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    posted a message on [1.6.4] CRAFT OF DUTY®: BLOCK OPS 2 [includes Die Rise] [Mob of the Dead, Buried & Origins in progress!]
    Quote from roadhouse699

    OMFG I got my username from peter griffin using his feet to drive!!!!
    I don't remember that, though.

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    posted a message on [1.6.4] CRAFT OF DUTY®: BLOCK OPS 2 [includes Die Rise] [Mob of the Dead, Buried & Origins in progress!]
    Quote from tRmz

    Patience is a virtue, sir.

    I understand it takes time
    Quote from roadhouse699


    How do you not know that?
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    posted a message on [1.4.7] Flatlands Extension v1.4 PORT
    Will this be in Forge anytime soon?
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    posted a message on DELETE THIS POST
    Quote from Farlander2821

    This topic is dead :(
    i kno
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    posted a message on [1.2.5] [PARK] Parkour Paradise V.1
    Parkour Paradise

    Download Parkour Paradise 2.0 Here

    Parkour Paradise 2.0 for Minecraft Forums will be out soon (Check out Minecraft Planet for more of my maps)

    Hey guys, this is my first parkour map that I made, and that has been posted on Planet Minecraft. The rules are just like every other parkour map (Read Below.) With this parkour map, there are 4 colors which each of them have 3-7 parkour arenas. Collect all the redstone torches and go to the Final Arena. For people who haven't seen my last map go to this link.

    - You may choose any parkour building to play at. You just have to play at all of them.
    - Do not break blocks. Lets not destroy the map
    - Play on peaceful. Mobs are not neccessary.
    - Get all Redstone Torches to get to the main building.
    - 1 or more players can play (I suggest 2 players, not any more.
    - Buddy system is allowed.
    - Enjoy the Map!
    - Try to find the secret box

    Hints for the Secret Box
    Hint #1
    - In the yellow building
    Hint #2
    - In the Wipeout area
    Hint #3
    - Press on the wooden pressure plate, a piston will open the chest in the water


    Let's Play Series

    Here is a walkthrough by Apollo2Ares
    Channel: http://www.youtube.c...re=results_main

    Here is a review of the map by the Frosbite Project
    Channel: http://www.youtube.c...rostbiteProject


    If you are to be playing this map reminder is that "there is nothing in the nether."

    .rar File: http://adf.ly/A6ECa

    .zip File: http://adf.ly/A6EIY


    My Website: http://brcarpy95-her...1.yolasite.com/

    Minecraft Planet Page: http://www.planetmin...mber/brcarpy95/

    Download Rates
    Minecraft Forums
    [100] :Diamond:
    [200] :Diamond:

    Minecraft Planet
    [100] :Diamond:
    [200] :Diamond:
    [300] :Diamond:
    [400] :Diamond:
    [500] :Diamond:

    Spread the Word
    Something quick I would like to say is, that I would love it if you guys did Let's Plays or even tell people about this map. Thank You.
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    posted a message on Can't find my server ip
    Quote from tree3three

    :(I just made a server and I can't find the Ip for it anywhere. :sad.gif: CAN ANYONE HELP?

    I know i can get on m server with the local host thing but I still want the Ip

    Wait i think i have figured it out
    If you are using windows go to the menu bar and click on run. If you are using windows 7 just go to the searchbar at the bottom and type in 'cmd'. Once you have done that you will have this black screen with a few words her and there. Don't worry just type in 'ipconfig' once you have done that it gives a ton of numbers on the right and words on the left. Find the one that says Ip address, it is somewhere there or PvP if you have a laptop. It should look like a decent amount of numbers with periods ex. <-- This is seriously not my ip. Go run the minecraft server and it should work, with that ip address.
    thanks for reading brcarpy95
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