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    posted a message on [1.13] Interesting Hidden Features Part 2

    I did a thread like this in 1.11, and one in 1.12, and also one for 1.13. But I'm doing a "Part 2" for 1.13 because so far in 1.13 there have been a ton of command changes that I go into a lot here, but unfortunately I could not fit all the new Update Aquatic features into the thread as well. So I have decided to split it into two parts, Part 1 containing the command changes and other technical things, and Part 2 containing everything Update Aquatic or otherwise survival related.

    The purpose of these threads are that I'll post some interesting, strange or obscure things you can do with the new features that are being added in 1.13, as well as some other things that may be little-known until the wiki gets updated enough to cover them.

    Feel free to post about anything else awesome or fascinating you've found and I'll put it here! (If I think it's awesome enough...) If you want some ideas of what could be put in try checking out the 1.11 or 1.12 threads.

    I am Iron Aquaman!:

    After many years of confining us to swords and bows the nice folks at Mojang have finally given us a new weapon in the form of tridents, and they are awesome.

    Tridents can be used as a melee weapon and have 9 attack damage - which is more than an unenchanted diamond sword, but they only have 1.1 attack speed, which is less than a typical sword. All in all, they have a DPS of 9.9, which is less than an unenchanted diamond sword's DPS at 11.2, however if you are a rather slow and calculating attacker tridents would be your best friend.

    Obviously the main features of the trident is that they can be thrown. They seem to deal a consistent amount of damage unlike bows, dealing 8 damage upon hitting an entity. Unlike bows they suffer no velocity loss when thrown in water, making them ideal for dealing with guardians. They have 251 uses, the same as iron tools, and lose one use when used to melee attack an enemy, and also suffer one durability loss when thrown and hitting the ground. Hitting a mob does not cause it to take further damage.

    Now, let's talk about enchantments. The only existing vanilla enchantments the Trident can get are Unbreaking, Mending and Curse of Vanishing, the latter two being treasure enchantments as usual.

    Four new enchantments have been added for the Trident:


    Loyalty makes the trident return to you when thrown, whereas if you throw a Trident without Loyalty it will just stick in the ground and you have to go pick it up.

    There are three levels of Loyalty, so you can go up to Loyalty III, and higher levels seem to make it return to you slightly faster.


    Impaling is like Smite or Bane of Arthropods, except Impaling is against sea creatures (so Squid, Turtles, Guardians, and Elder Guardians), and it can only work on tridents. It increases both throwing damage and melee damage by 2.5 damage per level, which is the same amounts that Smite and Bane of Arthropods do against their respective enemies.

    Conditions: Melee/Thrown

    Unenchanted: 9/8

    Impaling I: 11.5/10.5

    Impaling II: 14/13

    Impaling III: 16.5/15.5

    Impaling IV: 19/18

    Impaling V: 21.5/20.5

    When I first heard of an enchantment called Impaling I was seriously hoping it would be an enchantment that would let Tridents pierce enemies so they could hit multiple, but unfortunately my dreams were dashed. :( Oh well, if anyone from Mojang is reading this please make note of what I just wrote. ;)


    Riptide will make you get launched forward if thrown when you are underwater or if thrown while it is raining. There are three levels of Riptide, up to Riptide III, and higher levels make you get launched further.

    Let me tell you, with Riptide III while raining you can get launched really high - definitely useful for launching yourself with elytra. But be careful if you don't have elytra - it can launch you high enough to kill you with fall damage! (Credit: The_Shadow) If it's not raining you can stand in water and throw your trident up - you'll still get launched up. Even if it's only a little 2x2 infinite water spring it will work.


    This enchantment will make it so that a mob struck with your trident while it is thundering will make lightning strike the mob - finally a way of triggering lightning for charged creeper farms and then for zombie, skeleton, wither skeleton, and creeper head farms.

    Suddenly summoning the wither is much easier, and so will getting zombie, skeleton and creeper heads.

    Currently all the new Trident enchantments are not treasure enchantments so you can get them all in an enchanting table. Given how powerful and useful Channeling is I think it ought to be a treasure enchantment. It would probably also be nice if Sharpness, Smite and Bane of Arthropods and perhaps other sword enchantments could go on a trident in survival mode, even if it was only with an anvil, like how axes can do that.

