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    Age: 16

    Country: United States

    IGN: Caram2

    Preferred Name: Caram

    What are your specialties in Minecraft: Anything really. I am an incredibly well rounded player. I enjoy tinkering with redstone. I am an exceptional PvPer, but don't have much favor for the sport as I once had. I've been playing Minecraft longer than most players, and I know the feel for the game, and how everything works.

    What are some of your best builds (Pictures help): I don't typically take many screenshots, making pictures quite rare. However, I could attempt some recreations upon request. I've created a ton of redstone contraptions, from automatic single-health-point dark rooms, to mob sorters, to just having chests play a tune upon being opened. I've also helped create ton of neat builds such as castles, towns, shops, bunkers, etc.

    Why should I let you on the server (What do you bring to the table?): A great personality :D I'm a humorous person and feel I could improve this community greatly. My redstone contraptions are useful devices, 75 percent of the time. I follow rules easily, and I wont be much of a nuisance. I also, am an active player, and not at all shy. I wouldn't join the server, then run off and never be seen again. I hope for a speedy response! ( and acceptance? :D )

    Why this server appeals to you: I'm tired of present day Minecraft-- everything has become a cluster of 12 year olds wanting to PvP for days. I wish for a community where I can make a difference, a group of friends who won't run about causing mayhem. (Bad Mayhem, not Etho Mayhem) I am also a great fan of the real Mindcrackers, especially Etho and VintageBeef, however I do watch players like Guude or Docm

    How much will you play a week / day?: Depends on the week primarily, typically I should be on as much as possible, but due to this real life stuff I might not be able to :)

    Do you record? (don't have too): I have recorded and uploaded videos in the past... however this quickly stopped. However, I could record once if requested.

    If you record what is your YouTube user name?: MurcifulCaram

    Will you log off in three weeks and never come on again?: Nah. I'm actually quite interested in this server!

    Not very many people play on this server, is that ok, and will you be active?: As long as the other players are active, I will be as well. Should I see one person per week, and that be all, I would likely be urged to play less.

    Will this server be long term / permanent (Will you be 110% dedicated to this server): I aim to play the server as long as possible, however I see many Mindcrack servers such as this go up for a few months and die out, so I'm hoping this server stays up for a long amount of time!
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