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    posted a message on Applied Energistics 2 - Open Source
    Just throwing in my 2 cents, but I think a lot of the changes being made in AE2 are neat. I think a little added complexity is good in the sense that a free lunch is boring. I'd like to be able to derive satisfaction from my elegant AE network rather than just spamming the walls full of pipes. As you say, there is certainly a vocal minority, but they aren't strictly limited to one side or the other of a situation. I tend to lurk on mod forums such as this, but in the interests of developing the desired quantifiable public opinion I thought I'd chip in.

    Love your mod, Algo, and the professional way you've been managing its development. Keep up the great work.
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    posted a message on Smart Moving
    Are there any configuration options I may have missed to disable the vine/ladder related features that cause the incompatibility with carpenter's blocks? it would be a huge shame to have to disable one or the other to get a 1.7.2 game running, since the fix in 1.6.4 doesn't seem to be in the 1.7.2 version.

    The actual conflict looks simple enough, but since the code isn't open source there doesn't appear to be a way for me to contribute a fix.

    Looking forward to moving smartly in 1.7.2.
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    posted a message on [1.5] The Runic Dust Mod [Mar14]
    Just to expand upon what the others have mentioned about TMI/NEI, any time I try to use this mod in multiplayer (on a LAN server or an otherwise vanilla [besides forge and dust mod, naturally] server I get the same [Do not use this] issue). I was hoping to have this be the centerpiece for the Magic vs. Machines LAN party I was doing tomorrow. I'd love to offer any debugging assistance you might need to try and fix this. Let me know via PM if there is any way I can help!
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    posted a message on [32x][1.4] DokuIndustrial 1.0 (alpha)
    Quote from Cyrilshark

    *bump* Doku gave permission for people to use his textures now :smile.gif:


