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I am a Minecraft map maker, the 'cave' of blazeandcave.

blazeandcave projects:

Assassin of Steve trilogy - Three epic adventure/RPG maps!

BlazeandCave's Advancements Pack - Adds many more advancements to your Minecraft survival worlds.

Custom Generator - A vanilla survival experience that includes custom mobs, caves, dungeons, and more.

Battle Castle - Our first PVP map!

Redstone Rampage - Our second PVP map!

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Interesting Hidden Features:

For each new major update I create a thread summarising everything interesting, obscure, or otherwise awesome I can find.

My suggestions:

What do I think needs to be added to Minecraft?

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My bug reports:

What do I find that needs to be fixed?

MC-76740 - Mobs using melee weapons don't have a renamed weapon show up in a player death message. (Currently not fixed, and has been in the game since 1.7, but was not reported until much later.)

MC-89894 - Mobs riding slimes cause the game to crash. (Has been fixed in 15w41b)

MC-93342 - Zombies moving towards villagers or iron golems from a long distance move very slowly (Currently not fixed).

MC-93515 - Cannot connect to LAN worlds that send huge network packets / Badly Compressed Packet (Currently not fixed).

MC-94308 - 1.9 snapshots creates intense network lag in adventure maps. (They'd better fix this.)

MC-94367 - Using F3 + t to reload resource packs also reloads loot tables, but doesn't say it does. (Doesn't need to be fixed cause you have /reload!)

MC-108752 - Elder Guardians spawned from spawn egg do not have full health. (Has been fixed in 16w42a)

MC-121872 - MobGriefing gamerule being set to false has no effect on entity destructive capability (Was fixed fairly quickly, the exact snapshot escapes me)

MC-127970 - Using riptide on a trident with an item in your off-hand causes visual glitch with the item in your offhand. (Fixed but only because they removed a neat animation :/)

MC-127971 - Trying to throw a riptide trident out of water while having a shield or bow equipped will make the trident appear backwards in your hand.
MC-127973 - "A Furious Cocktail" and "How Did We Get Here" advancements not updated. (Has been fixed in 18w14b)

MC-128463 - The "How Did We Get Here" advancement does not require Conduit Power. (Has been fixed in 18w19a)

MC-129318 - The "How Did We Get Here?" advancement does not require Dolphin's Grace. (Got fixed)
MC-129491 - Advancement location trigger does not work with Shipwrecks and Underwater Ruins.

MC-129940 - Drowned are not affected by the Impaling enchantment. (For some reason they refuse to fix this...)

MC-137725 - Advancements not updated in 1.14 snapshots. (Fixed in 19w11a and 19w12a)

MC-137997 - Pillagers with Multishot or Piercing crossbows don't have the enchanted effects. (Has been fixed in 19w09a)

MC-142128 - Killing or damaging a mob using a firework rocket does not grant advancements for killing or damaging them. (Marked as duplicate but still not really fixed...)

MC-142200 - minecraft:killed_by_crossbow advancement trigger does not work correctly in custom advancements. (Fixed in 19w11a)

MC-147866 - Loaded crossbows and loading a crossbow renders too high in third person while sneaking.

MC-159623 - Placing something inside a flower pot does not trigger the "placed_block" advancement trigger.

MC-162825 -Entities and translucent blocks do not render behind translucent item models.

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