    In fact, let's test this!

    Custom-enchanted tridents:

    This fact deserves its own section because it devotes itself to testing what would happen if you put other enchantments like Sharpness on a Trident which you can't put on it in survival, but if you do it in creative mode or with commands. This would be useful for maps with custom trident weapons.

    Sharpness, Smite and Bane of Arthropods all work properly with increasing damage when put on a Trident, in the same way that swords do, both when used as a melee weapon and when thrown.

    Knockback, Fire Aspect and Looting all work as normal when used as a melee weapon, but not when thrown.

    I tried seeing if Punch or Flame affected Tridents when thrown but there was no difference.

    Using commands to change the base attribute attack damage will change melee damage but does not change thrown damage - it always stays at 8.

    Finally, let's talk about making Tridents have enchantments levelled to be higher than their max. Obviously Impaler of levels higher than V would just do even more damage, and higher levels of Channelling don't seem to make a difference.

    However, with higher levels of Loyalty, obviously it will return even faster, however once you get up to really high levels, e.g. level 100, the trident will become glitched, constantly trying to return to you but never making it back to you.

    With say Riptide X, that is a high enough level to launch you all the way up to the world height limit from sea level. Once you get up to Riptide level 13, using your trident in water or rain will cause you to get "teleported" up a certain height instead of flung up.

    Mine Turtle!:

    Turtles were obviously added in this snapshot, boasting 15 hearts of health.

    Strangely, Turtles don't currently drop turtle shell pieces, but they do drop sea grass. You can use sea grass to breed turtles, and this will make one of them lay a turtle egg. Turtle eggs will hatch at night-time and then you get a cute little baby turtle! :D

    (Credit: The_Shadow) You can pick up turtle eggs with a silk touch pickaxe, and (Credit: DuhDerp) you can place multiple turtle eggs in one block, up to four eggs in one block.

    In order to get turtle shell pieces, or "scutes", as they're actually called, they are dropped when a baby turtle grows up, which I imagine would make farming turtle shell pieces mad difficult, as currently turtles only spawn on certain beaches. Each turtle has a "home beach", which is where it goes to lay its eggs, so I suppose you could steal the eggs using a silk touch pickaxe, take them to your base, plant them down, wait for them to hatch, then when they grow up release the now fully-grown turtles back into the wild.

    Five turtle shell pieces can be crafted into a Turtle Shell, which can be used for brewing Potions of the Turtle Master, which are special in that they are the first potions to be added to vanilla survival Minecraft that give you multiple effects - Slowness IV and Resistance IV, for one minute. This reduces your movement speed by 60%, making you really slow, but your damage resistance by 80%, making you an absolute tank and nearly unkillable. The effects can be increased to three minutes using redstone dust, and when using glowstone dust you get Slowness VI and Resistance VI instead, which really does make you unkillable, but your movement speed is now reduced by a whopping 90%.

    The downside is that despite the extreme slowness, if you move while jumping you still can move at about the normal speed, meaning that currently this potion seems quite overpowered, especially in a PVP situation.

    Turtle Shells can also be worn as a helmet. It gives you the same protection as an iron helmet. It has 276 durability, which is higher than an iron helmet but lower than diamond. Probably the most unique thing about this is the fact that it gives you water breathing for 10 seconds while wearing, and it will begin to count down once you go underwater. They can get all the enchantments a regular helmet can get, including Protection, Fire Protection, Thorns, Unbreaking, Mending, and, of course, Respiration.

    Go to your room, kiddo!:

    Phantoms are the mob that was voted in at Minecon Earth. As cool as they may be, I personally preferred Mob D because of how awesome it seemed and Mob A because I imagine fighting it alongside Guardians would be a nightmare. And then a lot of peeps liked Mob C because of the promise of new enchanting powers.

    Making do with what we got, Phantoms are now a new hazard that I imagine Minecraft would have been much better without. Phantoms spawn in the Overworld and the End. I actually don't mind them spawning in the End - it makes them a new threat to the End while exploring for End Cities. And you certainly don't ever sleep in the End. The End suits the Phantom well. But the Overworld? Perhaps not so much.

