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    So a person had Biomes O' Plenty and went to the Sacred Springs biome and encountered Foliaaths that stuck out. I don't know if Mowzie fixed it or not but I thought it would be fun to mess around with the image using Paint.net. Here are the results:

    Pretty cool, don't you think?
    (I used another image of a minemator mesh and one from an archive of this website).

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    Quote from 4Point»

    Rough idea: Something that doesn't attack you directly, but makes it harder for you to fend off other mobs? sorta like a disease?

    Or maybe he could add that cursed armor but instead of forcing itself into you it forces itself into your enemies, protecting them. Like some kind of protection creeper from that primitive creatures mod, only this time it's better because it's not a lazily reskinned creeper. Weird how easy this concept seems yet no one added it to their mods. Perhaps it's too simplistic for MM, and not in a beautiful manner like the lanterns.

    And that's just assuming he'll add the cursed armor. He apparently erased it from his mob plans, opting for better enemies, like the Master Hand from Smash Bros.

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    I made these drawings and traced them using Paint.Net. Only at the end I learned how to draw lines and that's why the sword's so badly drawn. I know that it's supposed to be some simple and somewhat innocent dark/nightmare/ghost themed enemy, and not something straight out of a snuff film but it is a dark/nightmare/ghost enemy nonetheless. I didn't draw, nor post this for any particular reason. The act of raising trees from the ground is griefy, especially in a very cramped space like a roofed forest. Thus I myself don't agree with the actions I chose to portray the mob do. Still, i wanted to post it because when I read it's description I immediately thought about this animated series that has a scene in one of the later episodes where an enemy does things in a similar fashion to the mob in my drawings. It's an obscure animated series so i don't blame you if you don't get the reference. I'll check the forums a few times to see how long it takes until one spots it.

    Due to some glitch it duplicated mob1.jpeg sorry

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    Here is a concept that i really enjoyed brainstorming

    Sand Boss (Pharaoh)

    NOTE: Name is just a placeholder as im bad at names, you can name it what ever you want if you like my concept.

    Pharaoh’ resemble a humanoid roughly 4 to 6 blocks tall with a frail frame and only appearing as a upper torso (No Legs). Pharaoh’ are an undead monster with dark skin similar to a husk, with a rectangular head similar to a villager and lacking any visible eyes. Pharaoh’ wear ragged robes, a hood and a crown like ornament on there head resembling a bit like a circlet.

    Pharaoh’ are found inside brand new tomb structures. After going thru the entrance (located on the surface) the player will then travel down a spiral staircase into the catacombs. The catacombs are a series of hallways. They can lead into rooms with loot or just dead ends. Husks can be found here and are much more prevalent here than other mobs. Located in the catacombs is the Pharaoh’ chambers which is a 20x20x20 room located very deep in the tomb. Inside this room is nothing but a coffin. Getting close to this coffin will trigger the coffin to burst open. The door being pried off the coffin by a undead hand. The Pharaoh will emerge as a torso, crawling out of the coffin. The Pharaoh will then lift one hand, wave it in the air for a few seconds then close its fist with a burst of orange particles coming out of it. A twister of sand will form around the Pharaoh, lifting it up to about 7-10 blocks in the air. Safe out of reach from melee attacks.

    Basic Moves

    The Pharaoh will circle the player, keeping about a 8-10 block distance. The Pharaoh has a basic sand projectile attack. The Pharaoh will lift its hand, a orange particle effect appearing as well. It will do this for 1-2 seconds while a ball of sand forms in its hand. The Pharaoh will then throw it at the player. It is a weak attack, but the Pharaoh uses this attack alot and at a fairly quick pace.

    Advanced Moves

    Sand Twister
    The Pharaoh spins 360 degrees with one arm out. Once a full rotating is made, he swings his arm towards the player. A twister of sand forms and moves towards the player. It gets bigger and bigger until about 12 blocks where it disperses and becomes no threat. If hit however, the player will be spun around and will travel with the twister until it disappears, being dealt damage every second in contact.

