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    posted a message on Looking for server host that can fit my needs.

    www.enderhosts.com is a new hoster with a datacenter in France that offers a 2G server for 20 euro/month. (This is, in the end, more than a 2G VPS will give you: the memory is entirely available to the JVM running minecraft). We support Bukkit and Tekkit.

    PM me for a promotion code for the first three months free.

    -- Cauren - www.enderhosts.com

    Edit: Apparently, my brain failed and that reply was to the wrong thread(!) :-) Please accept my apologies. (mods: delete if you will).
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    posted a message on www.enderhosts.com | Inexpensive high-end hosting | Pre-Opening
    Quote from sehunpark

    Too bad I'm in US :P

    We expect the US East Coast datacenter to become available around mid- to end-September. You can bet your behind we'll make an announcement, then, and will probably run a similar test for that location at that time.
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    posted a message on www.enderhosts.com | Inexpensive high-end hosting | Pre-Opening
    Who I am

    I've been a Unix system administrator for over 20 years, and just love Minecraft. Being annoyed at the lack of affordable higher-end hosting, I decided to put my money where my mouth is; thus Enderhosts is born.

    We're still ramping up for opening in a while, so I'm looking for vict^H^H^H^H volunteers to help work the kinks out. I'm going to give out three free 3-month trials promotion codes by PM for our entry-level 2G servers to the first three qualifying posters to this thread (see below).

    What you need to know:
    • Our first data center is in continental Europe (France), so is suitable for players in western continental Europe and the UK.
    • This is still very much in beta. Things work pretty well, but if there are missing features or your Minecraft server walks to your home and eats your dog, all we can do is our best to patch it up and fix things so they don't happen again.
    • There are still a couple of missing bits: the plugin management from the control panel isn't yet in place (but you get full FTP access), and the automated mysql database creation doesn't yet work (that'll be one of the things you will help debug in the coming days).
    • We're sysadmins and programmers. If you are easily offended by ugly websites or unpleasing aesthetics, then we aren't the hosters for you. :-)
    So, who is qualified? You need to 1. have a billing address in western continental Europe or the UK (we don't want you to have a subpar testing experience); 2. understand that this is beta testing and that things might still break or limp; and 3. be willing and able to test new features and bugfixes in the interface.

    If you are all three, reply to this thread stating so and I'll set you up with the promo code by PM.
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    posted a message on [WIP] [64x64] [1.3.1+] Uberland
    Quote from GrassyFilth

    Overall, the pack looks nce for a realism pack (not a big fan of HD), but you might want to fix some tiling problems in the ores.


    Not sure about the ore, though. I mean, by definition they are irregular "splotches" of something, so they are bound to stand out as regular in a sea of smooth. I don't know how much you'd want them to blend in for that matter.
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    posted a message on [WIP] [64x64] [1.3.1+] Uberland
    Quote from Deonyi

    The side grass looks painted on. Add shadows under it. Also, dirt looks extremely noisy. Tone it down a bit. Also, mycelium also needs shading.

    That dirt was the first texture when I opened Gimp, and it shows. Showed. I got new dirt now:

    Allowed me to get rid of an annoying tiling flaw in the previous one too.

    I'm not quite sure it'd be reasonable to shade under the mycelium though; that suff is essentially painted on dirt and doesn't actually meaningfully raise above its surface. Hm. I'll play with it a bit.
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    posted a message on [WIP] [64x64] [1.3.1+] Uberland
    Quote from Deonyi

    Have you thought about theme? The bookshelves seem apocalyptic Whereas the woods it's made from is brand you. WTF?

    I wasn't going for apocalyptic so much as "musty old tomes of arcane knowledge"; those are actually volumes in my own library. :-)

    I agree about the dirt, though. As the pack progresses, it's increasingly clashing.
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    posted a message on [WIP] [64x64] [1.3.1+] Uberland

    Rail, repeaters, redtorches

    Mycelium, shrooms, enchantment table and bookcase:
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    posted a message on Need feedback on my new textures. Criticism welcome.
    Are the rightmost blocks on the wall birch? That one looks a bit odd to me.

    Otherwise, looks good. You might want to break the regularity of the wooden boards by shifting one of them out of alignment though; but that's just personal taste.
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    posted a message on [WIP] [64x64] [1.3.1+] Uberland
    Quote from Sven10

    Also, could you post some more individual pictures?

    Asks, and thou shalt receive. I've added a couple of screenshots closer up in the original post.
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    posted a message on [WIP] [64x64] [1.3.1+] Uberland
    Oh hey! Yet another HD Texture pack WIP!

    Uberland is the texture pack I am working on, originally for my own use on my server.

    It's intended as a semi-realistic pack; I'm aiming for a "credible, but clean" look; it's not intended to be photorealistic, just look pleasing. I'm uploading it despite it being still very partial to get early feedback. What do you guys think?

    What is done:

    * About 50% of blocks; almost all of the "natural" and common blocks
    * The paintings
    * The default font
    * Most particles
    * Sun and moon
    * Chests

    Ze pretty pictures:

    Updated: Aug 16: Most vegetation, saplings, some more blocks.

    Ze license:
    While this is WIP, It's CC-BY-ND (http://creativecommo...nses/by-nd/3.0/)

    Ze download:
    It can be downloaded there:
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    posted a message on [SURVIVAL][ECONOMY] Uberland - Brand new server
    Want a place to play and relax without complications on a mostly vanilla server? This is the place for you.

    Stake a claim to the wilds, with region self-service. You can build and sell plots, make commerce in town, or just build your little corner of paradise out in the boondocks.

    On the server: Economy, ChestShop, RegionSelfService, AutoRepair, HeroChat and Transporter (plus a dozen minor utilities or so).

    Server address: angmar.uberbox.org
    Rules and information: http://angmar.uberbox.org/

    Guests cannot build, but any mod can promote you on simple request.
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    posted a message on Clean and simple no-fuss SMP
    I'm starting up a small (24 slot) SMP server for people who want to build and play without the fuss and complexity of the Big Places.

    - No whitelist;
    - No elaborate silly little user levels. You're a guest, you're a known user, or you're an admin;
    - No PVP;
    - Bukkit, Essentials, AutoRepair and BigBrother. No piles of unstable plugins;
    - iConomy is there to fiddle with, if you want it; and
    - No bullpoop.

    server address: angmar.uberbox.org
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