    They will attack if you haven't slept for a while. It's not yet too clear how long you have to have not slept in order for them to attack you, but in my test world they were attacking me without provocation even though the last time I slept was... five seconds ago.

    Then again they were phantoms spawned using a spawn egg so either it's a bug or phantoms spawned using spawn eggs are permanently hostile. Or maybe phantoms only spawn in the first place if you haven't slept for a while.

    Phantoms have 10 hearts of health and deal a considerable amount of damage - about 3 hearts on normal difficulty. Currently all they drop is leather, which might be slightly useful if you have yet to get a full enchanting setup or a decent cow farm, but otherwise not too handy. Hopefully they'll get a drop that's a bit more useful in a future snapshot.

    It's also possible to customise their size using commands:
    /summon minecraft:phantom ~ ~ ~ {Size:10}

    Compare that with a phantom from a spawn egg. What a beast!

    Or how about size 100...

    If you are reading this and voted for Mob B, you happy now?

    Not me. I still want Mob A or D. :P

    My Bubbles!:

    In the Update Aquatic teaser shown at Minecon Earth they showcased how magma blocks will generate bubble columns underwater, which make you sink. And yes, they really do make you sink. And then take damage as you step on the magma blocks.

    (Credit: The_Shadow) You could try making magma block bubble columns create a barrier that boats couldn't get past. But no go - as long as a boat maintains maximum speed, it doesn't seem to get sucked down by magma, even 16 across. Anything less than full speed will give you a quick trip into the drink, though. And swimming across is quite hopeless.

    Using soul sand instead of magma blocks will make bubble columns that make you rise up. And what's more, you rise up pretty darned fast. Looking forward to creating lots of epic water-vators using this!

    Currently creating bubble columns of both types can be very glitchy and will hopefully be fixed in a future snapshot.

    Don't forget to post anything you find that you think is awesome or interesting in the comments!

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    posted a message on "Update Aquatic" (Now 1.13): All Information We Have So Far
    Quote from Wolftopia»

    3. When using the Riptide enchantment, you can look up (while in water) and jump out of the water very high.

    Best feature ever. If they remove it in a later snapshot I will be disappointed.
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    posted a message on [1.13] Interesting Hidden Features Part 1

    I did a thread like this in 1.11, and one in 1.12, now it's time for 1.13!

    The purpose of this thread is that I'll post some interesting, strange or obscure things you can do with the new features that are being added in 1.13, as well as some other things that may be little-known until the wiki gets updated enough to cover them.

    Feel free to post about anything else awesome or fascinating you've found and I'll put it here! (If I think it's awesome enough...) If you want some ideas of what could be put in try checking out the 1.11 or 1.12 threads.

    This is Part 1, which contains everything to do with command changes and technical things. Part 2 is all about the actual aquatic stuff and other survival features.

    The new command system:

    The biggest thing to come for 1.13 (so far...) is the brand-new command system, which is bad news for existing maps but good news for future maps. I'm not going to rant about how 1.13 breaks everything, but instead focus on the positives - some awesome new things you can do with the new command system that was not possible before!

    Note, this is not a full-on tutorial about everything about the new command system - it will only highlight some special things you can do with them.

    If you are here for a full-on tutorial, well... you're in the wrong place, I'm afraid. But please do read on.

    Custom Boss Health Bars finally make a return!

    NOTE: This section was written before they added the /bossbar command in 18w05a. Because it also explains pretty well how the /execute store and /data commands work, I've left it in even though the boss bar creation using those commands is now redundant.

    A new section about the /bossbar command itself is further below.

    Added in the 17w45b snapshot, the /execute store command is more or less the replacement for the rather cumbersome and somewhat finicky /stats command.

    It has a couple of different modes, first of which:

    /execute store result score <name> <objective> run command...

    This command will store the result of commands like say /fill. If you stick a /fill command in afterwards then the number of blocks filled will get stored in the <objective> under <name>. /stats used to be able to do this, but, like I said, /stats was a bit cumbersome.

