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    posted a message on Heroes Amongst the Dead: Another zombie game, but with a twist!
    Quote from FlyingPig6789

    There can ALWAYS be enough dakka. I begin to spam so much dakka a normal human mind cannot understand it.

    Roll 1: 7
    Roll 2: 9
    Roll 3: 16
    Roll 4: 8
    Roll 5: 19

    "You brought down two with your burst."

    *GM's Notes:

    Quote from engie_ninja

    Burst fire at the approaching horde.

    Roll 1: 18
    Roll 2: 7
    Roll 3: 16

    "You bring down two."

    Quote from secret_scribe1

    I burst as much bullets as possible at the horde.

    Roll 1: 10
    Roll 2: 16
    Roll 3: 10

    "You bring down three."

    Quote from Ampulugator

    nvm, gonna hail them with a bullet storm

    Roll 1: 20
    Roll 2: 2
    Roll 3: 11

    "You manage to bring down two more."

    Pew pew pew like crazy.

    Roll 1: 12
    Roll 2: 17

    "You bring down an additional two."

    You and your allies manage to bring down enough enemies to keep them from advancing, but you can already tell the horde is unstoppable. Nonetheless, you are prepared to fight for every inch of ground between them and the bridge. Suddenly, the Kommandeur yells, "Rig the bridge to explode! We can't let these things chase the refugees escaping the city! Hurry!" Twenty of your allies rush over to the bridge and begin arming it with what explosives the 9th still has.

    UnReds: Too Many

    Range: 200m

    480 Fallschirmjäger
    1 Kommandeur
    1 PzKpfw VI "Tiger"

    20 Fallschirmjäger (explosives)

    Gameguy602: Kar98k Scoped, 3 hand grenades.

    ka_doink1234o0: Kar98k Scoped, 3 hand grenades.

    RagnoRock987654321: Gewehr 43, 3 hand grenades.

    engie_ninja: STG 44, 3 hand grenades.

    FlyingPig6789: MG42, 3 hand grenades.

    Ampulugator: STG 44, 2 hand grenades.

    secret_scribe1: STG 44, 3 hand grenades.
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    The super quick crop growing time. World hunger would be eliminated within a year.
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    posted a message on What You Going To Do Today, Because It's April Fools?
    I'll wait for tomorrow, since it's still the 31st here in the U.S.A.
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    posted a message on Have you dreamed about you are in Minecraft world?
    One very odd dream, that I will not discuss lest I scar the younger forumers.
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    posted a message on Types of bad server staff that we wish would go away
    The "Bandit" Admin:
    That admin that will demand you give him your diamonds, armour, etc. Not complying to his demands often results in being stabbed, shot, or potioned to death by the god mode jerk. It also isn't uncommon for him to ban you after he kills/robs you.

    He does this only to feel the accomplishment of being a "Tough Guy", "Highwayman", or a "Bandit". You can try and appeal to the owner of the server, but if an admin is acting this way the owner most likely doesn't care or is a "Bandit" himself.

    The only way to deal with these guys is to destroy everything of value before quitting the server, as this is an act of defiance which is very much a spit in the face since they expect you to bow to their demands.

    Sorry for the wall of text.
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    Quote from OpelSpeedster

    Though this'd be better on General Off-Topic or General Gaming than Forum Games.
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    posted a message on What class is the avatar above you?
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    posted a message on What Do You Like About The User Above You?
    Such avatar.


    Very Usernames.

    Much Location.

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    posted a message on what superpower would you want ?
    The power to fill things. Seriously, think about it. You can fill:

    1) Your empty bank account.
    2) Your glass with your preferred drink.
    3) Your plate with delicious food.
    4) Your lonely life with someone who cares.
    5) Your enemy's cranial cavities with your choice of deadly acid/poison.

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    posted a message on What class is the avatar above you?
    Anything he wants.

    (It would be difficult to see clearly, and I feel bad for dreadnoughts. They will never feel anything except for their cold metal prison, and they're always a high priority target on the battlefield.)
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