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    Yeah, just post any ideas for 1.2 here. Biomes, mobs, blocks, items, etc.

    Pie Tray - 3 bowls in a row on a crafting grid - Used to craft pies
    Pumpkin Pie - pie tray below pumpkin - Heals 5 bars of hunger
    Apple Chunks - apple on a crafting grid - used to make Apple Pie
    Apple Pie - pie tray below apple chunks - Heals 5 bars of hunger
    Tomato - cannot be crafted - Heals 2 bars of hunger
    Refridgerator - surround a snowball with iron ingots - Keeps food from getting rotten
    Microwave - 3 iron in the top and bottom rows, then 3 torches in the middle - Used to warm up refridgerated food
    How fridges work
    After 2 Minecraft days meat goes rotten and poisons you when eaten. To keep it from going rotten you must refridgerate it for 20 seconds, then microwave it to eat it.
    So, post all your ideas for 1.2 here. I like to read others' creativity!
    Keep on Minecrafting!
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    Do you know what the jungle wood/leaves are called? And yes, it is an AMAZING biome.
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    Hello Minecrafters, I'm Carz(moviefan), and recently I've hosted a Minecraft Server using TreePuncher.com. They provide great server hosting at an affordable price, with the options of Bukkit, Mumble and many other great features. The server is whitelisted, and is called Magma's Cube. (website at magmascube.webs.com) We have about 10 Ops and we are now looking for other players to join our community. If you would like to apply for the whitelist, either reply to this forum or go to the forums on the server website. You will have a 2-day trial and if you seem nice you can stay, if not, sorry, but you have to go. We have a Mob Arena, Spleef Arena, a small town inside a forest and a bigger city exclusive to Ops. We're waiting for Bukkit to come out for 1.1 (please tell me if it's out), and currently we're just building up the community as we go. Please apply for the whitelist, it would be great.
    Yours Sincerely,
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