    Anyway, onward to something else new:

    /data merge block <pos> <nbt>
    /data merge entity <target> <nbt>

    What does this do? /data is a new command that essentially combines the old /entitydata and /blockdata commands. However, /data also comes with a brand new mode:

    /data get block <pos> [<path>] [<scale>]
    /data get entity <target> [<path>] [<scale>]

    Instead of changing the nbt data of blocks or entities, /data get will "get" the data. The <path> argument is what nbt header you want to "get", for example, "PersistenceRequired", and <scale> can be used to scale the value if it's numeric. How might this be useful, you might ask?

    Well, you can chain the /execute store result score command with /data get to get something truly amazing.

    /execute store result score <name> <objective> run data get entity <target> [<path>] [<scale>]

    Using this command, you can get the numeric nbt data from any entity and put it in a scoreboard objective!

    Here's an example command:

    /execute as @e[type=zombie,name="Bob",limit=1] run execute store result score Bob MobHealth run data get entity @s Health

    The first /execute as bit makes the command be executed from the closest zombie named "Bob". Then, look at the very end, at the "data get entity @s Health" bit. It gets the "Health" nbt tag from Bob the zombie.

    Now, in the very middle, after the "execute store result score" bit - it stores in the scoreboard objective "MobHealth" under the name "Bob".

    This means whenever the command is run, the amount of health that the closest zombie named "Bob" has left is stored in the objective! This command can be plugged into a repeating command block to constantly update Bob's health.

    Using this concept, it is now finally possible to create custom boss health bars again, and what's more it's easier than ever - we just need one more command, using another form of /execute store:

    /execute store result entity @e[type=wither,name="Bob",limit=1] run scoreboard players get Bob MobHealth

    This is like "execute store result score" but instead of storing in a scoreboard objective, it stores the value in the nbt data of the chosen entity. Here I've chosen a wither named "Bob". Put these two commands one after the other in a repeating and then a chain command block or both in a function that is constantly looping in order to have a constantly updating

    boss health bar for... Bob the zombie.

    Note: Before anyone says we could chain those two commands into one command, I already tried it, and either some bug in the snapshot isn't allowing it to work properly, or maybe I'm not doing it properly...

    /execute store result entity @e[type=wither,name="Bob",limit=1] run execute store result score Bob MobHealth run data get entity @e[type=zombie,name="Bob",limit=1] Health

    If it is a bug, hopefully they'll fix it later.

    The downsides:

    A really stupid bug exists that Mojang are flat out refusing to fix for absolutely no solid reason whatsoever that makes creating the custom wither-boss health bar annoying, and, namely, that if you make the Wither have the NoAI tag set to 1, its health bar will not appear to go down at all, meaning if you do summon a wither to use for the boss health bar, make sure its NoAI tag is still 0. (Note that this bug has existed since 1.9's snapshots. It's not a problem with 1.13.)

    To stop it flying around and blowing everything up, put it in a box made out of bedrock (another bug in this snapshot means the mobgriefing gamerule does nothing. And neither does any other gamerule). Oh, and make it silent. And wire up a repeating command block to constantly kill all its wither skulls. Lastly, you'll need a resource pack that makes the wither-shoot-wither-skull noise silent, because even if the wither has the Silent tag set to 1, it still makes noises when it shoots wither skulls.

    Oh, and ender dragons won't work either. Their health bars just plain won't show up.

    Anyway, despite all the drawbacks, the ability to get mob nbt data into scoreboards, and vice versa, is such a powerful concept that I'm sure can be extended to a variety of other uses as well, which I am sure to put down here as soon as I (or somebody else who comments down below) discover them.

    Other awesome uses for execute store:

    I'm not going to go into detail for most of these, but here are a few examples of some that I've both come across from other people (links included) and that I've come up with myself.

    Bossbars... for real:

    Now in 18w05a, the new /bossbar command is an official way of creating boss health bars in maps.

