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    Maybe some of the glass should be broken on the windows of the abandoned villages to add to the spooky theme.
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    posted a message on [RPG/ADV/CREATION] **Revenge Of The Dragon Egg** [100000+ Downloads!] [15 Months/1000+ Hours Work]
    I've been playing for a while, and it's really fun. It's really long though :D

    EDIT: I don't know if I'm missing something or being stupid, but why did you repost the map in a new topic?
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    posted a message on SeaHorse Isle 8,000+ downloads in 1 week [Top on reddit & PMC] Cinematic + World DL
    It looks very nice!
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    posted a message on Minecraft Monday Show - Let's Play Killers & Great Downloads!
    Quote from TRKillShot

    Another Minecraft Monday Show? This benefits the community how?

    We get that you don't like Minecraft Monday Show.
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    posted a message on [1.5.2] Sky islands 0.5 (10K+ downloads!)
    Sounds cool, but I doubt you have 10,000 downloads with only 25 views.
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    posted a message on Scary Endermen with new attack system, confined to the End after Enderdragon is killed
    These are my ideas about Endermen.
    The main parts are made bold.

    After you kill the Enderdragon, the Endermen no longer spawn in the overworld. You can still find them in the end (a lot of them) but not in the overworld. And I know its not a very good idea, but I think there should be something that happens after you kill the Enderdragon other than getting a useless Ender Egg.

    Also, when Notch made Endermen, they were supposed to be scary mobs. Well, they aren't really scary, so here are some suggestions to make them a little scary.

    -A larger player detection range:
    If I run away after seeing an Enderman, most of the time when I look back, it isn't even following me, because its player detection range isn't big enough.

    -Endermen can see through windows:
    Imagine that you are safe at home at night, and try to go to sleep, but your bed says "You cannot sleep, as there are monsters nearby." You look up at the window, ready to shoot down the mob out there, when you see an Enderman looking at you. Imagine how scared you would be when it disappears, and you notice that your ceiling is more than 3 blocks high.

    -A new attack system:
    This is something that koopachris pointed out to me:
    Quote from koopachris

    A "scary" monster that doesen't even acknowledge
    your existance until you're pointing at it, and then just stands there until you look away?

    He's right, thats not very scary. But instead of making them automatically attack you, we can make them "attack" in a different way, making them more scary.
    With their larger player detection range (stated earlier) they can detect you from far away, and will slowly teleport towards you and stalk you. And they slowly get closer... and closer... and closer... However, they will not attack until you look at them. So they could be following you for a while, and you wouldn't know. And lets say you were putting something in a chest some day, and you hear something outside. You look up, and through the window you see an Enderman (they could look through windows) and it disappears all of a sudden, and then its right in front of you and attacks. Or imagine the same thing happening while you were mining some ores. You hear a noise, turn around, and get attacked. I think this new "attack" system would be a lot more scary.

    Just some suggestions :)

    This is my old idea of buffing Endermen. It is no longer part of the suggestion, but you are welcome to read it.
    Also, another separate idea is buffing Endermen and making them more scary. With only 40 health (20 hearts) Endermen are not much of a challenge. Whenever I see one, I just grab my sword and get rid of it. I think they should be given 40 hearts, and have a larger player detection range. If I run away after seeing an Enderman, most of the time when I look back, it isn't even following me. Also, it isn't scary like its supposed to be because it teleports too fast. It should teleport slower, and not immediately attack, but wait until you aren't moving/running, so it will be terrifying when it randomly teleports in your face after you have forgotten about it. But to make up for these buffs, the spawn rates could be lowered.
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    It's already relatively easy to do this with MCEdit filters. It doesn't really need to be implemented.
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    posted a message on [1.5] **Revenge Of The Dragon Egg** [RPG ADV/CREATION] [2000+ Downloads] [1000+ Hours Work]
    Come on... This map deserves more recognition!
    But 1000 hours ?!?!?!?
    That's a lot.

    BTW How did you place all those stars. Not by hand, hopefully. :o
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