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Hello, Thanks for reading this... I guess, well, uhh...

Gamer on PC and PS4, consoles are great for some games, PC for others, for me I don't have a favourite. I love the story most of games, that's why I love Minecraft too, to build up my own story. Texturing for games is something that is fun to do for me, it doesn't matter if not many people see it or if I even make it public, I do it sometimes as a hobby. My first texture was a Habbo Avatar turned into a Zombie using Paint.

I play Minecraft on PS4 and on PC, You can send me a message to add me on PS4, either here or just directly add me on PS4 with a message telling me it is for Minecract.
My PS Account Username is: PencilTips




Cake... Gaming, Good-Guys, Lemonade.

... and fried chicken. (:

Location Bahrain

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