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    posted a message on Whats disturbing about the above profile pic?
    The unnecessary chain length.
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    posted a message on What would you do to the above poster's avatar?
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    posted a message on Dragon Cave Thread
    Quote from Gameguy602

    So uh, my vampire just successfully turned an egg and I managed to not drop it. So if anyone needs one, let me know if you're interested and we can work out a trade. If you've got a paper or cheese egg that'd be perfect. Or even a male daydream hatchling.

    No offense, but a vampire dragon is not worth a paper/cheese dragon. Even the daydream is iffy IMO.
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    posted a message on Create-a-challenge!
    A curious concept. I'll be interested by what comes from it.
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    posted a message on Dragon Cave Thread
    My newest description. Feel free to rate.
    Althea the Despoiler

    Althea the Despoiler is the mate of Mortem the Devastator. While Mortem excels in ambushing his foes en route, Althea is much more direct than her mate. While her foes are away, she will strike their home with the fury of a thousand firestorms. She cares little, if at all, for the lives of the innocent, due to being so focused on destroying everything her enemies have. While her mate may destroy an army, Althea takes great pleasure knowing they will come home broken men, only to find everything they've ever known and loved to be little more than piles of ashes. Many of her fellow dragons do not approve of her tactics, few will argue against her when she says she is guaranteeing that they will never need to fear retribution from their foes again. While her mate Mortem carries a reputation as an army slayer, Althea carries the reputation of a despoiler of their homesteads. Which of the two is more ruthless is a common debate in the cities protected by this deadly duo.
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    posted a message on Destroy the Godmodder 2: Operator!
    Quote from TwinBuilder

    Do you have any stats for him? If not, I will default to my own. He appears nonetheless.

    Hmm, I thought I posted stats.

    His health is nice as it stands.

    He has Heroes Titanite Armor, so he should have strong protection from physical attacks, and solid protection from elemental attacks.

    He wields the Corrupt Greatsword of Artorias as well as the Corrupt Greatshield of Artorias.

    His special abilities consisted of:
    Leaving a trail of corruption where he walks/runs that poisons his foes,
    He can preform a leaping flip where he impales his target into the ground,
    He does a sweeping 720 degree attack with his sword,
    He has Will of Titanite, reinforced by his recent release from Manus,
    At 3/4, 1/2, and 1/4 health his power multiplies by X, with X being however gracious you are.

    Change what you deem fit.
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    posted a message on Destroy the Godmodder 2: Operator!
    After long last!

    Artorias, the Abyss Walker

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    posted a message on Seed at War [PvP] (Work in Progress)
    This is intended of the PC version, and I placed it in the wrong forum. If a moderator could move this to the PC version, I would appreciate it greatly.

    War never changes.
    But men do, through the roads they walk."

    Welcome to Seed at War!

    This is a PvP map that I am currently in the process of constructing that takes heavy emphasis from WWII. At the moment, the map consists of only a beach landing, but I will expand upon it in due time, giving it more play areas.

    The Cave Miner's Federation (CMF) has been expanding its borders by annihilating their neighbors and seizing their lands. In response to a very powerful nation being crushed by the CMF, the United Crafters Chunks (UCC) warned the CMF to avoid their colony on the newest border of the CMF. Ignoring the UCC, the CMF quickly seized the land and built heavy defenses in it. The UCC, outraged by this, declared war and launched a massive attack on the CMF. This is where you come into this story.

    While everyone can play any way they want, these rules are recommended.

    1) No placing or breaking block unless told otherwise.
    2) No intentional team killing.
    3) No arguing with the game master/referee.

    Each side has a specific task they must accomplish in order to claim victory. Neither side has respawns, but are instead measured in waves. If the UCC loses, they lose a respawn wave. If the CMF loses, they are pushed back to the next area. If the UCC runs out of respawn waves, the CMF wins. If the CMF lose their final area, the UCC claims victory. Each location may have special restraints or permissions, changing how a team plans their strategy.

    Beach Landing:
    In order to be able to launch an attack to reclaim their colony, the UCC must destroy an onshore artillery bunker known as the "Ender Hammer". Unfortunately, the UCC underestimated the Ender Hammer, and only a single landing craft made it to the beach. The UCC must fight into the bunker, place a signal for their off-shore artillery (pressure plate), and destroy the Ender Hammer. The CMF must kill all the UCC in order to prevent a beach head for the invasion of the UCC.

    UCC: Place a pressure plate to destroy the Ender Hammer. May use shears to destroy cobwebs. May place ladders on the bunker.
    CMF: Kill all UCC players. No special permissions given.

    UCC: Leather armour (Green), Iron sword, Bow, 64 Arrows, 20 Ladders, 1 Pressure Plate, 1 Shears.
    CMF: Leather armour (Black), Iron sword, Bow, 64 Arrows


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    posted a message on What's your best Minecraft story?
    I downloaded the SCP mod.

    I had nightmares...
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    posted a message on Dragon Cave Thread
    Interesting. I will keep my eye on it.
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    posted a message on Dragon Cave Thread
    Quote from weep:3

    we both have no life. and its awesome

    No life is best life.
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    posted a message on Werewolfs in Vanilla Minecraft
    Quote from tommy3244

    Did you think it was a mod?

    For a moment, I thought you were suggesting that Werewolves should be added to vanilla Minecraft.
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    posted a message on Things to put in a Village
    Quote from Robert-Frans

    Portraits and or statues of yourself everywhere
    Your own self composed flag waving everywhere
    Telescreens and or cameras on every corner and in every room
    Signs with propaganda about your greatness in and on every building and room
    A huge parade square where they can and will honour you with parades
    Secret borstals and prisons underground with "interrogation rooms"
    A mental institution for those who just can't see your greatness
    Room 101 of course
    A square for public executions or "purifications"
    Noteblocks that play the self composed Song of the Great Player every day
    A grand palace where you live and rule, with a view over the village
    Heavily protection against zombies, dangers and escaping betrayers
    Huge blocks of flats with the same appartments for everyone
    Offices for the secret services and the iron thought police
    Some ridiculous expensive status buildings with absolutely no use
    A system to cure zombie villagers and to capture new villagers, so that they can be "liberated"

    Nice 1984 reference.

    Of course, you forgot a square for the yearly executions of your POW's.
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    posted a message on Werewolfs in Vanilla Minecraft
    Edit: Correction, I misread what you posted.

    As is, please provide pictures. People are cautious about downloading anything without visual proof.
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