    Please please please make it happen? the Glimmar one is poop compared to yours. =P
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    posted a message on Barts Beach [Expired Topic]
    In the interests of full disclosure about the server admin, for anyone interested, here's a chat log from our most recent conversation. =]
    - Saturday May 07 2011, 13:31 -
    Bart: heh, your friend tried to keep "Trade Secrets" from me
    Me: 0.o you found out about the diamond hax!
    Me: t?
    Me: xD
    Me: also
    Bart: huh?
    Me: lol I was joking
    Me: about keeping the uphill bit secret
    Me: I sort of figured
    Me: tthe 5 minute rant about capitalism
    Bart: lol
    Me: and how we'd increase our profit margin off the backs of the people
    Me: would've made that clear
    Me: saw you figured it out though
    Me: =D
    Bart: ya
    Bart: took me all of 2 min
    Me: we'll still beat you in the race though
    Me: =D
    Bart: nah
    Bart: its already implemented
    Me: all the way to SnowLoch?
    Me: erm, IceLoch*
    Bart: no
    Me: =D
    Me: we'll win
    Me: but anyway
    Me: that's not important =P
    Bart: well, its not a race, #1
    Bart: #2 you have all weekend to try to catch up
    Me: pshhh, totally is. Capitalism. But nonetheless, still not pertinent to the matters which aren't joking =D
    Bart: well, the reason I asked your friend
    Bart: was to involve him
    Me: which is more along the lines of why I wanted to talk to you
    Me: =D
    Me: had Zach over
    Me: my other server owning friend
    Me: and turned his computer into a lovely semi-dedi ubuntu box
    Me: with more or less the same specs as yours
    Me: and got myself full ssh access, etc.
    Me: I've been talking to him
    Me: and gotten him interested already
    Me: now I just need to win you over.
    Me: =P
    Me: Federate?
    Bart: ?
    Me: as i'm sure you've seen WoM has managed to set up a giant empire
    Me: by basically annexing smaller server communities
    Me: what i'd like to do
    Bart: I don't think so
    Me: is take a page out of their book
    Bart: I take no pages
    Bart: I do what works
    Me: and create a mobile community w/ ServerPort
    Bart: I'm smart enough to figure that out on my own :-P
    Bart: no, definately not interested
    Me: ...if it has been proven to work by them, then it by definition works, doesn't it?
    Me: any particular reason?
    Bart: ya
    Bart: I'm not interested
    Bart: thats my reason
    Me: ...you have no logical backing then?
    Bart: oh sure I do
    Bart: I dont want to
    Me: care to share?
    Bart: ya
    Bart: I don't feel like doing it
    Bart: and so... I don't want to
    Bart: hench
    Bart: hence*
    Bart: I'm not interested
    Bart: we tried something like that before
    Bart: it turned into a nightmare
    Me: how so?
    Bart: too much work
    Bart: I never got to play the game
    Me: wait, I thought you said
    Me: you considered yourself
    Me: a server admin?
    Me: I set it up
    Me: in about 5 minutes
    Me: over ssh
    Bart: ok
    Bart: heres the deal
    Bart: I'm not out to revolutionize anything
    Bart: I'm here to make the best server possible
    Me: mhmmn
    Bart: and thats not in my plan
    Bart: thats spreading your cards WAY to far
    Bart: I've done fine on my own w/o "federating"
    Bart: thats my final judgement
    Bart: :-P
    Bart: not discussing it anymore I dont have time
    Me: okie doke
    Bart: another thing I should throw out there
    Bart: I'm hard to impress, tbh. I'll be nice to people in the meantime
    Bart: but if someone fails to impress, and then disrespects me in any way...
    Me: I understand.
    Bart: that will get me pissed, and I don't deal w/ people who **** me off
    Me: I operate by the same policy.
    Bart: cmon kid
    Me: And I do provide reasoning for my actions.
    Bart: I understand you have some technical experience
    Bart: and probably read Ayn Rand out the wazoo
    Bart: but it doesn't impress me
    Me: ahahahahahahahahaha
    Me: Ayn Rand
    Me: aren't we cute.
    Me: So
    Me: let me get this straight
    Me: I'm supposed to let you debase me as you see fit
    Bart: no
    Me: while bending over to you?
    Bart: see you took what I said to an extreme
    Me: you brought up Ayn Rand
    Bart: struck a chord then eh?
    Bart: lol
    Me: I havn't felt so insulted since the last time somebody suggested I reread Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance
    Me: because I didn't "get it" and that's why I thought it was silly
    Bart: well, feel insulted and act however you want
    Bart: that doesn't concern me really
    Me: I understand
    Me: you're too cool to care about what other people think
    Me: you're a lone wolf
    Me: a loose cannon cop, livin' on the edge.
    Bart: no
    Bart: I just don't have time
    Bart: I'm installing plugins
    Me: frankly, nobody does. We live for a little while and we die.
    Bart: omg
    Me: but 5 minutes typically isn't enough time to dismiss something summarily
    Me: lol
    Bart: quit trying to impress people by sounding smart
    Bart: it doesn't work
    Me: I'm not trying to impress anybody
    Bart: you are
    Me: ...why frankly would I try to impress you?
    Me: enlighten me
    Bart: no time
    Me: I'm sorry if i'm well read. I don't talk to many people, I typically read books
    Me: or chat with other people who read books
    Bart: I'm right there with ya
    Me: because of that book reading we speak with the big words.
    Me: not really our faults
    Me: sort of like picking up a dialect
    Bart: no, its because you think that's what you're supposed to do
    Me: I can dumb it down for you if you like
    Bart: talk in big words
    Me: but I consider that to be disrespectful
    Me: ...but it isn't.
    Me: look
    Me: how on earth
    Me: would I be talking this quickly
    Me: if I spent time with every thought
    Me: trying to phrase it so as to sound intellectual?
    Bart: ok, forget I said anything
    Me: okay
    Bart: I'm not trying to reason w/ you
    Me: I understand this intimately
    Bart: just telling you what to expect
    Me: and I understood that since the first time you delivered the melodramatic warning
    Bart: I'm done
    - 13:56 -
    Bart: all you have to do, is not try so damn hard
    Me: but that's just it... Speaking honestly here, I have no clue what you think i'm trying hard at.
    Me: I'm sure you're seeing something that looks like effort on your part, and in the beginning there was effort
    Me: I had been trying to win you over to my idea
    Me: but it rapidly devolved into a sort of chicken fight at which point
    Bart: no, the idea is 100% garbage
    Me: I stopped caring about impressing anyone and was having a good time arguing
    Me: but you still havn't given a reason as to why, which is insulting
    Me: you make the claim with no support
    Bart: how is it not a reason that "I don't want to"
    Me: the scientific community laughs you off the podium, that's how it works
    Me: God exists because I say so
    Bart: see you're trying
    Me: you've done no A/B testing
    Me: you've sited no prior precedents
    Me: how do you have a clue if it works or not
    Me: b/c originally
    Bart: wow
    Me: you said "I do what works"
    Me: now, if you just run your server on whim
    Bart: no
    Bart: no
    Me: that's fine too
    Bart: sure, I run servers on whims
    Bart: I sink funds into whims
    Me: I don't know. Some people do
    Me: and from what you've told me so far, your sole reasoning is whim
    Bart: you're too preoccupied with trying to sound smart, that you don't realize how condescending you act towards everyone else
    Bart: I know
    Bart: I've been there
    Me: if I'm wrong, please point it out. But before when I asked you refused to tell me why
    Me: No, stop. Listen.
    Me: Stop that.
    Me: Let's assume that's true
    Me: how in any way
    Me: does it effect the argument at hand.
    Bart: what argument?
    Bart: I'm not doing your federation thing
    Me: about the way in which you maintain your server
    Bart: thats not an argument
    Me: okay, the debate then.
    Me: If that's the case
    Bart: not a debate
    Me: teh debate shifts to why
    Bart: there's no way its happening
    Me: you are not going to
    Me: Look
    Bart: so you're just wasting your time on it
    Me: I understand
    Me: that you don't want to do it
    Me: now, as a little social experiment of my own
    Me: I'd like to see why you are reasoning the way you are
    Me: or, on a more practical level
    Me: i'm trying to see why in the hell I ought to try and work for you if you appear to be mostly irrational
    Me: you told me you were a Django stack coder
    Me: even in the absence of any proof of that, i'm more than willing to believe you
    Me: the problem becomes
    Me: programmers know instinctively how dangerous irrationality in your employer is
    Bart: I'm not one of your 16 year old buddies here. I'm an industry man
    Bart: don't disrespect me, child
    Me: ...Now who's trying to impress who?
    Bart: no one
    Me: sounds good
    Me: so we're back on square one then
    Bart: I'm showing you how you're acting towards me
    Me: shall we set off in a different and more useful direction then?
    Bart: you're being pretty obnoxious
    Bart: tno
    Bart: you can stop talking
    Bart: and I'll unblock you
    Me: ...You IM'd me again
    Bart: err unban(*
    Me: That's kind of you, but i'd rather not participate on a server with an administrator who is apparently unsound
    Bart: you're an idiot
    Me: But a successful idiot.
    Me: Sorry to have caused a ruckus.
    Bart: your 16
    Me: 17 =]
    Bart: good luck on life, kid
    Me: Thanks!
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    posted a message on Minecart Suggestions
    ...It's very simple. Put the engines in the back. Let physics hold them together for you. An engine on both sides makes it bidirectional. You can already push "chains" of carts this way, without any special need for bonding them.
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    posted a message on Door glitch?
    Notice the apparent lack of "evaporating" particle effects on the side of the water facing the OPEN door. This would suggest that if physics were currently working, the water WOULD be blocked. Obviously subject to change, however.

