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    posted a message on "Installation directory must be on a local hard drive."

    I can't install Minecraft Launcher on Windows.

    When I run the Setup and choose any location in my hard drive (even C:\ ), the following message appears:

    "Instalation directory must be on a local hard drive."

    What should I try?

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    posted a message on More Paintings

    It would be nice to have more paintings. We should have at least one for each biome/dimension, depicting local fauna and flora.

    It's a harmless addition that should be relatively easy to implement.

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    posted a message on Plutonium- the end ore to end all ores

    The idea of an End ore is really cool and I can totally get behind your motivation for its suggestion, but I disagree with how this suggestion was approached. As others already stated, plutonium would actually be rather underpowered as suggested, but instead of dwelling on criticisms that have already been made, I'll try to give my own perspective on what I figure an End-game ore (ambiguity intended) could do.

    Firstly, I don't really like the idea that rare non-renewable ores should be used for mundane ephemeral uses, so I'm disregarding uses as fuel sources right off the bat. Secondly, I think we can take inspiration from End-like mechanics such as floating/flying (shulkers, elytras, the dragon, etc) and lingering effects (mostly dragon's breath). These mechanics can provide inspiration for very creative and unique uses for such an ore. Without any further ado, here are some ideas for plutonium uses:

    1. Novel lighting;

    Since this new ore takes inspiration from a radioactive element, why not embrace the idea literally and make the plutonium block* a light source that can actually illuminate through solid blocks? It could have moderate luminance and/or only activate this effect by redstone powering. This alone would have many uses for adventure settings, buildings, and ambiance in general.

    2. Enhanced slime;

    Taking inspiration both from the "power" aspect of plutonium ore and floating (and lingering maybe?) mechanics, a very natural idea would be a potent slime block** which would differ from regular slime blocks in exactly two ways: it would have some tiny luminance for consistency (~3?) and would bounce entities/players with 100% efficiency (up to some velocity cap, such as that required for players to go 256 blocks upwards).

    3. Levitating I;

    Another fun/useful use for plutonium could be for floating in mid air in a similar way to underwater bubble mechanics, but not quite the same. The way I envision it, a new activated soulsand*** block could provide a limited floating effect when redstone powered. Limited both time-wise (would last just a couple of seconds) and height-wise (would only affect up to a handful of blocks right above it). This would be extremely useful for automatic elevators, games, pranks and so on, but on the whole, given its limitations, not too overpowered. And yes, it could have some tiny luminance as well (again, for consistency).

    4. Levitating II;

    Okay, now this is an ephemeral use, but hopefully not mundane. How about if plutonium could be used as an enchantment material that when applied to tools would make mobs/items shortly levitate? The way I envision it, unenchanted tools/weapons would be enchanteable in crafting tables for up to a limited amount of charges, and when items are obtained from or entities are struck by them, they would be yielded a little levitation effect, smaller than that from shulkers. This could allow for very interesting combat dynamics, specially for PvP, and I don't think this would be overpowered since weapons with levitation effect wouldn't be able to have any other effect (to balance things out, maybe the effect is even smaller for PvP combat).

    Disclaimer: I'm not sure if all or any of the above suggestions are actually good. I mean, I like them, otherwise I wouldn't have suggested, but admittedly, I haven't really thought them through. I just brainstormed for a little bit on what interesting properties could some plutonium/End based ore have, and developed them a bit further.

    Another disclaimer: please be patient with eventual grammar and general language mistakes (and point them out politely), as English is not my first language.

    * Obtained from crafting 9 plutonium ores;
    ** Obtained from 8 slime surrounding a plutonium ore;
    *** Obtained from soulsand with 3 plutonium ores (one on each side, one on top).

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    posted a message on New enchant for bows

    I could be on board with level based quickdraw enchantments if some small amount of experience had to be spent for each shot.

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    posted a message on Colored Wooden Chests

    That would be so helpful for sorting items!

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    posted a message on A mod that would make everything renewable

    It is the wrong forum.

    Also many of these recipes make no sense at all, the worst one being bucket of water in a furnace turning into lava.

    Also also: there are already recipes for granite, diorite and andesite.

    Also also also: why would you even need recipes for netherrack, dirt, and sand, given they are extremely common in extremely common biomes?

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    posted a message on Things that needs to be Added (Helpful) {Items, Mobs, Enchantment, etc}

    Hello there. I'm sorry your first response gets to be a negative one, but I disagree with every single one of those suggestions.

    Silverfish have absolutely no "realistic", nor gameplay reason for dropping iron.