    To create a new bossbar, use a command like so:

    /bossbar create bill Bill

    This creates a bossbar that will be labelled "Bill" and has the namespace "minecraft:bill"

    In order to make it so you can see it use this command:

    /bossbar set bill players @a

    You can change the color and style of the bossbar using commands like so:

    /bossbar set bill color blue
    /bossbar set bill style notched_10

    And also the current maximum value and current health value:

    /bossbar set bill max 100
    /bossbar set bill value 80

    Probably the thing that will come to mind for most when using bossbars is making it so a specific mob has an automatically updating boss bar. Don't worry, I've got you covered:

    /execute store result bossbar minecraft:bill max as @e[type=zombie,name=Bill,limit=1] run data get entity @s Attributes[0].Base
    /execute store result bossbar minecraft:bill value as @e[type=zombie,name=Bill,limit=1] run data get entity @s Health

    Other possible uses for bossbars include:

    • Timers.
    • Progress through say a dungeon.
    • Progress through a wave of mobs (if there are 10 mobs, set max to 10 and the value to the number of mobs that currently exist).
    • To display pop-ups and ads (servers did it all the time even before /bossbar was a thing).

    Laser vision and black holes:

    The new local coordinates system involving the ^ symbol is a little like relative coordinates that use ~, except they take into account player rotation as well.

    What that means is that /tp @s ^ ^ ^5 will teleport you 5 blocks forward in the direction you are facing, so if you're facing north-west, you'll be teleported 5 blocks north-west. Even if you're facing directly upwards, you'll be teleported 5 blocks into the air.

    So what does this have to do with laser vision and black holes?

    You want laser vision, right? A beam coming out of your eyes? Run these commands in a repeating command block followed by chain command blocks:

    /execute as @p at @s run particle minecraft:enchanted_hit ^ ^1.5 ^1 0 0 0 0 3
    /execute as @p at @s run particle minecraft:enchanted_hit ^ ^1.5 ^2 0 0 0 0 3
    /execute as @p at @s run particle minecraft:enchanted_hit ^ ^1.5 ^3 0 0 0 0 3

    And so on, adding more command blocks with more higher numbers depending on how long you want the beam to be. You can also change what particle you want for a different colour, e.g. if you want a bubble beam like from Pokemon you can do that. Or a fire beam? Or a purple dragon breath beam?

    Right now I'm too lazy to make more commands that makes it so your beam damages mobs or destroys blocks, but so what? It looks so cool!

    If you do really want to make it damage mobs, I guess at the same place where particles are placed, it would summon a temporary armor stand (make it invisible and NoGravity:1 and Marker:1), which all have the tag "laser". Then a command would execute from all armor stands named laser and inflict instant damage to all mobs within r=2 of the armor stand. Then one last command would kill all armor stands with tag "laser."

    To destroy blocks, it's even easier. Just do:

    /execute as @p at @s run setblock ^ ^1.5 ^1 minecraft:air destroy

    Then change the 1 to other numbers.

    Other awesome uses for the local coordinates:

    • Create a moving black hole that slowly pulls in all entities in your world. (Awesome video by Phoenix SC)

    Inspired by the black hole video, I came up with these uses for black holes:

    • Black Hole Grenades
    • A small planet with its own gravity (like from Super Mario Galaxy). Of course, it would be a bit hard to walk on it, but still...
    • Telekinesis/The Force

    I've got my eye on you:

    Added in 18w01a, the new facing argument with the tp command allows for... well, I'll just say it's awesome.

    Stick this in a repeating command block:

    /tp @e[type=guardian] ~ ~ ~ facing @p

    And every guardian in the world will be constantly looking directly at you.

    Awesome uses for it:

    • More dynamic NPCs (they can keep looking at you while talking to you, rather than having to rely on Minecraft's AI to keep them facing you)
    • Easier to make cutscenes where you are looking at a certain moving object (or looking at an object while moving yourself)
    • Homing arrows (keep changing which direction the arrow is facing so it's facing you).
    • Have custom mobs look at you, then spawn a no-gravity arrow in front of their view using the ^ ^ ^ notation, then have that arrow move in motion in same direction they're facing and... congratulations, you've just created a custom mob that shoots lasers! Mwahahahaha!!!