    Wouldn't work. Those don't flow either atm.
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    posted a message on delete me
    HURT Peri.
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    posted a message on Indev Multi out?
    Canu, no, the thinks he HAS finished are STILL marked as active, do to a peculiarity inthe way he's tracking it and/or the way the tracking system works.
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    posted a message on Dynamic structures for fun and profit
    Read the tutorial. The torches are connected to the previous sand column, so when that falls, the torch snaps off.

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    posted a message on The Imperial City
    Get a better browser.

    And also, that's looking gorgeous so far. Don't give up! =]
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    posted a message on Moving Block/Boats/Vehicle Debate
    Thanks, apparently people need to hear Jargon before they'll believe that something is feasible. I'm a coder as well, which is why I immediately nixed the notion of moving "real" blocks (they are stored in grid format, a byte per block to be specific, unless that has since changed).

    That said, i'm not sure about your glue idea. My idea was that larger vehicle bays (each of which is built by repeating the pattern with 4 of the next size smaller bay) would be to inhibitive to allow for a large number of custom craft. However, if one did manage to build a large bay, I suppose there is nothing stopping him from pumping out a dozen vehicles at low cost.

    To that end, I submit Obsidian as your so called "glue", or weld material if you will, for the following reasons:

    Notch mused about adding it as a special-purpose block a while ago. Specifically, it would be the anti-gravity block in floating islands. Presumably, if you mined it all, the island would crash to the ground. This makes it inherently risky to mine (if he ever adds this). You'll have to constantly ask yourself "Feelin' Lucky, Punk?" xD

    Next, since it isn't NEEDED for anything important currently, it will be relatively easy to balance the whole vehicle system at his leisure. (Much simpler than worrying about ratios of conversion with other components that are fairly often used).
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    posted a message on Houses build from scratch in infdev
    "I have this awkward habit of falling to my death." - Corvak

    Let the Sig-Quote-stealing storm begin.
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    posted a message on Houses build from scratch in infdev
    Found a suitably epic projection of land near my castle to build a lighthouse on that goes all the way about the clouds after two hours of frantic searching (I ventured away from my epic castle to find maor ore [Damn spider kept saying no more ore the whole time]).
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    posted a message on InfDev - Behind the scene
    Nonsense, just use cloth from a sheep to get the string!

    /troll. xD
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