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    Doesn't matter. You know me. :biggrin.gif:
    In Game Name:
    Where you heard of this server:
    Personal notice from you! :smile.gif:
    Current Clan[s]:
    Why you wish to join the server:
    For PAoW.
    Need I say more? I miss it so much. I hope that here I can have some more fun times of the same caliber.
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    Okay then,

    1. We can't be Bukkit and IC, which would mean we would have to get rid of IC.

    2. That would defeat the purpose of the server. It was made as an IC server, and removing IC would destroy it.

    3. Most people would leave since they came here for IC.

    4. We don't do stuff based on one person's wants. :sleep.gif:
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    Quote from dempere02

    Version: 7.04 Server Status: ONLINE

    IndustrialCraft Mod minecaste.dyndns.org:37000

    IP: minecaste.dyndns.org:37000

    NOTICE: The whitelist will be updated every 5 hours, so wait at least that time until reposting for whitelist. The server doesnt need 100 people trying to log in, so please refrain from that if you're not in the whitelist. After at least 5 hours, you may repost. I suggest waiting 12-24 hours before reposting, as a mod will likely have been on by then to check this thread.

    NOTICE: We switched the server to port 37000, change it when you enter the IP next time

    Welcome to Industrialburg! IndustrialBurg is a free to play IndustrialCraft server
    where you can share your IC experience with other users online.

    We'll be running a whitelist from now on, to be on it make sure you post down
    below in the comments section.

    Our server is hosted on a powerful 80mbps down/30mbps up bandwith that
    allows for lagless play up to 30 players, if you are lagging it may be because
    you're too far away from the server. The server is located in Germany.

    * * *


    1. Do not grief.
    2. The chat is not to be spammed, so please behave.
    3. There are few ops, please dont spam them with "what do" "how do I IC" or the likes.
    We will try to help you as much as we can, but we're human too.
    Admin list:
    Mod list:
    4. No racism, swearing etc.
    5. Do not use hacks/flymods. Admins use this to help other people or reach destinations faster so we can
    help you, dont complain about it.
    6. Lava "art" is not welcome, dont roll a lava bucket down a mountain or make lava towers.

    Violation of any rule will most likely result in a PERMA ban.

    * * *

    How to Join:

    1. Obtain a fresh copy of your minecraft.jar
    2. Install Risugami's ModLoader
    3. Install SDK's ModLoaderMP (the Client Version) (Currently updated by Flan)
    4. Install Alblaka's IndustrialCraft
    5. Make sure you drop your IndustrialCraftConfig.txt into your .minecraft folder and enable "mineableores"
    6. Join our server at minecaste.no-ip.org:37000
    7. If you're up for the challenge, join our IC+Planes v9 at minecaste.no-ip.org:39000

    * * *

    We are currently looking to expand our moderating team. Exceptional players may be offered positions on a trial basis.

    * * *

    Support this server! place this small and classy banner on your signature!

    * * *

    Running a minecraft server can be expensive and time consuming. So, donations are ALWAYS welcome and donators will receive some benefits.
    Click the button to donate:

    We dont care about amount. Even a donation of 1 or 5 dollars will greatly help us!

    Here is an updated OP Demp. :wink.gif:

    Also, check out MPUtils in Flan's thread. I think it would be useful for us OP's. :wink.gif:
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