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    posted a message on Server where anyone can be an admin
    My friends want people to talk to and such and will basically op anybody who is willing to play with them. they are building up a base and such right now so anyone can join!
    Have fun
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    posted a message on Something to make you laugh.
    Quote from zooggydog480

    It's not illegal. It's not like he copied the code or actually infringed on any trademarks.

    The thing is open source and is using Java naming conventions. I don't wanna be mean, but it is kinda apparent this guy copies and paste like the formulas for the things and then converts them.
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    posted a message on Something to make you laugh.
    So I was going through my routine schedule of looking at news (gaming news, there is a WiiU coming out soon) and I read a few tutorials on art and came across a new game advertising website. I looked through recent and top ones and some of the looked cool, so I just put them on watch through my bookmarks then I came across this:
    I thought it was a Minecraft server, but then saw it was copying all of Minecraft into a different programming language. The creator states that he didn't like Minecraft being a pay to play (P2P) so instead he is making his beta version free and stole the art from Minecraft (till recently did I notice he changed the art to custom art) and has recieved donations for things. Also some people stated that the game had still the same sounds as Minecraft. I was wondering if this was illegal as they do state they are making Minecraft into a different programming language. I think this was kinda cruel, but here is the funny part.

    I was thinking through, and sent a report into the Mojang email, I think you should too so these guys stop copying a good game to be free, and put in all the information. I took a nap and thought about it,
    I feel bad for the 15 year olds hoping to copy Minecraft while not getting sued, but still getting money. I laughed harder when there in court having to pay all the money earned, and the fine for copyright! *slaps knee.
    Yeah that was probably boring to some people, but I found a kick out of some people just trying to become famous by copying a popular game.

    Have a good day,
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    posted a message on [Simple Survival] RadCraft [Small Community]
    I honestly think server owners need to like talk more about them selves. I prefer to know what they have done to the community. I played a server that was absolutely horrible and the owner was a 10 year old who played CoD and got fake pictures and everything. So like yeah, please a quick, not too personal autobiography, and you will be helping me start to fix up our servers :)
    Have a nice day.
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    posted a message on Height of cloud way too low
    I honestly think that their should be a randomization of clouds on different layers and maybe fog. I used to agree with you on your point, but I like having the nice heaven bases.
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    posted a message on Better Gold for 1.3.2
    You're going to find most people prefer the way gold tools are now and it would kind be cheating I guess to put this in. Also who even uses gold tools?
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    posted a message on LAN help, please!
    You need an internet connection both of you are on. It is like trying to do a co-op race with no race. Makes sense? The best thing would maybe look at your phone company and get a really cheap deal so you have an internet connection of about at least 200 kb for 2 of you. Because I find it easier to run a server with at least 100kb per player. They should offer to set up your computer.
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    posted a message on Minecraft Cataclysm [+22.000 DLs](Over 8 hours to play)(Translated in ENGLISH AND SPANISH)(1 to 4 players)
    Hola, me mucha inglesias. Looks like a fun map and I know some Spanish so I am glad :)
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    posted a message on Dark room --- Light Bug
    I think 1.4 or 1.5 is going to have the new lighting system which will be, hopefully the last one. So see the fix around new years.
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    posted a message on What do you use most of your gold ore/bars for?
    I main use it on clocks for my base in each chest so I can check and in minecart chests so I know when I can go back up. Also you could make a temple or secret room out of golds blocks!
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    posted a message on Why it's so hard to update mods to 1.3.1
    He probably isn't using the newest version of modloader.
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    posted a message on 0x10c
    I plan to make a modding API for the space game as soon as it gets out. I am also going to add in some decompiler because I just learned how to do that ^-^
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    posted a message on What is your worst day?
    Worst day was when I was 7
    I pooped my pants for a 8 hour car ride on hour 2 because my mom didn't wanna pull over. I was so hated that day and got a rash on my ass (get it).
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    posted a message on Looking for modders to help me make a modpack
    I wouldn't mind helping somebody out. If you want, I made the mods Impostor's Agriculture and GodsCraft. Please don't make anything too hard because I can only add in custom chest, custom doors, custom crops, custom gui's PM me and I will get back to you.
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    posted a message on Minecraft Mod API?
    If you are looking for the Official Minecraft Modding API it will be the main news for the next year. Most modders are going to be working with Mojang in getting together this API. In the meantime, you can use Forge which is very similar to what Dinnerbone would like to achieve. Also this API will be included ingame.
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