    Items dropped in large quantities, such as mob drops, shouldn't have a single use (such as one potion recipe). And in more pragmatic terms, poison in Minecraft does not last long enough for a "poison resistance potion" to be preferable to a regular health potion.


    I'm not going to go on why I disagree with everything, but to be fair, people are advised to post single suggestions on each thread. It makes the presentation clearer and enables better, more in-depth engagement in the comments. Perhaps you could take one of those suggestions and develop it further in a thread of its own.

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    posted a message on Killer Bunny is the Natural "fur type" of the Nether

    This is a fun idea that apparently wouldn't have much impact in other aspects of the game.

    It has my support.

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    posted a message on A couple things I’ve really been wanting

    Glass doors/Trapdoors: Not really keen on them. It makes sense for players to craft more elaborate things with wood and more rudimentary things with glass in Minecraft. It would be nice, however, to have oak* and iron doors have their currently open spaces replaced with (coloured) glass in a recipe that used (coloured) glass panels.

    *Not jungle, nor acacia.

    Concrete slabs: This is actually a good idea. There is an interesting way this could be done, as proposed by StormDragon1969 in this recent thread by Dizzeebizzle.

    Furniture: I'm not keen on it either, but I could see it done if it fulfilled some gameplay purpose. For instance, ovens that can cook (only) food items more efficiently or faster than regular furnaces (this is not something I want, just an example on how furniture could have gameplay purposes). I guess windows would be fine as well.

    More nature stuff: yes, definitely. Minecraft could really use some improvement on its ambience. More animals and plants (and while at it, more biomes and better biome transitions) would really help with that.

    More food variety: well, while I agree with you because I think this would make the game more immersive, I don't necessarily agree with the examples provided. Soda does not fit Minecraft theme at all. I do, however, agree with tea (perhaps we could make better use of our Brewing Stands), more fruits/fruit trees and berries.

    I would advice you now to focus on just on of these suggestions and develop it further in another topic of its own. I'd start with "more nature stuff".

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    posted a message on Why are there no walls* or vertical slabs?

    Another issue might be working out all the possibilities of vertical slab junctions in case they "bend" to join adjacent slabs in a similar fashion as stairs.

    Speaking of which: why can't stairs be placed sideways? Are there known reasons for that?

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    posted a message on I hate diorite

    I hate diorite. It's coarse, rough, irritating, and it gets everywhere!

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    posted a message on Enchantable blocks

    Enchantable blocks are a great idea, and there are so many possibilities! Here are my thoughts:

    --- Suggested Enchantments ---

    Unbreaking, fire and blast protection for blocks would be extremely fitting. As of now, big survival builds are too hard to build and too easy to destroy, be it by creepers, raiders/griefers, fire hazards, etc. This could be an interesting and Minecraft-like solution to all of this, specially in multiplayer.

    Smite and Bane of the Arthropods would not be appropriate. Blocks are not combat items and while I totally get their appeal, they'd be overpowered and overall unfitting. It'd be as if you spread some zombie or spider repellent on the walls/floors...

    Lightness: yes! Making new items emit light would make buildings clearer and better looking in general. Still, I'd add that light levels shouldn't be as strong as current light sources.

    Reflect: Also yes, although I can see that already being abused to make Ghast or skeleton farms. Also I honestly don't think this would be very useful in actual builds, but would be fun nonetheless. If there are two parallel walls built with blocks with this effect, one could attack the other side with arrows without even be seen. This type of enchantment has more minigames possibilities than combat ones if you think about it.

    Hollow: No. This is not like the others, less like an enchantment and more like creating a completely different item. I don't like the idea of seemingly normal blocks serving as hidden containers.

    --- More Possibilities ---

    So far all suggested enchantments could be applied to virtually any kind of block, which is fine, but I believe things would be more interesting if enchantments were more dependent on each type of block just as available enchantments with the enchantment table are currently dependent on each item.

    Here are some suggestions (don't mind the names):

    • Bounce (applicable to slime blocks): enhances the bounciness of slime blocks;

    • Looseness (applicable to all dirt variations, clay and soulsand): enables it to fall like sand would (perhaps only once);

    • Unpower (applicable to redstone blocks): turns a redstone block into a permanently unpowered solid block, even if receiving redstone imput. The effect can be easily undone by breaking the redstone block into redstone dust and crafting it again. Such a permanently unpowered block would have many applications for redstone circuits;

    • Slide (applicable to ice and packed ice): enhances the slipperiness of ice blocks;

    • Cold/Heat I and II (applicable to most blocks): permanently changes a block's temperature 0.3 and 0.6, respectively, with respect to their current biome. So a block with cold I in a Taiga biome (temperature 0.25) would actually have a temperature of -0.05, a block with heat II in a swampland (temperature 0.8) would actually have a temperature of 1.4. This change would allow for bright green grass in too cold or too hot biomes, as well as allowing snow in cold but not snowy biomes. While mostly harmless, the change would enable interesting building possibilities;

    • Loudness (applicable to most blocks): blocks make a much louder sound when walked/jumped on. Could be a subtle clue for someone to know where to or not to step, possibly useful in adventure mode as well as multiplayer.

