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Hay Guys and Gals!
My name is cayfie13, please call me Cay or CayCay
About me:
I am an 18 year old gamer girl from Australia, my favourite colour would have to be either magenta or purple. I enjoy playing my Xbox 360, the games I like to play are mostly online multiplayer such as CoD, GTA 5 and other various games. I also enjoy playing single player games such as Skyrim or Assassins Creed. I also enjoy drawing freehand and digitally via my trusty mouse :)
There is one other thing you should know, I am a pegasister/brony. Most of my art consists of ponies, my own oc or various animals such as tigers, birds and you guessed it, horses!

If you are interested in viewing my art, check out my dA, username: cayfie

Since this is a minecraft forum, here is my look on the wonderful open world game, minecraft.
I love to build pixel arts (I went through this whole phase of making all the eeveelutions), building houses is fun, red stone I get confused about and yeah that's pretty much- OH how could I have forgotten!!
I am Co-owner alongside Ciabatta, my #1 friend over the internet, of a Gulliver Mod server! We are the only remaining server of this marvellous mod, if you are interested in joining, please check out the forums and submit a well made application form so you can be white listed :)


Thanks for stalking!
Interests - minecraft - MLP: FiM - Skyrim - Legend of Zelda - CoD: BO2

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