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    posted a message on What's your favorite mods?
    Quote from Gestankfaust »
    Not trying to troll...but this is the third time for just me today to see almost this exact post


    That topic is only about texture packs. This one is about mods in general...

    Handheld Torches
    Magic Carpet

    And that mod where boats can fly, i forgot its name.... :/
    It was something like Hoverboat, i think.
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    posted a message on Beta suggestion
    Why would you want that?
    So your friends can play on your account on your worlds?

    It's actually good that they are aved on your computer, because then you share them with people.
    Also that way you dont need internet connection to play.
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    posted a message on peaceful having no nighttime!
    Sometimes its cool seeing your house at night....
    With all the torches glowing etc.
    Though I agree that it's annoying sometimes I dont think it should be removed :/
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    posted a message on good news for players!
    Yep. Definitly a Spambot

    @Arizonian lol^^
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    posted a message on Extended 2x2 Grid Crafting: Now Playable!
    How would know how to make a Handpick?
    How would you even know that you "mix" items in that grid to make new ones? :/

    And I think its easier finding out:
    :wood: :wood:
    :wood: :wood:

    :wood: :wood:
    :|: :wood:
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    posted a message on Extended 2x2 Grid Crafting: Now Playable!
    I dont think you guys are understanding what I was trying to say...

    If I begin a game and I get 1 log I have the choice between getting a workbench or Handpicks.
    Of course I would take hjand Picks BUT seeing that I can easily get more logs I would just make a workbench.
    First of all I need a workbench later on anyway.
    Second, if I'd get Hand Picks I would get hundreds which I wouldnt really use up since they last just as long as the normal Pickaxes. Plus they have lower speed.
    If I would decide to make Pickaxes I would make 1 wooden one then mine sopme stone with it and make stone Pickaxes with the stone I got. Of course I would do the same thing with Hand Picks (first get a wooden then make stone)
    Lets see:
    If I would get 10 Logs (which wouldnt take me long at all)
    So 10 Logs = 40 Wood
    for the wooden tool with both Pickaxe and Hand Picks I need 3 wood (but since I cant do anywthing with 1 wood im just gonna say 4)
    so you only have 36 wood

    Then minus 4 for the work bench:
    ---Hand Pick: 36 wood---
    ---Pickaxe: 32 Wood---
    then you make sticks:
    ---Hand Picks: 72 Sticks
    ---Pickaxe: 64 Sticks
    then you use sticks to make the 2 wooden Tools with which your gonna mine stone with which you can make stone tools:
    ---Hand Picks: 70 Sticks---
    ---Pickaxe: 60 Sticks---
    So lets say you git enough stone to make stone tools with every stick you have:
    ---Hand Picks: 70 Stone Hand Picks---
    ---Pickaxe: 30 Stone Pickaxes---

    Now the question is what wpuld you take?
    At first the 70 Handpicks seem more resenable BUT do you really need 70 Handpicks?
    30 Pickaxes are already way to much (kinda)
    With 70 Handpicks you will mine more then double the blocks then with 30 Pickaxes...
    But then again until you have used up 30 Pickaxes you'll probably have wood anyways.
    And btw you'll mine faster with Pickaxes.

    So yea I would make pickaxes not Hand Picks because not only will I mine faster but Pickaxes are really cheap anyways!
    I just dont think we need an even cheaper tool...

    This all would of course change if the workbench would'nt be accesible so fast (like someone suggested).
    THEN those things would actually have use.
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    posted a message on Bad Ideas
    Creepers can transform themself into other animals!
    You go outside, see a cow, walk to it, want to kill it... BOOM! :biggrin.gif:
    Random people can join you singleplayer worlds even if you arent online.
    Rain! Thousand waterfalls coming down form the sky...lol
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    posted a message on Flags
    Like it! :]

    Dont know what else to say :biggrin.gif:
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    posted a message on Extended 2x2 Grid Crafting: Now Playable!
    The player has to make many things at the beginning like torches, a sword etc.
    Just like EVERY player HAS to make a pickaxe EVERY time he wants to go mining :/
    And is making a workbench at the beginning really bothering you? >.>

    I'm not saying that the idea is bad and neither do I disagree that the 2x2 grid is underutilized.
    I just dont think a weaker versions of the existing items are necessary.
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    posted a message on Extended 2x2 Grid Crafting: Now Playable!
    Ok I got one question. I dont know it if has been asked before but I dont want to read 5 pages^^

    Why cant you just make a workbench?

    I mean you only need 4 wood/ 1 log for it :/

    allowing them to be used as temporary substitutes until the workbench and/or more materials can be obtained.

    To even make an item you need a stick which requires you to get a piece of log anyways...

    Most of the item ideas are good but if this feature would be added i'd rather make a workbench to get the "better version" of the item.
    If I would be on an exploration and run out of pickaxes I would rather get myself 1 log to make a workbench then make a weaker version of the pickaxe...

    The "new" items you added are good, exept those who are just a weaker version of the current items...
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    posted a message on Large Dungeons
    Im pretty sure I heard somewhere that Notch would add villages in the future...
    I could be wrong though :/
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    posted a message on Biome specific music.
    Fully agree!
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    posted a message on Compass Markers
    I think it would be too easy too. and btw isnt it fun getting lost, having to make a new shelter to survive the night, kill cows and pigs to get armor and food etc...? :biggrin.gif:
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    posted a message on Combat is broken: suggested fix.
    There are only a few things I dont like but the combat system has to be improved anyway!!

    And btw to the post from Palidin:

    You've pretty much missed the point. Most of the complaints/suggestions have less to do with making the combat in the game easier as it is to make it more FUN; more complex and interesting, and therefor more enjoyable to engage in.

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    posted a message on Dear Notch - Name it 'Heck'
    Quote from jefequeso »
    Dear Minecraft forums,

    Why do you care? You're allowed to call it whatever you like!


    I mean, its not like there will be a sign saying "hell" when you go through the portal!
    And people who dont read much about htis game but just bought it wont even know that its called 'hell' (tho they'll probably call it hell too^^)
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