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    Yeah, sorry about that. I spend almost an entire week create the models for a single block or entity and then programming actual animations for each takes much more time. I am a single modder since no one else I know actually creates this much complex stuff or is willing to help me create the models.

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    The mod will hopefully have all it's implemented features by the end of this year. So far I'm on track to release the new update. I've spent a lot of time on it.

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    Super Mario Brothers

    Hello everybody, welcome to Super Mario Brothers! I was inspired to create this mod after Jimboom7, the creator of the Super Mario Mod for 1.7.10, stopped updating his mod. As of right now, it is for versions 1.11-1.12.2. I hope you enjoy the world of Super Mario Brothers!

    All items can be accessed by the /smb command by doing '/smb NAME AMOUNT METADATA

    This mod is in pre-alpha stages. If there is any bugs in gameplay, please let me know immediately.


    From left to right: Question Block, Used Block, Tree Trunk, Brick Block, Castle Blocks, Flag Pole, Decoration Block, Pipe Blocks, Hill Blocks, Bush Blocks, Cloud Blocks, Sky, Darkness, Ground/Underground Blocks, Underground Brick Block

    Question Block: A block when hit underneath will send out a mushroom or fire flower depending on the level of the character. If editor mode is active, you can right click the block to hold an item and it will release it upon the player hitting the block from underneath. There is also a hidden version that has not been fully implemented yet.

    Used Block: A block that results in a question block being used or a brick block releasing a coin.

    Tree Trunk: An aesthetic block used to hold up the platforms on tree levels such as World 1-3.

    Tree Leaves: A set of three blocks that create the leaves of the tree trunk block.

    Brick Block/Underground Brick Block: A block that can either be broken from underneath or drop a coin. If editor mode is active, you can right click the block to hold an item and it will release it upon the player hitting the block from underneath. You could also right click it with an empty hand to set the block to break on hit.

    Castle Blocks: A set of 8 blocks that create the castle at the end of a level.

    Flag Pole: The way to end a level of the game.

    Decoration Block: An aesthetic platforming block.

    Warp Pipe Blocks: A set of 3 blocks that create a pipe used for spewing out items, enemies, or teleportation purposes. To set the teleportation location, see Wrench located in Items. You could also right click the pipe to set it's teleportation location using the new GUI. If a teleportation location is not set, you will not be able to enter the warp pipe on shift.

    Hill Blocks: A set of 6 blocks that create a hill in the background.

    Bush Blocks: A set of 3 blocks that create a bush in the background.

    Cloud Blocks: A set of 6 blocks that create a cloud in the background.

    Sky/Darkness: A block used as the background of a level.

    Ground/Underground Block: A block used as the floor of the level.

    Beanstalk: A set of two blocks that the player can climb up by running into it.


    All item textures in the frame are reversed.

    From left to right: Coin, Hill, Cloud, Flag, Mushroom, Fire Flower, Records (Overworld, Underworld, Underwater)

    New Items: Bush, Warp Pipe, Castle, Record (Castle)

    Coin: An item that gives points to the player that usually found in question blocks and brick blocks.

    Hill: An item that spawns a hill (shift right-click to change from big to small).

    Cloud: An item that spawns a cloud (shift right-click to change the length).

    Bush: An item that spawns a bush (shift right-click to change the length).

    Castle: An item that spawns the end level castle (shift right-click to change the size).

    Warp Pipe: An item that spawns in a warp pipe (shift right-click to change the height).

    Flag: An item that spawns int the flag pole.

    Mushroom: An item that allows the player to level up.

    1-Up Mushroom: An item that allows the player to gain an extra life.

    Fire Flower: An item that allows the player to level up and shoot fire balls.

    Records: A set of items that play piano music of the songs in Super Mario Brothers. The ones currently in the game are the Overworld theme, the Underground theme, the Underwater theme, the Castle theme, and the Mushroom FX.

    Wrench: A developer tool used to set the teleportation location of the warp pipe. To use, right-click a block to store the coordinates of the teleportation location. Then duplicate the item so you have four of them. Finally right-click the bottom four blocks of the warp pipe each with one of the wrenches. Note: You will spawn in the middle of four blocks. You have to clear out the four block area if you want to teleport to that location. Otherwise, you'll end up back inside the pipe.

    Stylus: A developer tool that allows the player to go into editor mode. When in editor mode, the player will get all the information of the blocks and items present in this mod. The player will also be able to set the location of warp pipes and fill ? Blocks/Brick Blocks. If disabled, the player will not be able to edit anything until enabled once again.


    Mushroom: An entity that spawns in and moves left to right before it falls off the map or despawns. When touched, it will allow the player to level up. It comes out of question blocks. As of right now, the Mushroom heals the player 5 full hearts.

