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    posted a message on SMP Looking for New Members for Season Two!

    Skype name: I, too, will tell over PM if accepted.

    In-game name: bellhound

    Age: 14

    Location/Time Zone: Nebraska, Central

    How active you expect to be: At least 2 hours a day if I enjoy the server.

    Number 1-5: Well, uhhh, that's a tough choice. I might have to go with.... 4, duh. I can read.

    I'm surprised there wasn't an essay question. That's what usually separates the little kids from the people who type with more than 2 fingers. I also request to be told if I was rejected so I can know to move on.

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    posted a message on hermit craft like server

    Age: I am 13, hoping to be an exception to your rule.

    IGN (In game name): bellhound

    Why you want to join: Well, apart from the fact that I am in need of some friends to talk to while wasting my summer away, the server I previously played on closed down, without a word from the owner. I enjoy the company of people while playing.

    How much will you play?(we want devoted players): My playtime may vary. I do believe that my family is taking a short trip, so I won't be able to play from Tuesday to Friday-ish. I usually play 2-3 hours a day. Sometimes more.

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    posted a message on Villager Survival! A new Custom Map for 0.9.0 and above!
    I think A logo would be cool.
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    posted a message on Villager Survival! A new Custom Map for 0.9.0 and above!
    So what if it was easy, it's still fun. Cops and Robbers by Squid was just a port he did in 5 mins, yet it still has 56,000 views.

    The maps great, I'm having loads of fun just screwing with the villagers.
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    posted a message on GamingNorge ~ 2-3 GB Ram, DDOS Protection, FTP, MultiCraft, Less than 11$ pr month, 1 Gbps network connection, 24/7 Support, Fre
    Well I'm not a hosting company or associated in any way with one, but I was researching last night and found something that might suit your needs. DemonVPS offers 2 GB of dedicated RAM for $7.98. Click that and you can search a bit more in-depth. But that's is what I found.

    I have not used these guys yet, but I am going to try them out soon.
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    posted a message on [VANILLA][WHITELIST][1.7.2] CnewCraft!
    The server is now back up, using 1.7.2
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    posted a message on White-Listed Vanilla Sever [1.7.9] cyberstation

    Age:12, I realize I'm young. But I'm very mature and intelligent.

    Timezone:Central Time Zone

    Country:United States

    How often do you play?:I play 2-3 sessions a day, each lasting about an hour.

    When did you start playing?:The adventure update.

    How did you discover Minecraft? My brother showed me.

    About your personal life:I currently have no official job, although I babysit occasionally for my neighbors.

    Your Minecraft playing style: I am sorry, but I am terrible when it comes to big structures. Although I know many Minecraft mechanics. I am decent at redstone, great at making automatic farms, and have a special way to kill the wither so you don't take any damage.

    Greatest Minecraft achievements:Well, building BrenyBeast's castle was a cool achievement when I first started. Other than that, I'd say my modified one-click farm was a pretty nifty achievement.

    Why would you like be considered?:Well, I love Vanilla servers, and my old one went down as the owner overheated and completely fried the wiring in his computer. I know many mechanics of the game which would make life easier for members, along with my general experience.

    Anything else you'd like to add?:I'd just like to say I enjoy being around people who are mature, as I am quite mature and intelligent myself, I tend to fit in with people who are usually older than me. But when I'm around people my own age, a joking side of me tends to show. So no matter what the maturity level/age group, I always tend to fit in.
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    posted a message on Starting a new Minecraft Vanilla Server! [Whitelist] [1.7.2]
    IGN: Bellhound


    Why would you like to join? I Love the true form of Minecraft, without any fancy commands or mechanics added in.

    Skype or Steam: I am sorry, I have neither.

    Skills in MC: Well, decent at redstone, great at PvP, building, I don't count mining as a skill as it's not that hard. I am great at making huge and automatic farms as well.

