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    I don't think I saw this posted, so I'll bring it up now.

    I found this on Reddit. The new employee at Mojang, Ryan Holtz, was introduced at this years Minecon as a programer with specialties in rendering. This is apparently a video posted on his personal YouTube channel regarding tests he conducted with directional and colored light. Is it really Ryan Holtz? I think the general consensus is yes. Does this mean they are working on colored lighting? Maybe he tested it a while back, nothing really concrete about it.
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    Background - Pick Block Control

    The "Pick Block" control (bound to your mouse 3 button by default) is used in Minecraft to allow players to rapidly select blocks on the quick bar by aiming their cursor at a block in the game to select in on the quickbar below (if present). See the Controls Minepedia Article for full details.

    Proposal - Pick Block/Tool Control

    What I propose is basically a way to quickly select the block your looking at or the tool that picks up that block. The "Pick Block" control will be modified into the "Pick Block/Tool" Control. When you press the Pick Block/Tool bound button once, you'll select the block your aiming at from you quick bar if it's there. If it's not there or if you press the button again while you have the block selected still, you'll pick the tool used to obtain that block. If you have neither block nor tool in the quick bar nothing happens.
    This suggestion is for survival mode only. It would not be necessary in creative mode or adventure mode.

    NEW Images -

    Stone-like blocks
    Dirt-based blocks

    Wood-based blocks
    Fiber-Based Blocks
    Swords are choosen over bows when clicking at hostile mobs
    However, if you poses no sword, a bow will be choosen
    Some passive mobs will have unique tools, such as Sheep and Sheers
    Other passive mobs will select nothing, not even a weapon
    Items without dedicated tools will subsequently select no tools, just the blocks
    If there are no Blocks in your hot bar, you just select the tool instead
    Just as with blocks, the left most item is selected if multiple are present

    Mechanic Nuances -
    • Pick Block/Tool will toggle between a block and a tool if both are in your quick bar (see example #3)
    • Pick Block/Tool at a Hostile Mob will select a sword instead of a bow even if both are present. However, if only a bow is present, it shall be selected instead. This is because this function only really works at close range, so you probably want to reach for a sword rather than a bow.
    • Pick Block/Tool will select nothing (do nothing) if your aiming at a block without a specific tool to harvest (e.g. wheat, bedrock.
    • Pick Block/Tool will preform the same action on a mob regardless of maturity (adult, baby, or child)
    • Pick Block/Tool at sheep will select sheers if available, even if the sheep has already been shorn (will not select a weapon, no reason to kill sheep unless you don't have sheers at all). Pick a Block/Tool will not select wool blocks if aiming at a sheep, only if your aiming at placed wool blocks of the same color
    • Pick Block/Tool at villagers will select nothing
    • Pick Block/Tool at mooshroomes will select a weapon if available (same reason as cow above, but for bowls instead)
    • If multiple tools of the same class are in your tool bar, the leftmost one will be selected (same way the left most block of identical blocks are selected currently). Same deal with multiple weapons (either bow or sword), the leftmost one will be selected)
    Example Scenarios -
    1. I'm holding in my quick bar some processed wood and a diamond axe. While working on my wood house, I aim my cursor at some wood to select my wood blocks. After placing down some wood, I accidentally place one too many. I then aim my cursor at the wood press the Pick Block/Tool button again to select the axe to remove the extra wood blocks.
    2. I'm digging in the dirt with a shovel and some torches in my quick bar, but no dirt. I point my cursor at a torch and press the Pick Block/Tool button to select my torches to light up the area. When I'm done, I aim my cursor at a dirt wall and press the Pick Block/Tool button to select my shovel. Because there was no dirt in my quick bar, I immediately select the tool instead.
    3. I have brick wall in front of me with brick blocks and a pick in my quick bar. I'm currently selecting nothing (empty slot). I press the Pick Block/Tool button at the wall and select a brick block. I press it again while still aiming at the wall to select a pick. Any subsequent pressing of the Pick Block/Pick button will just toggle between these two over and over.
    4. I have in my quick bar a silk touch pick, axe, shovel, some shears, and an empty slot. I aim my cursor at a glass pane and press Pick Block/Tool button, but nothing is selected. Even though the silk touch pick could be used to recover the glass pane safely, because there isn't a dedicated tool and there are no glass panes in the quick bar, nothing is selected.
    5. Your herding sheep into a pen. In your quick bar you have a sword, wheat, and sheers. After closing the gate, you select your sword by aiming your cursor at a chicken that sneaked into the pen and pressing Pick Block/Tool to select your sword. After you kill it, you aim your cursor at a sheep and press Pick Block/Tool to select your sheers. You then sheer the sheep before leaving the pen.
    6. Thee Iconic Minecraft Scenario: your mining diamond ore with a diamond pick, torches, and diamond sword in your quick bar. You finish and turn around to find a creeper bearing down on you! You quickly aim your cursor at the creeper and press the Pick Block/Tool command to draw your sword and slay it before you lose your precious diamonds.
    Optional/Contradiction Scenarios - Feedback Requested
    • Right now, if you press the Pick Block button on water or lava in either survival or creative mode, nothing happens (in creative, you select the block behind the fluid)
    • I propose that in at least survival mode, pressing the Pick Block/Tool will first select a bucket containing that fluid, then select an empty bucket. so for example, pressing the Pick Block/Tool while aiming at a water block (source or otherwise) will select a bucket of water if available, or an empty bucket or stack of buckets (water bucket is the block, empty bucket/s are the tool/s)
    • A problem can occur if your trying to construct things underwater (or even under lava), you would be selecting nothing but buckets. We can solve this by making it so that while completely submersed in a liquid (over your head), the Pick Block/Tool control does not select water or lava anymore. Or you can just make sure to remove all buckets from your quick bar before you do underwater work
    This idea makes the Pick Block function more useful without over complicating the feature. It makes harvesting wood, mining stone, and building structures. It could also make learning to play the game easier in some situations. If a player is unsure which tool to use to recover a chest, enchanting table, or leaf blocks, this button may clarify things if they have the right tools in their quick bar.Show support by voting on the pole and/or adding a comment below. Show criticism and issues by using the pole and leaving a comment below. Also, new Reddit page on the Minecraft suggestions subreddit.I've made a mod request here if anyone has modding knowledge and are interested.

