About Me

I am a Minecraft map maker, the 'cave' of blazeandcave.

blazeandcave projects:

Assassin of Steve trilogy - Three epic adventure/RPG maps!

Custom Generator - A vanilla survival experience that includes custom mobs, caves, dungeons, and more.

BlazeandCave's Advancements Pack - Adds many more advancements to your Minecraft survival worlds.

Our battle maps: Note: They are no longer being supported by us

Battle Castle

Redstone Rampage

My tutorials:

How to make random command block generators for 1.8.6

My suggestions:

/setbiome command

Mob teams

Glowing end ore (used to craft End Rods)

/bosshealth command (Yay they've added this, although it took them many years to listen...)

/scoreboard players random command

Make command block selectors support relative coordinates

Make it so you can just use one of dx, dy or dz to select all entities within a range of one type of coordinate

Command block delay setting

Command block labelling

If you dual wield two different tools you should be able to use them both on different types of blocks

Vindicators should be able to wield custom items (Yay they've added this!)

Advancement Trigger - scoreboard_changed

My other threads:

When do YOU think 1.10 will come out?

New and awesome but hidden features in 1.11

New and awesome but hidden features in 1.12

Minecraft: The Island: Inaccuracies and Explanations

Interesting Hidden Features in 1.13

My bug reports:

MC-76740 - Mobs using melee weapons don't have a renamed weapon show up in a player death message. (Currently not fixed, and has been in the game since 1.7, but was not reported until much later.)

MC-89894 - Mobs riding slimes cause the game to crash. (Has been fixed in 15w41b)

MC-93342 - Zombies moving towards villagers or iron golems from a long distance move very slowly (Currently not fixed).

MC-93515 - Cannot connect to LAN worlds that send huge network packets / Badly Compressed Packet (Currently not fixed).

MC-94308 - 1.9 snapshots creates intense network lag in adventure maps. (They'd better fix this.)

MC-94367 - Using F3 + t to reload resource packs also reloads loot tables, but doesn't say it does. (Doesn't need to be fixed cause you have /reload!)

MC-108752 - Elder Guardians spawned from spawn egg do not have full health. (Has been fixed in 16w42a)

MC-121872 - MobGriefing gamerule being set to false has no effect on entity destructive capability (Was fixed fairly quickly, the exact snapshot escapes me)

Location Deep underground

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