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    posted a message on Anyone else agree that Minecraft needs more realism, and less fantasy?

    It is superficial to think of fantasy and realism as some sort of antagonistic duality in which more of one means less of the other.

    Every fantasy work, no matter how oudlandish, calls for some basic realistic elements. These realistic elements serve as premises the audience can relate to, as the footing on which the fantastic can be bridged and engaged with. Specially because in many cases, the fantastic arises from explicit contrast with reality.

    For example, in Minecraft both the Nether and The End would look far less fantastic if the Overworld were not somewhat realistic. Resembling the actual world.

    The thread's author makes two separate claims: we need less fantasy and more realism. Any response along the lines of "Minecraft is not realistic in the first place", is missing the point. Any response along the lines of "but we do need more fantasy" only engages with the less important half of the thread, as a lot more emphasis (with many examples) was given to the "more realism" part.

    And I do agree with that last part. We do need more realism, specially regarding biomes. It would be nice to have some narrow "transition biomes" (like rivers) between big biomes, or if we had more "realistic elements" in the Overworld, such as a wider variety of plants, animals, ores, structures, etc. Of course, what, why and how those things would be added is beyond the scope of this comment (and even the thread, I believe). Also none of these things would undermine in any way the fantasy aspects of the game. On the contrary, the more realistic the Overworld is, the more Minecraft's fantasy feels fantastic.

    English is not my first language, but hopefully I made my points clearly enough.

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    posted a message on Mobs that drop quartz

    How about if magma cubes (rarely) dropped nether quartz?

    Firstly, some roleplay based arguments:

    The only current mob for which it would make sense to drop nether quartz is the magma cube, as magma is basically hot semi-molten rock and as such could contain some nether quartz. No other mob ever seems to use/consume nether quartz in any way.

    One issue is that quartz crystals' formation generally require a calm steady environment where it can grow slowly, sufficiently low temperatures and/or some silica water solution, all of which don't happen in the Nether, much less in a bouncy magma cube.

    A workaround it is to notice that there already is nether quartz ore in the Nether, which means such appropriate conditions have already been previously achieved there. It is therefore possible that magma cubes somehow manage to incorporate those crystals sometimes when "coming to life" or whatever it is that happens to them. Furthermore, quartz blocks do not melt under any circumstances, even if submerged in lava, so it does make sense that magma blocks could still contain some after all. It is also worth noticing that all non-decorative recipes which involve quartz have some sensory function, and one of magma cubes' most prominent features are their fierce, fiery eyes.

    These drops should still be rare, since even if nether quartz is relatively common in the Nether, its proportion to other blocks like netherrack is small. Besides, all that bouncy movement from magma blocks can easily break the quartz, increasing it's surface area, which could make it susceptible to melting after all.

    Secondly, some gameplay based arguments:

    Magma cubes are a rare spawn in the Nether which can't take fall damage, making them somehow hard to farm (but not impossible). At the moment their only drop are magma creams, which is kind of boring*, specially because they can be crafted with other easily farmable materials. If magma cubes were to rarely drop nether quartz as well, not much would change for most players. However, nether quartz farms would become possible, but only truly worth it for those who pursue monstrously huge projects, and in those cases, I guess farms are okay. By the way. it is an enormous hassle to build a mob farm in the Nether in survival mode. I've never met anyone who has never died trying at some point.

    *I understand they want to emphasize the parallels with slimes, which also only have one drop, a drop not only itself quite similar to magma creams, but part of a recipe to craft them. However, magma cubes are not slimes, they're very similar to them in many ways, except that they are quite literally made of magma.

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    posted a message on Some ideas for extra minibiomes

    There is great potential for Murky Jungles to be used for smooth Jungle-Swamp biome transitions.

    Desert Mesas look too much like "Desert M" and some Mesa variants. Could you please explain in which ways Desert Mesas would be different? We need more details.

    Underground lakes are not a bad idea, but it why would they be proper biomes instead of part of a cave system formation?

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