    1-Up Mushroom: Similar to the mushroom, it moves left to right before falling off the map or despawning. When touched, it will allow the player to gain one extra life. It comes out of question blocks. As of right now, the 1-Up Mushroom heals the player 10 full hearts.

    Goomba: With similar movement to that of the mushrooms, the Goomba will automatically kill the player when run into. If the player manages to land on the very top of the collision box, the Goomba will be automatically killed, and the player will bounce off it.

    Fire Flower: A flower found in ? Blocks and Brick Blocks. When collected, it will give the player the Fire Flower item which will allow the player to shoot fireballs when implemented.

    Creative Tabs:

    Main Menu:

    As of right now, the main menu is hidden from the actual game. It can be accessed through the use of holding down the S key before the screen transitions to the original main menu screen. I plan to implement the full feature once I create a background and title for the menu.

    Features to Implement and Add:

    Implement working code for Flag Pole

    Create the rest of the blocks in the game

    Create a custom dimension where you can play the game in Minecraft

    Finish the Main Menu screen

    Fix the AI coding for the Mushroom

    Fix Hidden ? Block

    Add in all the music

    Add in all the entities

    Make the coin block like the barrier

    Anything else that I'm missing? Leave a comment about it.

    Download the Mod:

    Older Versions:


    Version Pre-Alpha:

    Added 1-Up Mushroom item and Stylus

    Added Goomba

    Added Hidden ? Block

    Added Mushroom Collection FX

    Added Tree Leaves and Beanstalks

    Creative Tab now has items

    Custom /smb command to get items

    Fire Flower got a 3D Model Update

    Mushrooms and 1-Up Mushrooms can now heal the player on collection

    Question Blocks and Brick Blocks can now hold items and drop them

    Warp Pipe got a gui and fixed collision when no warp point is set

    Version April Fools 2018:

    Version 0.0.2 Pre-Alpha:

    Added Bush, Warp Pipe, and Castle spawning items

    Added Castle Theme

    Added Pipe Teleportation using a wrench

    Added 1-Up Mushroom

    Changed brick block variants to metadata values

    Fixed some custom block collision

    Rotated all blocks from z-axis to x-axis

    Upgraded and reverted to versions 1.9.4, 1.10.2, 1.11.2, 1.12, and 1.12.2

    World -1 makes an appearance somehow



    Coin - itemcoin (0-1 metadata)

    Hill - itemhill

    Cloud - itemcloud

    Flag - itemflag

    Bush - itembush

    Castle - itemcastle

    Warp Pipe - itemwarppipe

    Mushroom - itemmushroom

    1-Up Mushroom - item1upshroom

    Fire Flower - itemfireflower

    Wrench - itemwrench

    Stylus - itemstylus

    Overworld Theme Record - itemsmboverworldrecord

    Underground Theme Record - itemsmbundergroundrecord

    Underwater Theme Record - itemsmbunderwaterrecord

    Castle Theme Record - itemsmbcastlerecord

    Mushroom FX Record - itemsmbmushroomrecord


    Coin - blockcoin (0-1 metadata)

    Question Block - blockquestionblock (0-1 metadata)

    Used Block - blockusedblock

    Brick Block - blockbrickblock (0-1 metadata)

    Ground Block - blockgroundblock

    Underground Block - blockundergroundblock

    Sky/Darkness - blockbackground (0-1 metadata)

    Cloud - blockcloud (0-5 metadata)

    Bush - blockbush (0-2 metadata)

    Hill - blockhill (0-5 metadata)

    Flag Pole - blockflagpole

    Flag - blockflag

    1Up Flag - blockflag1up

    Castle Arch - blockcastlearch

    Left Castle Window - blockcastlewindowl

    Right Castle Window - blockcastlewindowr

    Left Castle Wall - blockcastlewalll

    Middle Castle Wall - blockcastlewallm

    Right Castle Wall - blockcastlewallr

    Decoration Block - blockdecorationblock

    Warp Pipe Base - blockwarppipebase

    Warp Pipe Center - blockwarppipecenter

    Warp Pipe Top - blockwarppipetop

    Tree Trunk - blocktreetrunk

    Tree Leaves - blocktreeleaves (0-2 metadata)

    Beanstalk - blockbeanstalk (0-1 metadata)

    In The Next Update...

    I think this is being re-branded to get away from copyright. But to what....?

    I think there's something wrong with the player...they're shrinking...and turning red?

    The mod is getting completely remade...again to support usage to create levels using the blocks.

    I think this is gonna be updated to 1.13+ sometime during Christmas...maybe...

    This mod can be used in modpacks. If the mod is modified in any way, you are not allowed to distribute it and only allowed to be used privately. Thank you.

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    I really like this mod, I want to see the advanced features please.

    IGN: ChampionAsh5357
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