    Brand new command success messages:

    I could definitely tell that the command system had been overhauled as many of the familiar messages that one may have gotten used to upon using certain commands have changed, such as:

    /setblock: Used to say simply "Block placed", now says "Changed the block at <x> <y> <z>"

    /summon: Used to say simply "Object successfully summoned", now says "Summoned new Zombie" or whatever mob you summoned. If you summon a renamed mob it'll even have that mob's name, e.g. if you name a mob "jar of jellybeans!" it will say "Summoned new jar of jellybeans!"

    /reload: Used to say "Successfully reloaded functions, loot tables, and advancements", now just says "Reloading!" I wonder if it's supposed to have a success message, because that never happened for me.

    I'll probably miss the old messages.

    The pointy stick of debugging:

    I'm not sure if the debug stick item was intended to be in the game, but you can do some really cool things with it in order to get blockstates that you normally can't get under certain conditions. Examples include:

    • Use the debug stick on grass to change it to "snowy" grass. It's really white grass - what grass with snow on it looks like if there was no snow on it!
    • On ladders you can change what direction they're facing. The best part is that you can then use it on a pillar with ladders on it to create floating ladders, and then remove the supporting blocks to create entirely free-standing ladders.
    • On fences, walls, glass panes and iron bars, you can use right-click to extend or un-extend the fence part of a fence and left-click to change which side you're extending or un-extending.
    • Use it to more easily edit rails, the rotation of glazed terracotta, the axis of logs, among other things.

    So I'm seriously hoping that they'll keep the debug stick in the game and not nerf it too much by the time 1.13 comes out.

    Cave air feels musty and void air makes you suffocate:

    Well, not really, but in 18w06a they added some new types of air blocks - cave_air and void_air, the former generating wherever there is a cave. They are functionally identical to normal air blocks, but...

    They are useful to mapmakers because you could use the /fill command with the replace argument to replace a structure made out of nether brick with void air. Then, if you want the structure to come back, just make it replace all void air with nether brick!

    It was previously possible to do this with structure voids, but structure voids had a hitbox. Cave air and void air don't.

    Another use is that you could make it so that cave_air is poisonous or, in a space map, void_air might kill you unless you're wearing a space helmet.

    The possibilities are, as always, endless.

    Brand new biomes!:

    You might be thinking, I mean the new ocean biomes, but they're not in snapshots yet. However, in 18w06a they did add not one but four new biomes to Minecraft, and what makes them especially special is that they are new End biomes!!!

    The biomes are:

    The End - Barren Island

    The End - Medium Island

    The End - High Island, and

    The End - Floating Islands

    These all generate in the Outer End, with the original, plain "The End" biome generating in the centre as normal. Currently it seems that there are not many differences when it comes to how The End actually generates physically (which is a shame, as I think it would be nice if High Islands actually generated some End islands floating higher than the rest).

    The Barren Island biome seems to generate in areas where there are no chorus fruit. Floating Islands is where you have those smaller ender "asteroids" floating in between larger islands, and there seems to be not much distinction between Medium and High Island.

    Given that they've just put in the new world generation system in this snapshot, I can only hope that they have some amazing plans for this.

    Wooden everything!

    They've finally gotten around to adding buttons, pressure plates and trapdoors for all types of wood.

    You can craft buttons, pressure plates, and trapdoors for the other types of wood just like with the oak variants that have existed for ages. You can also shoot any wooden button with arrows and trigger any wooden pressure plate by dropping an item on it.

    These new variants will be very useful for resource packs in custom maps for creating more of a variety of trapdoors and buttons and pressure plates.

    Old unobtainable blocks:

    Bark blocks, mushroom blocks as well as some special "seamless" variants of double slabs, used to be obtainable with commands, but now they can be obtained more easily.

    Bark blocks are crafted just like a crafting table except instead of four planks use four logs. You get three bark blocks per craft.

    Mushroom blocks of red, brown, and stem types can be obtained in the creative inventory. You can get the "pore" side of mushroom blocks by placing another mushroom block of its same type against that side to permanently change that side. They can't be crafted yet.

    Smooth quartz, stone slabs, red sandstone and sandstone also can't be crafted (yet) but they are available in the creative inventory.

    I'm Petrified!

