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    posted a message on [12w21b] CaramCraft ~ Vanilla ~ MindCrack ~ Whitelist
    I PM you if you're accepted, if you hear nothing assume you were not accepted. :D Thanks. Keep applying.
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    posted a message on [12w21b] CaramCraft ~ Vanilla ~ MindCrack ~ Whitelist
    Who Are We

    Well, I'm Caram2, the server owner and host. I've always been a fan of the Mind-crackers and their work, and I admire their perfect little society. In such, I've decided to create my own server, and invite a select group of players to join me on this adventure. I'm looking for dedicated players, who really will strive to maintain the community, and help us develop and grow.

    What Are We

    Currently, we are running the most recent Snapshot (12w21b), and we will do our best to always stay updated with the newest releases. Currently, we are very fresh and eagerly await the applications of you and your fellow Crafters. We are fully vanilla, and because we are a white-list server, and we aim to promote the community feeling and trust, we are in fact fully vanilla. We do have anti grief policies in place, but we hope they will never be in need of use.

    How to Join

    Joining is simple, submit your application as a comment, and I will private message you ( either on MCForum, or I'll add you on Skype ) with your result; entry or denial.
    Here is our Application:

    Specialties in Minecraft:
    What makes you stand-out:
    How often will you play:
    Will you join, play for three weeks, and never return (be honest):
    The community is small, but growing. Expect few players. Is this okay:
    Will you be dedicated to our server:
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    posted a message on ~ The Prosperous People ~ We Stand For The Virtuous ~
    Ingame Name: Caram2

    Minecraft Age: (How long you have played MC) 2 1/2 years

    Your Age: 15

    Skype Name: (Required and very useful!) caramisme

    Time Zone: (We need to know when you will be online! Not Required) Pacific

    Class: (Be Specific so we know what to expect of you) Fighter / Archer / Leader

    Why do you want to join us? (Keep it short while getting the message through) You should hopefully recognize me :D Because I've been looking for a way back in for a while.

    Other: (Other information about you and such) Jade! :D I hope you remember me. Caram? Maybe Murciman? Either / or . You promoted me and i raged and stuff happened.

    Write out your Oath to The Prosperous People I , Caram2 , hereby swear that the past is the past, the future is always open. I vow to always putforth my best in order to benefit the Prosperity, and do anything i can to withhold peace.

    (Honor is a thing perhaps forgotten in this day, but I do not believe it to be so. Oaths should include your word of loyalty to the clan, honor in all circumstances, acknowledgment of your obligations, and other such Noble characteristics, actions, and/or ideals)
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    posted a message on The Storm of Swords: PVP/Factions/Griefing Redefined.
    IGN: Caram2

    At least i got chicken... :D
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    posted a message on The Andorian Kingdom
    Quote from JarodY

    My Application:

    In-game Name: JarodY1234

    Minecraft Age : (How long you have played MC) I have been playing for almost a year now.

    You’re Age: 13 Years Old

    Skype Name : (Required) jarody1234

    Time Zone : (Recommended) Eastern Standard Time

    Why do you want to join us : I want to join because I had fun with my previous clan, who kicked me out for horrible reasons, and want to join a new and fresh one. I want to help this clan grow and prosper, no pun intended. I see true opportunity here. There isn't too many members, and I think I can help with getting the clan members. Also, I know the Founder, and I want to help him.

    Other : Thanks for reading the app Caram, hope you accept me :) Also, I got kicked from the other clan because I got in a fight with Felipe and it got serious, and I eventually did something bad. He kicked me out immediately.

    Andorian Bacon

    Accepted under close watch
    Quote from Yamnasm

    Hello, and congratulations on starting your Clan on the MCForums!

    I'm a Moderator of IcedPvP, a Raiding based Factions PvP server, and I would like to suggest that you come on our server, and prove your very interesting resumé.

    We are made for Clans and Factions, that want to raid and PvP, unlike many of these so called "Hardcore" PvP servers. We have tailored the server so that no Faction could ever be truly unbeatable, meaning that there will never be overpowered factions, but a constant circle of raiding, and fun. is the IP, but we are soon changing hosts in 11 days. That is also when IcedPvP will be advertised properly, to get many players, so if you want a head start on the action that is soon to unfold, join now.

