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    posted a message on Thaumcraft 3.0.5i (Outdated)
    Early Christmas! :D
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    posted a message on Eloraam's Mods (RedPower 2 Prerelease 6)
    Quote from PhearDarkrai

    *high fives FC for being a gent* Are you and Elo cool now? :3

    He actually posted a picture of his Windmills, which got deleted, so I guess they're not cool.
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    posted a message on Equivalent Exchange 3 - 0.1.142
    I'd say leave EE2 for SSP and EE3 for SMP, that way people who like EE2 can still have it without being completely overpowered in SMP. But it's just the way I think.
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    posted a message on [1.4.2] Natural Spawning
    Quote from Bigkatz22

    if this is ur first mod i get it but if it isnt u need to improve

    Says the guy who doesn't have ever coded a mod and has an horrible grammar.
    Anyways, really cool mod, will use it for sure. :DORE: :DORE: :DORE: :DORE: :DORE:
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    posted a message on Pocket Edition on Amazon, Possible Player Skulls, & More
    Oh God.... Honeydew and Notch heads hung there??
    Who could have done such a horrible thing...
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    posted a message on Mo' Creatures - v12.0.0 for Minecraft 1.12.1!! Now Opensource!!
    Quote from PumpkinFly

    I just got my mom into playing minecraft... (took FOREVER) She came up with the greatest idea for a goat trap. First, you dig a deep enough hole to kill someone. Second, you have a ton of TAMED GOATS (so they don't despawn,) at the bottom of it. So when the person falls in and dies, all of his/her stuff will be on the floor and when the person comes back to get the stuff, the goats have already eaten it. Third, you have pressure plates (or trip wire if you have 1.3.2) connecting to pistons that open it, and then they fall in. It sounds pretty cool to me, but you should try it and see if it works. I never got to try it since i don't have mo' creatures yet. Just an idea for the people that have or want to get mo' creatures... :)

    Sounds like a really good trap, will try to use it on a friend :P
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    posted a message on LethalDrive · Official host of MineCon 2011! · 20% off with 'summertime'!
    I say that LethalDrive is a really good host.
    Sure some tickets may take some delay to get answered (1 of them took 4 days to answer and the other one took 1 hour), servers are lag-free.
    The only thing that I have to not really 'complain', but suggest, is that they should look everyday for CraftBukkit updates, since CraftBukkit 1.3.1 Recommended Build was released a couple days ago and we can't still change versions yet.
    I'm getting no people on my server because of this, they all want to play 1.3.1
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    posted a message on I can't download from minecraft.net or update tekkit
    Your antivirus is probably blocking the update of Tekkit, the solution is to disable it for a couple minutes only, then enable it again.
    As for the first problem, I don't really know what could be the cause, perhaps site was down for maintenance.
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    Do you still have your old worlds? If so you could place them in the 'saves' folder.
    To get to the 'saves' folder do the following:
    1. Click the start icon
    2. Type in the search box %appdata% (If using Windows XP click 'Run' then type %appdata%) and hit enter
    3. Go into .minecraft folder
    4. Open up 'saves' folder.
    5. Copy the old worlds into that folder.
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    posted a message on [1.3.2] Essentials v0.5
    Looks amazing, downloading.
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    posted a message on Niftycraft V3.0 (MC 1.6.2) Minecraft Forge Compatible!
    I think I found a few bugs on this.
    First, the armors are not showing up.
    Second, in third person view, you can't see what you're holding while wearing the armor.
    Aside from that, this mod is awesome.
    Btw, making a mod showcase of this, will edit this post with the link after it's done.
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    posted a message on Server got griefed, need help.
    Quote from StealthBravo

    BTW, you probably get your session stolen.

    Also, be sure to define a specific radius and amount of time to rollback when using CoreProtect. You can also only rollback certain blocks.

    Probably this happened, but I'm gonna get rid of old spawn, as CoreInspect won't rollback world-made obsidian, the guy world edited a cube of lava on top of a mass of water.

    Quote from jgd144

    i will help you because i like administrating

    what is the ip

    Thanks, but not atm.
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    posted a message on Server got griefed, need help.
    Yes, I did try but didn't work.
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    posted a message on Server got griefed, need help.
    So, 2 days ago, a guy named RepfaeL entered my server and somehow, got the account of one of the co-owners, griefing the whole spawn placing lava and water, now it's a huge cube mess.
    I've tried restoring from a backup that I had, but it doesn't seem to work, also tried doing a rollback using CoreProtect but no luck.
    If someone could help me I'd be very grateful.
    Also, yes, we have many anti-grief plugins, but they don't seem to work on this.
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    posted a message on EA Craft [1.1] [24/7] [0% Lag] [Factions] [iConomy] [Freebuild] [Simple Spleef] [And many, many more!]
    EA Craft IP

    Hello dear Minecrafters! Looking for a cool server, but nothing matches your criteria?
    Well, that waiting is OVER! (Cracked minecraft players can play in it too!) (Please behave about this, not everyone's situation is good enough to afford $20 for a game, specially in other countries, personal experience)
    Ladies, Gentleman, and kids, I present you EA Craft Server!:

    We are a new server that is looking for really cool players, like you!


    Donor Ranks
    Advanced Builder ($5 USD Monthly)
    VIP ($8 USD Monthly)
    Creative Player ($9 USD Monthly)

    The donations help to keep server alive, all donators will have special permissions, like:
    - Access to the Donor Shop (50% off normal shop!)
    - Mob Disguise (Dress like any mob and scare others!)
    - In-game money (Depends on donation amount)
    - A very BIG, honest, Thank You from the bottom of our heart
    - And more! We never stop growing!

    List of plugins:
    - xAuth
    - ChestShop
    - Factions
    - iConomy
    - Essentials
    - WorldEdit
    - WorldGuard
    - Permissions EX
    - Jail
    - Magic Carpet
    - Mob Disguise
    - Lockette
    - Simple Spleef

    Join now! :D
    (For more info, go to EACraft.tk)
    (EA is also a CoD clan for all consoles, to join go to EAhq.tk)

    Server hosted by: Lethal Drive in Chicago, Illinois.
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