    If you've been playing Minecraft for as long as I have (I started on Beta 1.6.6), you'd probably remember the old wooden slabs that had the same properties as stone - you needed a pickaxe to break them, not an axe, and they wouldn't burn in fire. Then a bit later they added different types of wood and slabs to go with them.

    For some reason they've added the old wooden slabs back into Minecraft, and they're now called "petrified oak slabs." They're not craftable, but you can get them in the creative inventory.

    It's infested with surprise!

    Monster eggs have a brand new sneaky surprise - not only are they now called "infested blocks", they'll break easily upon trying to mine them, making it much more difficult to avoid them. However, you can press F3 to bring up the debug screen and look at any block you suspect is an infested block. In the top-right hand corner it will say what block you're looking at, and if it says for example "infested_stone"... well, there you go.

    Horses are not the only to be eternally changed:

    A massive amount of controversy seems to have sparked from the recent change to the horse model, making it simpler, which I can totally understand. The biggest thing that put me off personally was noticing that saddles no longer look 3D - instead they appear to be painted over the horse's body.

    Anyway, one thing that no-one seems to have noticed is that horses were not the only mob to have their model changed. Donkeys did, too. They have the same model as horses now, with the same changed legs, the same stubbier tail. Mules, too. Heck, they even changed zombie and skeleton horses!

    Don't forget to post anything you find that you think is awesome or interesting in the comments!

    Also don't forget to check out Part 2!

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    posted a message on Fog

    I think fog would be better as an effect in some biomes at night like say swamps, or maybe a new weather condition.

    Smoke already comes off of fire and explosions, digging already produces particles, and you could rig up a command-block or function system that makes it so that when you hit slimes or magma cubes they emit a spray of slime/magma cube particles. And in Bedrock edition squids spray ink.

    1/2 support because I support fog as an idea to be something to add to Minecraft environments, but in the places you listed off, not so much.

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    posted a message on Add new options for scoreboard display

    Adding more scoreboard display options sounds like a good idea. What I'd add is to make it possible to put multiple scoreboard objectives on the same sidebar, like at the top of say rightsidebar you could have the number of kills all players have had, then below that the number of deaths.

    Another thing I've wanted is for mobs to be able to display a BelowName scoreboard, like players.


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    posted a message on [1.13] Interesting Hidden Features Part 1
    Quote from Cre9»

    Omg thx, how did you find this out?

    I eventually found it out by checking to see if there was a bug report about it, and sure enough, there was. The bug report was marked as invalid, because the syntax had been changed, and luckily the moderators were nice enough to provide the updated syntax.
    If you have any more problems with other new 1.13 command changes, first check the wiki page and see if your problem is answered there. If not, then you should see if anyone else has your problem in the bug tracker.
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    posted a message on [1.13] Interesting Hidden Features Part 1
    Quote from Cre9»

    I have been trying to find a way to summon mobs with custom names because when I type the old way to summon a mob with a custom name: /summon minecraft:chicken ~ ~ ~ {CustomName:"Fred"}, it says that it is unable to summon entity. Please help

    The new command is:
    /summon minecraft:chicken ~ ~1 ~ {CustomName:"{\"text\":\"Fred\"}"}
    They changed it so that you have to use JSON text within the CustomName tag. It's annoying, yes, but it does allow you to give your mob a name with any color you want, like so:
    /summon minecraft:chicken ~ ~1 ~ {CustomName:"{\"color\":\"red\",\"text\":\"Fred\"}"}
    It can also allow translation of custom mob names and pretty much anything else JSON text can do.
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    posted a message on Assassin of Steve (Adventure Map Trilogy) [Assassin of Steve 3 - Endergeddon has been released!!!]

    Assassin of Steve and Assassin of Steve 2: The Tribal Snouts are two maps by blazeandcave (in which I am the 'cave' part).

    Assassin of Steve

    Original trailer:

    Steve has been assassinated! Your mission is to defeat the Assassin, but he flees to hazardous locations home to evil monsters...

    This is our first adventure map that was originally published back in March 2014 for Minecraft 1.7. It has since been updated to later versions 1.8, then 1.9, and now settling on 1.10. During its time this map has amassed over 45,000 downloads across all sites. It is still a great challenge to play if you want to have a great adventure with lots of mob slaying and boss fighting whether solo or with friends.

