AT NIGHT you will start to teleport to the moon (like when you teleport to the nether)
    It will load and all that, and at last, you will be in the moon! You will jump 2x. The moon will be made of some new sort of moon block. And when you dig, sometimes, you will find a moonstone.

    Hope someone makes it :wink.gif:
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