    Sand Cyclone
    The Pharaoh lifts its hands and claps them together while facing the player. Once it claps its hands a cyclone forms from its hands and stretches about 10 blocks forwards words. Anything caught is sucked in and will travel towards the Pharaoh, taking damage in the process. Once the player makes contact with the Pharaoh, it will cease the clap position and “push” the player, knocking them back a fair distance.
    NOTE: it cannot turn while using this move, leaving it exposed.

    Sand Wave
    The Pharaoh stretches both hands out at a downward angle then swings them up and forward towards the target. A wave of sand stretching 6 blocks on either side of the Pharaoh forms and moves 12 blocks forward. This attack is almost impossible to dodge and can only be blocked. If caught in the wave, the player will be carried with it until it stops. Being dealt damage in the processes.

    Sand “Uppercut”
    The Pharaoh lowers its arm downwards, forms a fist and then lifts its arm upwards. A sand fist will form under the player and will launch them about 8 blocks into the air, dealing heavy damage on impact and with fall damage dealing the rest.

    Sand Minions
    The Pharaoh raises both hands into the air in a pushing motion. 6-10 Sand Minions will appear (their appearance can be anything really, i'm going for a simple humanoid). They are weak (10 HP they are made of sand after all) and pretty slow but can be challenging in numbers.

    How to fight
    Range is the best way to fight a Pharaoh. After shooting it enough times it will collapse to the ground, its sandy lower half twister body disappearing and will lay there for a few seconds, giving you a chance to do some damage. The Pharaoh then slams its fist to the ground, creating a AOE blast of sand to knock attackers away and then reassemble its twister. You will repeat this until about around 90% of its health depleted (depending on how much health you give it). The Pharaoh will try to call back its twister but will be unable to. It will realize this and will give out a terrifying scream and will go into a “raged state”. While in this state, it will move towards the player at a surprisingly fast pace (with movement similar to that of a Skull Crawler from "Kong: Skull Island" only a bit more frantic as its trying to get you) and will perform two attacks.

    Swat Attack
    Pharaoh swats the player with one arm, falling on its arm as its off balance giving you time to strike if you dodge.

    Leap Attack
    If at a distance from the player, the Pharaoh leaps at them.

    Once killed. The Pharaoh will give off one final scream then collapse. Giving the player some rotten flesh and a new item called the Pharaoh’ Crown (or what ever you decide to call it).


    When worn by the player, the Crown has a few abilities that the player can utilize.

    Basic Sand Projectile - Right Click with empty hand

    Sand Twister - Hold Right Click with empty hand

    Sand Twister Body - When sprinting on sand
    Player rises 1 block high and is able to move up 1 block without jumping.

    If the player has had 80% of his/her health depleted, the Crowns effects cannot be used.

    This concept is probably one of my favorites that I've come up with.

    I also would like a pharaoh mob but I haven't put much thought in it yet. My pharaoh has a pet lizard that has two powerful hind legs but no forelimbs. Its body is somewhat thick with has a pointy head and a muscular tail like in a skink. The fingers on the hind limbs have feather-like structures on them. It has three attacks: 1) It digs under the sand and comes after you. Then it comes out, bites you, and drags you under the sand. Its teeth are so small that it only has a 50% chance to deal you half a heart of damage, so it relies on suffocation damage to kill you.
    2) Pretty much attack one, but this time it hurls you into the air, dealing you fall damage. It happens when the mob fails to perform attack 1 properly.
    3) It comes out and shoots sand particles at you, giving you blindness for a few seconds.
    Quote from Michael_Corvus»

    if i nametag a captured grottol will it ever despawn or disappear? i wanna have a few as pets but dont know how i would go about it.

    Afaik yes

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    This mod seems to have so many files it overloads my game and it crashes. I'm using Forge

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    The server crash is fixed! for both the Frostmaw breath and Lantern they both do not crash the server. I am still getting the ticking/world freezing and it says "waiting for server" on single player but multiplayer is fine.

    I still can't spawn Naga on multiplayer either.

    What server? Can I join?

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