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    posted a message on Brand new whitelisted 1.7.10 modded community server looking for mature 16+ members
    IGN: Carilyra

    How long have you been playing minecraft? Around 6 months I think

    Age: sorry but yes this is important! 22

    Have you even been banned from a server and why? this is important for us and we do a background check on our members! Nope!

    Do you record, and what is the name of your youtube channel? No I don't.

    How good are you at building and redstone? rate on a 1 your dang good 10 your still a newbie. I'd say around 5 maybe? I'm not noob, but I'm definitely not a pro. And I usually get Jasaphar's help on things that I am stuck on. And I suppose I'm okay with redstone if I'm following a tutorial! Otherwise I will have to read up on how to make something work.

    most important one Do you agree with the rules to the t and understand the consequences if caught? Of course! They're all perfectly reasonable rules.

    I should also note I am coming over from Palmtree's server, with him and Jasaphar. So if you have any questions you can ask them! :)
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