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    The Nagas remind me of the Shockjaw from the HtTYD universe. So I thought that maybe you could add elements from other dragons from that franchise to the Naga as well, particularly, the Deathgrippers. Vicious dragons that can only be trained by drugging them with their own venom, to which they're not immune. Now it may seem weird that the one mob that can potentially grant you poison resistance is weak to poison, but, for one, you have to BREW those potions. And I'd argue it would be more weird if the nagas had blaze powder, brewing stands, and nether warts in their bodies to be poison-immune. Also Mowzie's Mobs is no stranger to things that keep you up at night, making you think "Why do you need invisibility to sneak past the Frostmaw if it's eyes are closed anyway?", "Why couldn't my diamond sword with Bane of Arthropods V kill that bug before it got prickled to death by a lowly cactus?", the somewhat obscure "How come the Barakoa wield neither stone nor iron swords even when you trade those items to them? And how come Barakoas with bone clubs can trade you darts, blowguns, and even spears, yet they never switch those weapons when in combat? How come Zombies, Wither Skeletons, Zombie Pigmen, and all the fancy critters from new vanilla versions that I don't keep up with are more likely to drop the swords they're wielding than the Barakoa are to drop the bones they carry?", the infamous "Y diamond grottols but not emerald, Quartz, Lapis, Redstone, Gold, Iron, Glowstone [...] Nether Star, Dirt, Wood, Sandstone, Glass, Sonic & Knuckles Grottols?" and the even more infamous "Y won't my Wrought Axe chop trees?". Heck, vanilla Minecraft has so many weird things that I'm not even gonna bother trying to list them. The ones that are particularly relevant to what I'm about to say are the following: "Why are creepers afraid of cats", "Why do you need to apply a weakness potion effect and an unenchanted golden apple to cure zombie villagers?" and maybe also "How do I know that THAT is how you make a Wither boss totem? Is there a single person who learnt it the official way, by placing a bunch of paintings, coming across the wither totem one, and deciding <<Hmm, yeah, I should recreate the things shown in THIS PARTICULAR painting.>>"

    Furthermore, You yourself stated that poison resistance can only "be used to neutralize OTHER poisons." So maybe you can extract Naga Venom and use it on them, but not conventional poison. But how do you apply it to them, if they have a tendency to dodge projectiles and stay above the player's melee range? Well, I've heard somewhere that you were planning to make the nagas fish. If it's true, how are they gonna do that? Will they dive like Kingfishers and Gannets or will they skim the water like, well, Skimmers? And once they catch a fish, will the other Nagas fight for it? Because I thought maybe the Clownfish could be made more useful. As in, the Nagas have a sweet tooth for clownfish and will fight for it fiercely. They love Clownfish as much as Creepers hate Cats. In an attempt to keep it's prized possession, the Naga will fly to higher altitudes than it normally does. Often times, whether it's the original Naga or some other one that managed to steal the fish but is itself nagged by the others will drop the fish on the ground, and the others don't notice since they're so high up they can't spot it, so they fight for a while until they loose interest, and they never find the fish again, leaving it either to despawn or to be discovered by the player. When facing a Naga, a player could drop his or her Clownfish, briefly distracting the serpents. In that time, he or she could apply some venom and maybe also something valuable, like some unenchanted golden apple, as you do with Zombie villagers, and the Naga will be tamed. The venom works the same as a potion of poison otherwise, maybe you can make splash and lingering versions too, but I say that with some redstone you should be able to make an 8 minutes version with redstone. When "tamed", the Naga will remain docile for as long as the venom is in effect, but will naturally raise the duration of the original potion to the power of two. So an 8 minute bottle should make your naga tameable for around 4 in-game hours. The venom duration can stack, but only if you feed it an additional item(the same one that you fed it to the naga when you tamed it, the one as valuable as the unenchanted golden apple). If the potion has different levels, your Naga will have "Naga's Venom II" for the duration of the potion to the power of two, and when that time is up, it will resume it's "Naga's Venom I". A Naga with "Naga's Venom II" will have certain benefits over "Naga's Venom I". Such benefits include:
    Attacking for you.
    Not attacking you if you accidentally(or not) attack it first.
    Allowing you to ride it on land.
    Allowing you to ride it on water, like a boat.
    Allowing you to ride it underwater, maybe you should also bring some water breathing with you. Or maybe it will give you water breathing while you're riding it.
    Allowing you to perform the poison spitting attack when you're riding it.
    Allowing you to fly on it.
    Allowing you to do that spinning drop attack while flying on it.
    Allowing you to ride it while you have armor on.

    Now a Naga turned into a neutral mob is kinda boring, so I suppose it's up to you to decide which of these can be obtained by applying "Naga's Venom I" and which by using "Naga's Venom II". Who knows. Maybe you'll decide that "Naga's Venom II" shouldn't exist, and leave it at "Naga's Venom I". Or maybe you won't give the player some of those benefits whether the venom is at level II or not.

    Also if all the way back in 2014, when the Foliaath was at most a concept(I think), Fabric were a thing, would you still have made your mod a Forge mod?

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    Haha, here's something else I've been thinking of: I've been seeing quite a lot of "extra grottols" requests so I tried to make a little fan comic describing them in a nutshell. I mean sure, it may be funny if say uh... I dunno... uhh... villagers could trade you captured emerald grottols as decorative pets that follow you around or something, but that could kinda make the grottols feel less unique. Maybe to the extent where the following happens:

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