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    posted a message on [REQ] Roman Legionaire or Roman Emperor
    Making a roman sounds like fun, I'll have one coming right up.
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    posted a message on secrets and lies
    See, the point is not to hack into the End, beat the dragon, and expect more afterwards. Doing it legitly can take you weeks to get to the end, then you may or may not even beat the dragon. If you were to play it without creative or invedit, it would truly be a satisfying end.
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    posted a message on Skyrim mod?
    Oof, I've not been here in a while, but with the official release of Minecraft my interest is back.

    Anyhow, I can't get enough Skyrim atm, so I was wondering if anyone was thinking about a skyrim mod or plugin? I just think the mechanics would be awesome in minecraft, ESPECIALLY in my private server. I mean, we've got XP, food bar (which could easily be converted to stamina) and dragons. We have all the crafting mechanics including alchemy, enchanting can blacksmithing (although the latter could be elaborated). We just need skill-specific levels, perks, quests, dragons in the regular world, shouts, more weapons & armour and some other things I'm forgetting.

    Unless a person were to implement the physical land of Skyrim and replicate every city and quest and every bit of AI, modding in adaptations of the RPG mechanics and a couple mobs wouldn't be a massive undertaking. Mind you, I'm not saying heyz cn any1 make dis mod for me we can mak al teh stuff - well, you get the idea. I'm just brainstorming :wink.gif:
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    posted a message on Medieval Castle
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    Quote from Muggern_FTW

    Get this little child out of here.
    Please, for everyone's safety.

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    posted a message on New Halo on Minecraft!
    My full support! I' ve thought about this too, but never bothered to write all my brainstorming down.
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    posted a message on I want cats
    Dog is the original house pet, they were domesticated by humans first. But if you really want cats, they were recently added to the Mo' Creatures mod. If you want only cats and not the other features of the mod, you can configure it to be so.
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    posted a message on [REQUEST] To Do List Mod
    You mean like PaperBatVG's custom made mod?
    Ask the people who made that, then customize it.
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    posted a message on The Lord of the Rings mod [IDEA]
    I forgot something. I actually have done a few skins for an awesome LOTR server I used to play on, TolkienCraft. You can find them by going to minersneedcoolshoes.com and searching 'lotr'.

    I've made 3 currently. A goblin (originally meant as a reskin for skellies on the server), a last alliance warrior and a rohan royal guard. The latter have a cleaner style, put I think my goblin is the most realistic and awesome.

    Aaaaand scatch that, since minersneedcoolshoes updated they are no longer there, so for now I'm putting them right here :smile.gif:


    Last Alliance Warrior:

    Rohan Royal Guard:

    EDIT: They are now on minersneedcoolshoes!
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    posted a message on New Dimension- Dark realm
    I don't think this is really necesesary. If anyone wants to do it, feel free, but we've already got 3 very different dimensions. I think, if anything, a dimension mod should focus on making the Nether as rich and complex as the aether.
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    posted a message on Ashes mod
    Very good idea :wink.gif:
    Also, the Shaft is a weekly, ~70 minute podcast about minecraft. They often have famous minecrafters as guests. Look it up.
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    posted a message on The Lord of the Rings mod [IDEA]
    I post this knowing there is nothing of the like out there (apart from a couple failures, no offense). A minecraft mod dedicated to recreating the wars, creatures and wonders of the realm of Middle-Earth.

    My vision is of an efficient, fun and doable modification. Here on this page are only a few general features I have in mind, and I will make a full post tomorrow if enough support is shown.

    NOTE: I'm not one of those people who request a pointless or extremely hard mod that they take no part in making and expects others do do very hard tasks for them. This mod consists of new mobs, blocks, reasonable crafting recipes and MAYBE npc's, although that's questionable.

    Personally, Once the brainstorming is finished I, with anyone willing to help me, will learn some modding skills and primarily help with textures, as I'm not bad at those.


    1. New mobs
    A variety of new mobs, such as horses, trolls, wargs and oliphaunts/mumakil (ooh I'm itching to post my ideas for those)

    2. Plants and blocks
    Plants such as athelas/kingsfoil (combined with water to make medecine?), ores like mithril (new mineral or replacement for diamond?)

    3. Weapons
    Simple additions such as axes, spears and more swords. Infact, a mod I love, Balkon's WeaponMod, features many weapons essential to the warriors of middle earth. These would not be used without permission, of course, and may be modified and retextured.

    4. A texturepack
    The movies contained huge detail, perhaps only capturable by 32x32 textures or a very skilled artist.

    5. Races or NPC's
    Potentially just an SMP plugin, or with an in-game GUI, choosing a race with an attached skin provides for constant 32x32 skins (if those are made) even over SMP.

    And much more...


    So, who's with me? This does not have to begin for a while, in fact I am inclined to wait for 1.8 to start as that gives me time to learn modding and 1.8 will feature modding API.

    'Mod for me, and I will hold your oaths fulfilled. What say you?!?'
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    posted a message on Arrows stay in Mobs?
    Quote from ChrisPerson

    I would think it would be more like that if you have armor on, depending on where the arrow hits (if that place has armor or not, especially important in PvP), it will hit you and bounce off, giving the armor damage but keeping the player's health intact, but arrows stick in the body if they hit an un-armored spot. It might also be that food cannot heal you if you do not pull out the arrow. The first theory ties in perfectly with the critical hitpoints feature though.

    Have you ever even been shot in minecraft? Arrows sometimes do infact bounce off armour, maybe even without(though at a lower percentage)
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    posted a message on If a man was in your home...
    List of possible weapons:
    -Couple of hunting rifles. One's an antique, and the other probably doesnt have ammo. Can use it to bluff though.
    -Ol' rusty spanish longsword. Ouch. Hope the dude's got his tetnis shot.
    -Airsoft carbine in me closet. If he sees through a bluff, some full auto to bare skin at close range might help convince him to leave.

    On the other hand, if he's armed...
    Pretend I'm still asleep and let him rob the place. Not that we have anything much here.
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