    Edits: Added 4 new images. Added 7 more new images on top of that. Eddited the body to make it simpler. Updated Reddit link.
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    Hey, maybe it'll even get block placement abilities! Wouldn't that be nice?

    ICK, better not. Placing and breaking basic blocks like cobble and wool is a player's task not a devices.
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    Quote from Mathy

    Why was this moved? It should go back in suggestions, it's different than the hopper.

    Dinnerbone said at Minecon that they were adding a revised version of the Allocator in 1.5. The Hopper is the core concept of the Allocator (moving items from the ground into a container) and while it's missing a lot of key features, all eveidence points to the Hopper being the revised Allocator Dinnerbone mentioned.

    As to why this was moved, it was originally mistakenly locked by a moderator because we were discussing the Hopper in it. However, that was appealed and it was unlocked and moved over to the Future Updates section so we could continue to discuss the Hopper in depth. I imagine once the Hopper is completly added and 1.5 is released this thread will get closed. I'm hopeful that the final version of the Hopper will encompase many of the Allocator's features.
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    Quote from Leonard900

    Um...why is this in future updates? Sure, the hopper is a lot like the allocator, but the allocator itself isn't in the game.

    I seem to be repeating myself more than talking about new content. Read a bit in recent discussion before you post, you'll learn something.

    Like here

    Or here
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    Quote from Thegreenrobby

    Well, the Hopper is out now.
    Doesn't that make the Allocator mod unnessassary?

    Everything indicates that the Hopper IS the Mojang revision of the Allocator. Thus, we talk about the Hopper and Allocator because the Hopper is the device that has the Allocator's attributes that are being added to the game so far.

    Also, this thread isn't about the Allocator Mod; the Mod demonstrates the Allocator feature to players but the intent behind the thread was to see it added to Minecraft. The Mod itself has a seperate thread here.
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    Hello Future Updates Forum!

    You just inherited a 1800 posted, 95 paged, 1.5 year old thread about the Allocator! Due to the Allocator being revised and added as the "Hopper" (according to ), this thread was moved from Suggestions to it's new location.

    To catch you up to speed, the Allocator Mod and Suggestion Thread has been around for a very long time. The Hopper is now being developed as a functionally similar device to the Allocator. However, a few of us, myself included, belive there are some key revisions that still need to be made to make the Hopper the best it can functionally be for Minecraft. Specifically: Other issues that have been brought up include asthetic apeal of the Hopper, removing the ability to chain hopper to hopper essentially creating a pipe system (which Dinnerbone has said that pipes are not going to be added to Minecraft), and the lack of an animation, particle, or sound effect that indicates the Hopper is moving items activly.

    Feel free to join in and discuss.
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    Quote from Random_Guy_32

    The hopper seems to be a replacement for the allocator, probably because some people always start to cry when Mojang implements a mod into the game.

    The problem is that unless this Hopper is missing 50% of its features, it can't possibly fill the same functions as the Allocator.

    For starters, there is no filter to sort items. Weighted preasure plates can only sort item amounts, not which item is on them.

    Also, no redstone control means this all happens whether you want it to or not. At least make it possible to turn it on or off with a redstone signal.

    Finally, it's all gravity based still. Items enter the top and are either distributed to containers on the sides or below the Hopper. This means any system of linked chests have to cascade or slope down in order to function. The Allocator could do everything on a single plane of elevation if you wanted it too.

    Also, even though Dinnerbone said they wern't going to add pipes, you can essentially string these Hoppers together and make one long pipe out of them.

    I'm hoping that their minds arn't set on this being the Allocator's replacment and that all the Hopper does is collect items like a funnel so you can have item colleciton/storage without redstone or a clock attached to the Allocator. Otherwise I think we are going to luck out on 50% of what the Allocator can do with this new device.
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    Quote from Bumber

    Vending machines (eggs, arrows, buckets, splash potions, etc.,) simple counters for redstone circuits, resource stockpiles that need to deliver a limited resource to multiple destinations.

    The solution we discussed for this earlier without GUI changes is to have the Allocator move items to the dispenser and then that will drop one item at a time. That solves everything but items that are shot from a dispenser.
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    Quote from Strottinglemon

    Allocator is still the best name. I don't see why Jeb has a problem with it. Ah well, it's the idea that counts.

    As William Shakespeare said:

    What's in a name? That which we call a rose by any other name would smell as sweet.

    And as I echo here, if it means having the Allocator added, a title change won't cause me grief. It's only an official title anyway; we can still call it Allocator just like people call Villagers "Testificates" and Gunpowder "Sulfur". If some players can still hold on to the notion that the H word was ever really part of the Minecraft game, then we can keep calling it the Allocator as much as we want. Hell, it's thanks to Mojang that we can now rename items in vanilla Minecraft period. Add that with a custom texture pack and as long as no major features are removed from it, we have the Allocator exactly how we wanted it.
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