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    Hey, there We’re a small team called Mining Central productions!
    And as you can see from the title we need to get more people on our team.

    But why should you join?
    Well, first of all, we have an amazing community of members! But we also have our own survival server to do whatever you want on. But then again that I’m sure most animation team has that. And we have tons of fun things to do in our official discord server, overall we have a good balance between fun and work.

    Who are we looking for?


    Voice actor!
    Web developers!

    So still not convinced? Why don’t you check out one of our work?

    So have you decided yet? Its ok if you don’t want to join we just need help

    So how do you join?

    Well, it's simple

    reply below

    What are you applying for?, (choose at least one)

    Example of what you choose (more examples equals higher chance of being accepted keep in mind that if you choose more than one role then you have to give at least one example for each)

    If you get accepted we’ll message you

    Wait did you ask for more information? Ok sure,
    “Who’s your founder” We were founded by Che3syPlayz, Gaming4Days and MarcoGames1973

    “Date it was founded?” August 28, 2017.

    “How many members does it currently have” 5

    Thank you for reading this

    PS I'm not sure if this is the right place on the forums to post this

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