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    posted a message on Sandstone Tools

    Gonna have to drop a huge "nope" for sandstone armor. The game is over-saturated with trees. I don't see the need for another weak tier of stuff. I can see a tiny flicker of reason for the tools, but still can't see how it's worth adding.

    Quote from Cinimodder»

    Sandstone sticks.

    You know what? Why don't we- why don't we just have everything we need to survive in Minecraft and make it sandstone? Make it sandstone, okay? Sandstone armour, sticks, furnaces, everything, just take it and make it sandstone.

    Yeah uhhh...
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    posted a message on Minecraft 1.11 - The landscape update
    Quote from Lord_Garak»

    Amen to that, and we need to get rid of the 1.7 stuff too. Make biome temperature mapping a world gen OPTION, triple cave size and density, and make biome size an option.

    You're saying disproven things that a lot of new users say. "Let's just make it an option!" is not some flawless savior path game developers can always lean on.
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    posted a message on Seasons

    Why is Nether Wart affected by this? I think seasons should just be an aesthetic thing, and not something that teeters the balance of game mechanics around.

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    posted a message on Things You Hate In Movies

    "Let's showcase the best jokes of our movie in the commercial so they get watered down the 3rd time people see it. Actually, let's just showcase the best parts of our movie and maybe the ending in one trailer!"

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    posted a message on the bake

    No idea what this even is.

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    posted a message on Chainsaw in Minecraft
    Quote from LCPB_TH»

    The Chainsaw is support is 1.11 in version minecraft

    I have a strong feeling said update will not have chainsaws. That's just me.
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    posted a message on New biome suggestion, the evil.

    Is this actually for real? I think I would fly to Sweden and start smacking employees in the face if something called an "evilness ore" was added to the game. This couldn't get any more cliched and generic. The names of everything is just "evil this" and "evil that". There's not a single interesting sounding thing in this biome, and every aspect just sounds "slapped in".

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    posted a message on Chainsaw in Minecraft

    So I can play Doom while I play Minecraft?! No but for real that would be really stupid no thanks.

    *looks at OP's thread history*

    Hmm, I wonder what your favorite game is?

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    posted a message on Download game files as .zip

    Depending on the files, putting them in a .zip folder won't make any huge changes. If you're having problems downloading 120MB, then it being compressed to 100MB won't be much of a saving grace. The .jar files already accomplish this anyway.

    Quote from LC14199»

    Most internet connections would cope better with one big download, rather than a few hundred smaller ones.

    This doesn't make sense. That's like saying "I'm able to eat a single 3-pound ham but not three 1-pound hams, as the latter would be too much."

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    posted a message on Lances, The Ultimate Horseback Weapon?

    I like how the previous thread about lances had people going "this isn't needed. no support", yet people jump in and support this one. Sometimes this forum just forms a barrier that keeps out all consistent logic.

    Anyway, decent idea. Moderate support.

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    posted a message on Customizable leather horse armor.

    A pretty wicked good idea.

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    posted a message on Aggravation Stage

    I have made an edit so if you want to read it i only added the dragon riding part earlier because so many people want it (i am not a fan of having a riding dragon in minecraft)

    This is a horribly incorrect line of thinking. Those "so many people" wanting something can just be a mass of people not understanding that their idea is bad. Think of them as just people who repeat the same mistakes because they never learn from each other. We still get people talking about thirst bars, so does frequent suggestions on it make the idea good? Nope. Thirst bars are still game cancer.

    The aggravation thing is alright, but I don't see any sense in the red dragon egg..? Please read the suggestion guide.
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    posted a message on Make Villages Great Again? [Green Villagers!]
    Quote from Redstonian6»

    Alright, so as I start this suggestion out, you're probably thinking, "Seriously? Not another one of those Add Back Green Villager posts!!"

    Adding the green villager has never been that bad of an idea. It only falls on how people present the idea.

    Well, you would be right. Half-right.

    First off, I should explain the joke of the title, "Make Villages Great Again". You're probably thinking of a big wall, right? I hope so. The idea here would be that after the first villager is killed by a zombie, the villagers will start building a wall around their village, with a gate. However, the walls would only be done with mobGriefing on, and would also start out basic and grow more advanced and taller. I mean, naturally, when you run a country and you're being invaded by zombies, you certainly want a wall, right? The wall would start out as a 2-block tall fence, then grow over time, if attacks continue. When the attacks stop, the villagers would stop upgrading the wall.
    Hmm, nope. Building villagers is a hated idea here for good reason. Unless the wall just magically appears? That requires some mad AI if they do build the wall themselves, especially in a game where terrain has infinite possibilities. It's just not worth it.

    Now, you're probably thinking, "Okay, so what if my house is half in the village and half isn't?"
    I guess you get a point for thinking of this.

    Simple! The blocks you place would be tracked so all blocks you place or modify (house, lawn, etc.) would not be touched. Depending on how much of your house is in the village, they would either build the wall between your house and the village, or include your house inside the village walls.
    Even though I despise the wall thing, this part is well thought out.

    And you may be thinking, "How did they get here? How did they get advanced enough to actually build something?"
    I think I might know the answer to that one. Horrendous amounts of trial and error programming.

    That's where the green villager comes in - aka the Mayor.
    A mayor? A little weird, but plausible.

    The Mayor would have several unique trades, including iron blocks and pumpkins for emeralds. If you complete the trade and the population of the village is over 15, you will see the villagers all gather around the well, where the Mayor will place the iron blocks and the pumpkin, creating an iron golem.
    First off, them trading iron blocks would be foolish beyond thought. All it takes is to farm one easy trade, bank up emeralds, and bam, you got a mass supply of iron. I'd recommend scrapping that part of the idea. I don't see why we need to add new AI for this mob to create an Iron Golem when one just spawns on its own.

    Plus, the Mayor would trade resources it needs for the wall, and for upkeep in case of, say, creeper explosions. Or to replace doors. (If the building is recognized as having been modified by the player, the villagers will not repair it.) When a mob damages a building, the green villager will open trades with the player to get resources to fix it. (For example, 64 wooden planks for 1 emerald, etc.)

    Something that also could be noticed is that there would be yellow villagers with hard hats, who would be either miners or lumberjacks. If the player hasn't modified a cavern, they will go in and mine it for resources, that then are either sold to the player or used to fix buildings.
    Dude, you're suggesting rejected villager ideas. Ideas that have been shut down since maybe 2012. Villagers messing around with terrain is bad bad bad bad bad. That can ruin the world for the player, it can mess up landscape, they can snatch blocks the player might want, they could get themselves killed by mining themselves into bad areas.

    Lumberjacks would find a tree within the village radius that wasn't planted or modified by the player and cut it down, harvesting saplings, and then using the resources to trade or repair buildings.
    These are things that should be left to the player. Now you get a villager just doing this work for you.

    I may add more later, if I have time to.
    No support.

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    posted a message on Ideas to improve the animal AI.
    Quote from metalbones1»

    Didn't say you had to, I just don't see the problem with a "wall of text" seriously, what is the big deal with alot of letters?

    It's painful to read? Why else would people complain about it? If you're gonna fight people who tell you how to improve your posts, why post at all?
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    posted a message on Endermen Attack Other Mobs and Each Other

    And what other interesting things could result from this twist?

    Passive mobs I was planning to breed being killed when I didn't want them too because they faced an Endermen at a bad time.

    This doesn't do anything beneficial for players, it's just... there. I just don't see the point, so I don't support. Your idea also risks Creepers blowing up in random spots you might not them to when they get provoked.

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