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    Wayne Cashdollar


    I live in New Albany Ohio

    i am 15

    My skype is wayne.cashdollar

    I love playing the Survival games and i just started a Job so i can do Both after Each other

    I think i should be Chosen because I work hard and I love playing Minecraft its like a real sport to me i just love doing it and being able to be apart of all the Servers out there

    I want to be a Staff of Revolution Minecraft Because all the other servers that I play on are more Like partial homes to me and I think that the server that you are running is more like an actual Home and I love playing the Hunger Games and im a hard worker and I work really well with people

    What can i bring to the Team that is different is that I dont bring in Bad people I bring Happiniess and People that want to play the Survival Games and have Fun and I work better in groups than i do by myself and I play MC almost every day so I think i would bring a lot to the Team

    I was a Moderator for a server that Closed and the Owner and I were good Friends but I dont know if the server is going to re open but it closed because we were not getting enough donations from people and we could not keep it up with the Money that i earned and I have the Owner on skype so if u need more proof I can talk to him with u in the Call

    Yes i can commit to long hours playing on the Server I Work most days from 8 to 12 and some times to get 40 hours a week from 8 to 4 pm but I can commit to long hours playing minecraft its one of my Specialties

    I do not have Experience with Plugins but if needed i can get my friends to teach me or one of the Staff I learn very fast at anything

    I started Playing the Server Literally today but Its a nice server and A lot of the People are nice and it seems like a server that i can go well on and people would like me as a mod on there

    I may be having a Job but i still Devout alot of my life to Video games i am going to college to Major in Video game Designing and maybe even go into the Military just to be apart of a server that might get very big it means alot being a part of any staff on any server means alot I just love playing Minecraft and Other Video games that alot of other People play its just fun to Interact with people
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