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    Faction Name: Sultai

    Type of Government: Oligarchy

    Purpose: Unleashed the armies of the damned upon the quaking mortal world. Also to provide high quality luxury goods at an affordable price.

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    Out-of-character Info

    Minecraft username: Cathartidae

    Your Age: 20

    Have you ever role-played before? If so, tell us your experience with it (this does not include role-playing video games such as Skyrim): Extensively, been on several hardcore roleplay servers as well as D&D experience

    Have you read all of the rules?: Borscht

    Tell us about yourself. Why are you interested in joining, what do you have to offer the server?: I am looking for a new server where I can play survival and build, as well as engage in medieval roleplay

    What three MCMMO skills would you like? (If you do not know anything about MCMMO skills, read up on them here.): Unarmed, Taming, Mining

    In-character Info

    Character Name: Cathartidae

    Character Age: 24

    Character Gender: Male

    Write a backstory for your character. It need not be super long, but it should be at least a paragraph or two and should be interesting. This will be one of the main things that we consider when reading your application, so be creative:

    Cathartidae has always lived in the woods.Shunning the busy towns for a quiet woodland life, he seeks to protect the forest and will fight against those who would harm it. Now that the population of the region is growing, Cathartidae is more challenged to defend the woods. He now recruits like minded people to form a band of adventurers who seek to maintain the natural balance of the world.
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    IGN: Cathartidae

    Previous RP experience: 5/5 - Dabbled in other RP servers and games, successfully played several D&D campaigns

    Have you read the Server Guide? Yes

    Link to MCThread Forum page that contains your application:



    Character name: Cathartidae Blacktalon

    Gender: Male

    Race (and optional subrace): Human, Centraler

    Age: 32

    Cathartidae still appears fairly young, having few scars from the time after the cataclysm, his blue eyes still shining with hope. He still wears his dark brown hair at shoulder length in the classic noble style, but he now wears a beard as a result of his time on the road. Wearing basic leather armor with a few metal reinforcements, he prefers to keep quick and mobile. Above all, he is fiercely protective and proud of the black and blue Blacktalon tabard, which he keeps on his person at all times.

    Although hardened by his time surviving the cataclysm, Cathartidae strives to remember the lessons of honor and kindness taught to him in his youth. He will not hesitate to defend himself of those he cares about, but tries to be diplomatic first. Fiercely loyal to his family name, soiling it is a sure way to draw him to anger. By and large, Cathartidae is driven not to personal glory, but to reinstate his family name as a noble name of worth. At the present, taking the Crystal Isles by storm seems to be the best option.

    RP Story:
    A twig snapped in the tall grass surrounding my camp on the outskirts of Ithica. I woke with a start. Scrabbling for my dagger, I jumped to my feet and peered around the shadows cast by the embers of the night's fire.
    "Show yourself," I growled softly. A young girl in ragged clothes stepped out of the grass, fear and shame in her eyes. Relaxing a little, I questioned, "What do you think you're doing here?"
    "I.. am so hungry.. and you have a little extra food.. I thought I..." she mewed. Sighing softly, I sheathed my dagger and gestured her closer.
    “The plains outside Ithica are no place for a young girl. Outlaws abound here.” I reached into my pack and tore off a hunk of bread for the frail girl. Without a word, she began to devour the hard, stale bread. As she ate, I mused to myself, gazing into the embers of my fire, how much things have changed. Looking down at my ragged black and blue tabard of house Blacktalon, I remarked aloud, “14 years ago, I would have been able to treat you better.”
    “What do you mean?” she said around a mouthful of bread. Sighing, I leaned back into my pack, and began to speak of a time she never knew, a time before the Cataclysm.
    At 16 years old, I was a well-treated lad a few day’s ride away from Ithica. As the only son of my father, I carried the name of Blacktalon, representing a small barony. My father was a fair man, not taking his title with surplus pride, always treating his people fairly and with honor, a kind glimmer always in his eye. I was next in line, and had been taught my entire life the ways of nobility, of a strong but rational hand, of knowledge. These lessons I have carried all my life.
    The day the cataclysm came was the last of my adolescence. As my parents withered and died before my eyes, and the people surrounding the castle Blacktalon perished with them, my upbringing, title, and way of life now meant nothing. All that mattered now was survival. For several years I made my way where I could, stealing if I had to, working if I could.
    As I grew into a man, I needed to steal less. I went back to my rotting home, and pulled the tabard I now wear from the ruins. I vowed to regain my family’s honor, and make the name Blacktalon mean something once more.
    “But you are a little girl, probably in the same place I was then. What do these lessons mean to one as young as you? We all have to make our way and learn firsthand.” Looking down, I found that she had fallen asleep curled up next to my fire, chunk of bread still in hand. Letting a smile grace my lips for the first time in many months, I pulled my woolen blanket over her and laid back down on my bedroll.
    -Two Years Pass-------------------------------
    “Alleen, come look at this,” I said, gripping a ragged flier, “They say the Crystal Isles are free of the corruption.”
    “Maybe we can finally settle down!” she cried happily.
    “Perhaps. We will certainly try.” Crumpling the paper in my hand, I look toward the sea. Now I prove the name Blacktalon still carries weight.
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    CommunityMC accepted, welcome
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    Both of the above accepted, and I'm excited for the rush of new players!
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