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    I figured out an incredibly simple replacement for the Belgium gate! finally! all it took was an hour of work... it needs eight wood fences and six CTB barbed wire.

    Also, new update, absolutey massive this time, only the beach area is done though... inland will come next. I was just trying to get the German defense done.

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    Ok, More idea's from me!.

    First off, are Bangalore's (forgive me if I pronounced that) going to be a thing? I REALLY hope so, as it would be good for Omaha/ other landings.

    As well as wire cutters. They're probably going to be a thing, but just in case, im saying it.

    Um... ok... what else did I want to say... Mortars are going to be a thing... at least that'd what you said... oh yeah! a bayonet charge? like that in battlefield one?

    So, I found this pcture on the internet, and theres a few things I think you could get.

    Image result

    So you dont have Belgian gates,log ramps, or log posts. Not saying you need this but, this stuff was used on practically every amphibious landing, this picture was actually a picture of beach defenses on Omaha so... yeah. You should get hem soon.

    One last thing, when will we see new blocks of war?? I REALLY want to see these soon, so I can start redoing my map.

    Hopefully sandbags and other barricades will be in it...

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