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    IGN: StatusG
    I hail from Colorado
    Found the server here in the forums
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    Survival server looking for players 18+ with mics. I have no intentions of changing servers or ending the server and I'm on quite often, but this will not be 24/7. My time zone is GMT. The map is mountainous and snowy around the village. I play Minecraft because I find it relaxing so there will be no currency no matter how big the server gets, trade is encouraged. You can trade through a personal shop for displaying items, or just use chat. The server now has a group of regular players which means 1 week of inactivity without explanation and your things will be put in community storage.

    The goal of this server is to give mature players as much freedom as possible while still playing as a community.


    - 18+. If your under 18 and ask if it's okay to join, I won't reply

    - Must have a mic and be responsive. I don't care if your quiet as long as you respond when asked

    - Must settle in the village. This is hard to determine as the server grows, so please let me know where you want to settle first.

    - No griefing/stealing/being disrespectful to other players

    - Give other players ample room to expand

    - No massive square/plain buildings

    - PvP will always be off. This is to avoid the inevitable griefer from taking your inventory

    - Stay out of others chests/dwellings unless you get permission or have an understanding with that player. This is mostly for new players

    - If you've read to here, put an asterisk in your request message

    - Please put a sign on or near your dwelling so I can keep track of active players

    - If you can't follow these simple rules, you can't be in the server

    If interested add and message CavemanCraft on Xbox Live. If you post here only, chances are you won't get in. Please be patient with requests, I won't ignore anyone. I get a lot of random friends through Minecraft so I now only use this account for Minecraft.
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    Having trouble sending/recieving messages on Xbox live, this should work itself out within the next 24 hours
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