    Players: 1-4

    Gameplay time: 6-8 hours

    Minecraft versions: 1.10.2

    Click the spoiler button to see screenshots!

    Let's Plays:

    KelsiThePyroFly: (This series goes on to finish the map)

    TurquioseToad: (This series goes on to finish the map)

    Dax Interactive: (This series goes on to finish the map)

    Assassin of Steve 2: The Tribal Snouts

    The Assassin of Steve has escaped into the jungle, where the deadly Tribal Snouts reside. And on top of all the dangers, you have no idea where he is. But then you get a lead - the Assassin stole a valuable artifact from a temple that has a tracking device on it, but in order for you to track him you will need to find the four pink jewels...

    The sequel to Assassin of Steve, released back in February 2015, contains all sorts of 1.8 features, including brand new boss fights and mechanics. Like its predecessor, Assassin of Steve 2 has also been updated to 1.9 and 1.10 and has garnered a solid 17,500 downloads across all sites.

    Players: 1-4

    Gameplay time: 11-14 hours

    Minecraft versions: 1.10.2

    Click the spoiler button to show screenshots!

    Let's plays:

    Dax Interactive: (This series goes on to finish the map)

    KelsiThePyroFly: (This series goes on to finish the map)

    Assassin of Steve 3: Endergeddon (Just been released!!!)



    Teaser #1:

    Teaser #2:

    The Assassin of Steve has escaped once again, with the Squiggly Replic, and a plot to end the world. You and a collection of allies, both old, new and unexpected, are the only ones who can stop him from bringing about Endergeddon. In your quest you must discover the way to enter the Assassin's domain so you can stop him while being relentlessly hunted by fleets of End Ships. But when you discover the true nature of the Assassin's plans, Minecraft will never be the same again.

    This is the epic conclusion to the Assassin of Steve trilogy. A year and a half's work went into creating this map and features cutscenes, 3D models, legendary boxes, runes, and many more features!

    Players: 1-4

    Gameplay time: 16-20 hours

    Minecraft versions: 1.11.2

    For more information and download click the links!

    Assassin of Steve

    Assassin of Steve 2: The Tribal Snouts

    Assassin of Steve 3: Endergeddon

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    posted a message on BlazeandCave's Advancements Pack (329 advancements total across ten tabs!)

    BlazeandCave's advancements pack adds over 250 new advancements to your world so you have some extra challenges to do in your survival world.

    The current version requires release 1.12, 1.12.1 or 1.12.2

    Notable features:

    • Adds over 250 new advancements to your world, bringing the total up to 329.
    • All five existing tabs (Minecraft, Nether, End, Husbandry and Adventure) have had advancements added.
    • Adds five new tabs - Building, Combat, Redstone, Enchanting and Potions.
    • Item rewards given via functions (optional).
    • Rearranged a few of the vanilla advancements so they fit in with our new ones and new tabs. Also renamed the 'Minecraft' tab to Mining and the 'Husbandry' tab to 'Farming'.
    • Some new advancements are inspired by various existing pre-1.12 achievements as well as achievements that are exclusive to Console editions of Minecraft. Others are purely original ideas of our own.
    • All advancements are fully translatable using the BACAP Language Pack - currently Pirate Speak and Lolcat languages are supported. You can help us translate - download and info are on the Planet Minecraft page.
    • You may find a list of all the advancements in the Read Me file in the download.

    Click the spoiler to see more screenshots! (More can be viewed on the Planet Minecraft page!)

    For more information and download click here!

    If you liked or have any ideas for other advancements that could be added to this pack (or found any bugs) feel free to comment.

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    posted a message on "Update Aquatic" (Now 1.13): All Information We Have So Far
    Quote from rabidgoodra27»

    I don't like the offhand changes, but other than that, Mojang, I'll be happy. :)

    Quote from coolcat430»

    What the heck Mojang? Why? That's honestly just ridiculous.

    Apparently Jeb replied to the original source reddit post. He said it was an idea, but nobody's working on it currently, and that the "community has spoken, and we hear you loud and clear!"
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