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    I have no idea if you're still working on this project or something else, but whatever it is, keep the work up! You've got insane potential - I've never seen anybody make a survival map in Minecraft this huge before! And to think the bulk of it was made ten years ago is difficult to understand.

    I'm currently exploring it in survival mode and the amount of content to explore is incomprehensible. After 15 hours of exploring I've only almost explored like 25% of the map. Since I'm playing in Minecraft version 1.19.2, walking through the structures largely built in 2012 feels like fever-dream with the occasional element of features from more recent versions like scaffolding and crimson trees. A most peculiar experience, and I feel a need to know what more there is to find!

    So good luck using your extreme dedication in the future, I'm sure it will be of help. I can relate.

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