    Any other information:I realize the age limit is 14, although I am very mature. I am sure many servers with age limits hear that but I disagree with judging upon age. I saw that you needed more applicants and decided to at least give it a shot. Even if I am denied, at least I tried and hopefully was considered. And besides, I know an easy way to kill the enderdragon.
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    posted a message on Small whitelisted survival server.
    You can go ahead and un-whitelist me. I was looking for a purely vanilla server, while this has 5 pages of commands to use.
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    posted a message on Small whitelisted survival server.
    Age: 12, although very mature and intelligent. If you base your ruling upon my age, the server most likely isn't for me anyways.

    What do you like building/doing in Minecraft? I love making giant automated farms, and automatic doors.

    Which of these tool(s) are in Minecraft? Mace, Rubber sword and Wooden hoe. Wooden hoe.

    Your IGN:Bellhound

    How long have you been playing Minecraft? I've played since the adventure update, but took a break and came back about a year ago and have been playing since.
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    posted a message on [VANILLA][WHITELIST][1.7.2] CnewCraft!
    The server is currently down, I will keep everyone updated as to if and when it will come back up.
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    posted a message on [VANILLA][WHITELIST][1.7.2] CnewCraft!
    All applications after this point are being held until further notice.

    And as for YellowReaper, I messaged you as to the reasoning behind our ruling.
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    posted a message on [VANILLA][WHITELIST][1.7.2] CnewCraft!
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    posted a message on [VANILLA][WHITELIST][1.7.2] CnewCraft!
    This is a new server owned and run by EveeWazHERE. It is brand new with 5 members that have been accepted so far, including me. It bis whitelisted, and it has Bukkit but no plugins. KeepInventory has been turned on while people are getting started, we thought that would decrease the number of rage quits. :P PVP is turned off, and we are currently building a spawn. We strive to be friendly to all newcomers and make this a great community, and to do that we need more members! We do not require a certain age as we base whether we accept on maturity. This server is not perfect by any means, we just want to have fun and talk.
    No hacked/modded clients!
    No griefing or stealing of any kind!
    Please don't ask for OP or items.
    No special rules for chat, talk as you would with anyone else.
    We just ask that you aren't immature.
    New rules will be added as needed.
    Make sure your answers are not in bold.
    How long have you played Minecraft:
    How much time can you spend daily on this server:
    Why do you want to join:
    Rate your skill level in each of these categories:
    :DPA: Mining :DPA:
    :Pig: Hunting :Pig:
    :DHOE: Farming :DHOE:
    :tnt: Redstone :tnt:
    :mossystone: Building :mossystone:
    Rate your maturity level: -/10
    If you are accepted we will PM you, if you aren't we will still tell you. Just wait for a message.
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    posted a message on [14w21b] FroiseMC 2.0 - Vanilla Snapshot Whitelisted Server [16+] - Mindcrack Style
    1. What is your In-Game name?

    2. How old are you?
    I am 12.

    3. How mature are you?
    (0 = immature, 10 = very mature)
    8, if you count the occasional joke as immature.

    4. How many hours per week can you dedicate to this server? Per week?
    Oh, I'd say about 10 1/2 hours.

    5. How long have you been playing Minecraft?
    1.5.2, I am relatively new to Minecraft, but I have learned quite a lot. I am experienced at redstone and know many Minecraft mechanics.

    6. Are you good at building?
    I can't really visualize a build well enough to be able to build. I usually watch a video and copy buildings.

    If so, add some pictures of what you have built before.

    7. Would you be able to make a *voluntary* tip ($1 — $2 via PayPal) to the
    server at the end of each month (Starting in June) to help cover server costs?
    I am sorry, but I don't donate. I sort of expect vanilla servers to be able to fund without donations, since you can't add perks.

    8. Would you be willing to use Mumble/Skype occasionally?
    I don't have either, and don't plan to get either. I am sorry but I find those programs unnecessary. Additionally, I don't have a mic. So I would be unable to talk.

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