    Our MCForums thread is here: http://www.minecraft...survival-games/
    Loads more information about the server on that thread.

    Post on that thread to get Member rank, which will enable you to get /sethome and /home.

    Also, we are in need for staff positions. These are not too intensive, so you can still play on the server normally, but you will be given a special title, and some perms to help us.

    WILL Look into the server. Thank you :D
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    posted a message on The Andorian Kingdom
    The Andorian Kingdom


    The Andorian Kingdom is a clan based around PvP servers, and being the top faction of them. We are a medieval sort of clan, with our structures made to fit our theme: Medieval. Basically we try to become the highest ruling kingdom on a faction, towny, or drug server, with a large 'kingdom' as our base. The kingdom would be organized and themed to sort. There are certain players who are chosen for certain jobs, and are given a certain amount of respect among the players. Players who show their worth to being creative, blood-thirsty, well rounded, and friendly will be recognized as such. Players who are especially well at gathering or listening will have a higher chance of being recognized as a respectable and trust able player.
    1: Never harm your Town or Mates

    2. Listen to Senior Ranks

    3. Do not do anything that will make us look bad or place us in bad terms with another clan.

    4. Do not take an excessive amount of items from the clan chests unless told by a senior Rank.

    5. - Include “Andorian Bacon” in the end of your application to show you read the Rules.

    6. – All Complaints or Problems have to be taken to senior ranks for judgment and trial not in
    Chat drama.

    7. - We do not recruit from servers we are currently playing on.


    How To Apply:

    Post Your Application in the following format

    In-game Name:

    Minecraft Age : (How long you have played MC)

    You’re Age:

    Skype Name : (Required)

    Time Zone : (Recommended)

    Why do you want to join us :

    Other :


    Andorian King: Unreachable rank. Only available to Caram2, the founder of The Andorian Kingdom.

    Andorian Servant: Second in charge. Rank is achievable through long term dedication to the clan. This player has shown much loyalty and is a respectable and mature player.

    Andorian Scholar: This player's job is to keep track of all other players. They are extremely active players, and are the top judges when it comes to 'issue correction'. These players create and manage certain tasks for the clan.

    Andorian Jester: This the player's job is to recruit players, manage the players and tasks, and make sure everything is going-well.

    Andorian Townsman: This is the average rank for a player. After showing few weeks of dedication to the clan, the player will be moved to this rank. This rank is the most common rank of the clan; most members are Andorian Townsmen.

    Andorian Captive: This is a new player. A player who has just joined the clan is an Andorian Captive, and will remain such until a Scholar, Servant, or the King promotes him to a Townsman.

    Andorian Roster:

    ~Andorian King~


    ~Andorian Servant~


    ~Andorian Scholar~

    ~Andorian Jester~

    ~Andorian Townsman~

    Sethrr, Jaredrn, Ryhorn_1997, Kronky9000

    ~Andorian Captive~


    We Are Currently Searching For Servers To Play On, If You Have Any Suggestions Please Comment Below!
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    posted a message on ♦ ShadowPvP ♦ 24/7 PvP Survival ║ Factions & McMMO ║ *CLOSED*
    Davidmorford1232 (friend)
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    posted a message on [1.4.6][64x] Affinite's Faithful [WIP]
    Also, add the GUI. Thanks
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    posted a message on [1.4.6][64x] Affinite's Faithful [WIP]
    Please work on: Flowers, Saplings, Netherrack, Soulsand.

    With those done it will be good enough to roll, just tweaking items and blocks on the way :D
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    posted a message on ~ The Prosperous People ~ We Stand For The Virtuous ~
    Ingame Name: davidmorford1232

    Minecraft Age: ~3 years

    Your Age:13

    Skype Name: (kronky231)

    Time Zone: (pheonix)

    Why do you want to join us? I have always loved working with you guys and my friend caram2 is already a memeber!

    Write out your Oath to The Prosperous People

    I swear on my word and ablility to brake blocks that i will not do anything to jeopardize the clan in any way shape or form.
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